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  Youraia Jester

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PostSubject: Youraia Jester   Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:13 pm

Name: Youraia ''Walking mirage'' Jester

Age: 21

Bounty: 79.000.000 (reestablished after neglecting warlord duties)

Species: Human

Occupation: Captain

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: North blue




Ship: The Antidote
Ship description: Its a bare small but strongly reinforced ship that can handle 3 people and has a small kitchen.
Ship Flag: As of long ago he has taken the liking to the jolly roger flag without the jolly roger.. that's right, just a black flag.
Devil Fruit:
Name in Japanese (translation): Meimu Meimu no Mi
Capabilities: The consumer of this fruit is granted the ability to create illusions with specific circumstances. These illusions are set at various levels. The conditions and tiers of mirage are as followed.

Tier 1 (+Ocular)- The illusion only effects the visual center of the target causing them to hallucinate any image, however, because of the lack of immersive details, the illusion can easily fail. This level illusion is commonly discovered if scrutinized for more than a few moments.
Tier 2 (+Auditory)- The illusion can now effect the aural center of the target, causing them to hear sounds that do not exist. This extra sound makes the average person unable to easily read through the illusion without touching it, however, animals with strong noses (or people with similar ability) can notice something fake about the illusion.
Tier 3 (+Olfactory)- The illusion now also projects an odor onto the target, causing them to smell the creation if it has a scent. While this detail may seem minor, it is very useful as it is more immersive. Until the illusion is touched, there is no clear hint it is not real.
Tier 4 (+Haptic)- The illusion now effects the nerves of the target, completely deceiving them. However, this doesn't mean the illusion has become concrete (in fact, it can deal no real harm, even if it can overload the nerves of an opponent or cause extreme pain). This illusion can still be disturbed if struck with direct force.

However the conditions are;

all illusions break when the illusionist is hit hard enough or rendered unconscious; other forms of breaking the illusionist's concentration also dispel illusions.
*a heavy physical blow can free the target from all illusions.
*as soon as a target realizes (with reason) the illusion is an illusion, it can be dispelled.
*Until achieving complete mastery of the fruit, the user must make physical contact (not necessarily skin to skin, but person touching person) before they can deceive a target
*There is no definite limited number of targets effected by the illusion, but a low level illusionist will struggle to control whole crowds.
*Illusions using all senses cannot effectively be used on crowds
*only a master can use haptic illusions on more than one target at once
*any illusionist can freely use any level of illusion on themselves.
*once an illusion is discovered, the target will not be susceptible for illusions for the thread
*illusions can feature motion, but lack any consciousness of their own meaning that the illusionist has to put special effort to move them
*while haptic illusions can emulate pain, they cannot actually cause injury. The target's body may react to choking with a failure to breath, however, they will not burn to death*
*illusions lack permanence-if the target was rendered unconscious or the illusion was otherwise disrupted, it may be re-established, but it will not persist on its own.
*illusions can be disrupted by being hit with any sort of close-range force or explosion. Bullets and other standard projectiles don't disrupt the illusion-instead they pass through. If someone were suspicious of the illusory target before the projectile passed through it, the illusion would be shattered.
*illusions require linking- the physical contact must be made each thread. This does not apply to master illusionists as they do not require it.
*mastery is not an ability easily acquired or possible to obtain from the beginning
*self-illusions apply differently
*the user can make themselves invisible to targets, however, the link must be established first and the illusion is entirely situational (it can be shattered by an outside source revealing them)

Special Abilities:

Master illusionist: Youraia has complete control over his fruit having been able to hone his skills in a lot of combat situation

Incredibly fast: Having gone through harsh training many times Youraia's speed is incredible compared to the regular man.

Incredible stamina: Youraia has survived many things, and one of them is becoming tired fast. He has trained and he has conquered it to the point where he has many times the stamina of lets say, a marine recruit.

Ancient manuscript: Youraia knows the language of the ancient(part of his former story and will be addressed in future updates)

One with the blade: Youraia has gained proficiency with most weapons that have a cutting blade, although he truly excels in using a sword as he has been carrying and using one since the beginning of his fame.
Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Puppet master: Youraia creates up to 20 humans all with possible different looks and clothes, and possible equipment. Youraia is free the manipulate these illusions as long as they stay within a line of sight(they will only be out of control reach once Youraia has lost COMPLETE sight of them). This technique is also affected by the standard weakness of the fruit being when a strong force is applied to them they dissolve.

Masked villain: Youraia uses a illusion to cover his body, creating an entirely different appearance, this can range from just creating an illusion around certain body parts to changing how his entire body looks. This technique is also affected by the standard weakness of the fruit being when a strong force is applied to the illusion it will dissolve( As a notification, the illusion is placed over his regular body parts)

Background buddy:  Youraia creates an illusion that constantly mimics his background, making him invisible, muting his sound, and even his smell by giving the illusion the ability to mimic those around him. This technique is also affected by the standard devil fruit weakness, when blunt force is applied to it the illusion will dissolve( This illusion is place a mere centimeter over his regular body, and will cover equipment as well)

A katana.
Several smoke bombs.

Goals: To exact revenge on those who have wronged him before anything else.
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PostSubject: Re: Youraia Jester   Wed Dec 11, 2013 11:12 am


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Youraia Jester
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