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 Pluto Photonsen

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PostSubject: Pluto Photonsen   Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:27 am

Name: Pluto Photonsen "Missionary", mostly referred as "Father Photonsen".

Age: 47

Bounty: 10,000,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Priest, Bounty Hunter

Allegiance: Neutral

Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line

Appearance: Pluto is a grown up man who is medium in terms of height and he is quite slim. However, his body is pretty muscular. However, his body is completely covered by his clothes which are nothing more than his priest clothes. He wears a dark blue robe that even covers his neck and ends at his feet. He wears dark blue shoes, matching his robe. There is a red triangle printed on the chest of the robe and he wears velvet gloves of the same color. Finally, he wears a golden medallion on his neck. His face is that of a slightly old man. The top of his head is bald and he has white hair at the sides. His appearance is completed with the glasses he wears on his eyes, which are circular.

History: Pluto was born in a small island in the Grand Line. From a very young age, he dreamed of becoming an adventurist, an explorer that would set sail across the world. He wanted to see as many regions as possible and right an historical book about all the places he visited and the people he met in his journeys so that he could provide his children and his children a spiritual fortune for them to have. Pluto was the kind of child who would read information about the world, he would read as many books as possible and he would study languages, several languages of the world. One of these books he read happened to be a book that gave information about a few Devil Fruits and thus he had knowledge over that weird power from a very young age. This is what allows him to recognize most powers whenever they are being used quite accurately.

In order to achieve this, though, Pluto had to be strong. He knew that he would have to train his body to be able to handle the greatest dangers if he wanted to sail across the seas, especially the sea that stood with the name of "New World". As a result, from his age of 10, the young boy would train at the usage of his fists and his legs, without practicing a certain martial art, at least at that time. His body would become stronger and stronger, but he would just fight by using random punches and kicks, making himself quite unaffective towards people who were physically weaker but practiced a certain martial art.

After six years of training, Pluto would finally set sail from his home island and he would start his adventure as an explorer. After visiting his very first island, he would be approached by the marines in order to give him a position in the force, as the man behind expeditions to several places in the world. This would make Pluto very happy, but little did he know that this was a bad game that fate played for him. Pluto accepted the proposition as a job in the marines would not only allow him to have access to marine technology, but also he would have some marines to watch out for him, people that he could depend on. He was something like a special agent of the force, one that would just travel from island to island and explore places which weren't explode before.

Pluto would be assigned in the marines as a permanent Ensign. Although he was not belonging into the lowest ranks, he was not having a high rank either. But that did not really matter for him. All he wanted was to have people to support him and travel along with him, so that his journey would be safer, less lonely and more enjoyable. That was the time that he met Persephone. Persephone was a member at the unit that was assigned to his job and she was traveling along with him. She was a proud member of the marines who believed in justice and she would do anything for the force. For years the two of them would travel together and the more they traveled, the closer they would get to each other. During a period of two years, the unit visited more than fifty islands and for each island they docked on, the closer the two would get until they finally fell in love with each other.

At the age of eighteen, Pluto would marry with Persephone and they would keep sailing across the seas. Persephone would be a marine and Pluto was the explorer. But, the incident that would change their lives would happen soon. Their crew would be attacked by pirates. A battle erupted and the marines were much weaker than the pirates. In the end, most of the marines were killed, including the captain that commanded the ship. While Persephone would try to fight, Pluto asked her to leave before the pirates could get her. However, instead of listening to him, Persephone as a proud marine stayed behind, eager to fight along with him.

The two of them were the only ones to be alive and the pirates were way too many. Pluto, though, appeared to be quite strong. He would take down the pirates one after another, revealing that he was not the weakling that most people on the ship thought he were, as he rarely even fought his enemies. But, while he was fighting the enemies, taking them on all by himself, an arrow was shot towards him. He turned his head, looking at the incoming arrow but before he jumped out of the way, the arrow had already reached him. He closed his eyes as in one second it would strike him and pierce through his body. But it didn't. It never did. The moment he opened his eyes, he could see the body of Persephone standing in front of him, with the arrow pierced at her heart. Blood was covering her chest before she fell on her knees and took a deep breath. Shocked, Pluto could not even speak out any words. Before he could find the courage to speak his last words to her, she died right in front of his eyes, making his rage and anger explode. As rain started falling at the ship of the massacre, Pluto would rush at his enemies for his final battle against them. And his memories were blur from that point and afterwards.

The next thing the man remembered was himself waking up. He woke up in a bed, clean and with bandages all over his body. At the direction of his chest, his stomach, his legs and arms there were bandages, covering most of them. He took a deep breath and he screamed in pain, finally letting out his words for his lost love, his lost love that was killed without a reason by the pirates. Upon screaming, people entered the room. Those people were no other than fishmen, two fishmen which were dressed with strange clothes. They all wore dark blue robes with a red triangle printed on the chest, red velvet clothes and dark blue shoes.

In the next hours, the fishmen would explain what happened. The ship that he fought on would shipwreck and everybody would die. Everybody, except from the injured Pluto, who was found by the fishmen and carried to that place that was a monastery, built for the fishman Goddess Hydoria. The fishmen were all priests and they suggested that Hydoria was the one to save Pluto from the massacre. His life was a miracle, all thanks to her.

At first, Pluto was not trusting the priests. But then, something weird would happen. When he opened the door of the underwater monastery he was in, he noticed the soulless body Persephone being moved by the water outside the monastery. At that moment, Pluto would change his life forever. Without Persephone to accompany him anymore, he realized that there was only one thing he could do. As he received a sign from Hydoria, he decided to devote himself to her. After picking up Persephone's body, he asked the priests to allow him to bury her inside the monastery, something that they agreed. Then, he would permanently stay inside the monastery. There, the young man would train himself and would find a way to focus his attacks. The fishmen priests would teach him how to use Fishman Karate and from that point and on, he trained himself into becoming a proficient user of Fishman Karate and other related techniques.

There, Pluto would stay for more than two decades. He would master several of the techniques that the priests had to teach him, before he felt the need to explore the world again. However, as in his travels he spoke about Hydoria a lot, he was deemed as a missionary of an as of yet unknown religon and he even got a bounty on his head, a bounty of 10,000,000 Beri. And now, Pluto is sailing across the world, exploring the world, reliving his dream and spreading the word about Hydoria, the fishwoman goddess of life and water. Also, he seems to be building monasteries which he builds by earning money from taking down pirates and giving them to the marines, making himself a bounty hunter.

Personality: Pluto is absolutely faithful to Hydoria, a fishwoman goddess of life and water that the fishmen of the monastery would praise every day. As a result, he will not stand people who badmouth her and he will punish them to death with his Fishman Karate. His past has made him a person who can stand harsh situations and he does not hesitate to kill people who are going against his religion. However, with people who do not badmouth his religion, he is quite kind and he gets along well with them. Also, Pluto has an habit of reminiscing the past on most occasions, especially his past travels along with the love of his life, Persephone. Finally, he has a strong dislike for most pirates because of Persephone's tragic death. He also gets along well with most fishmen. He also loves trips.

Ship: A small boat.

Ship Flag: A jolly roger with the red triangle of his coat at the skull's forehead.

Devil Fruit: N/A
Type: N/A
Effect: N/A

Special Abilities:
-Fishman Karate/Fishman Jujitsu: In the monastery, Pluto managed to develop techniques related to the three different battling styles that merfolk tend to use. He is a powerful practitioner of those martial arts as he has trained on them for more than two decades.
-Speed: Pluto is physically strong and fast. However, as Fishman Karate does not really have techniques that momentarily boost his speed, he cannot reach superhuman speed. He may catch up to it with the eye, but he cannot really move as fast as people who are capable of doing so. His own speed, though, is considerably faster than that of regular humans.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
-Brick Punch: A powerful punch that is said to be capable of breaking a brick. There are many different variations of this technique.

  • Dozen Brick Punch: A powerful punch that is said to be capable of breaking a dozen bricks.
  • Dozen Brick Cannon: It's the same as the Dozen Brick Punch but it is performed with both fists.
  • Century Brick Punch: A powerful punch that is said to be capable of breaking one hundred bricks at once.
  • Century Brick Cannon: It's the same as the Century Brick Punch but it is performed with both fists.
  • Millennium Brick Punch: A powerful punch that is said to be capable of breaking one thousand bricks at once.
  • Millennium Brich Cannon: Its the same as the Millennium Brick Punch but it is performed with both fists.

-Hydroshock Fist: A punch on the air. Pluto is using his knowledge over Fishman Karate in order to manipulate the water vapor on the air and launch shockwave attacks that strike his enemies. There are also a few variations of this technique.

  • Hydroshock Fist Bullet: A swift punch on the air which is capable of launching a very fast shockwave but with less damage. This attack can be used in the form of barrages.
  • Hydroshock Fist Cannon: After concentrating his strength, Pluto performs a powerful shockwave in a straight line, using the water vapor on the air. Everybody in a straight line from Pluto's fist is struck with a shockwave attack.
  • Hydroshock Fist Bomb: After concentrating his strength, Pluto performs a powerful punch on the air. The punch manipulates the water vapor around him in a large radius, striking everybody who is around him in a fair distance with shockwave blunt damage.

Hydroblast: With his knowledge over Fishman Jujutsu, Pluto grabs water with his hands and he uses it in order to perform devastating attacks. Hydroblast is a basic attack of throwing a ball of water, but there are several variations.

  • Hydroblast Arrow: A droplet of water is thrown with great speed towards the enemy, taking the shape of an arrow as it moves.
  • Hydroblast Bullet: A droplet of water is thrown with great speed towards the enemy, taking the shape of a bullet as it moves. This attack can be easily used in the form of barrages.
  • Hydroblast Wave: A small ball of water is thrown in front of the enemy which explodes and becomes a small wave, big enough to cover the enemy completely in water. This technique is commonly used to drag people away with the force of the wave.
  • Hydroshock Hydroblast: The ultimate technique of Pluto. A combination of Hydroshock Fist and Hydroblast, Pluto drops a giant ball of water in front of him which he proceeds to strike with his fist. The water momentarily vanishes, splitting into the air and merging with the water vapor but a few seconds afterwards the particles of water are generating again all over around (stronger and bigger than before as they merged with water of the air) and a rain of water spikes falls all around the area, damaging everybody around Pluto.

Weapons/Items: N/A

-To explore the world.
-To spread the message about Hydoria's existence.
-To build as many monasteries as possible for Hydoria's sake.

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Pluto Photonsen
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