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PostSubject: 'Snappy'-Anna.   Sat Dec 07, 2013 3:00 pm

Name: Real name unknown; official roster-name is designated as Anna. Aka "Snappy"

Age: 15

Bounty: N/A

Species: Human

Occupation: Ensign

Allegiance: Marine

Home Village/Ocean: Found on the Grandline.

Appearance: 5.5 ft high, scraggly auburn (on the browner side) hair that reaches her neck, with a 5 centimetre cow-lick/ahoge jutting out of her forehead's hairline. Has dark-blue eyes that change to purple when she is agitated (due to inflammation of capillaries in her iris). Her irises are small relative to her pupils, but they dilate when agitated. Her nose is small and round. She has long, skinny legs and arms relative to her body size. Not anorexic, but very compact and wiry for her age. Has long fingers and toes with uncut, sharp nails; her feet and hands are somewhat rough and have small cuts here and there, but still possess a young, feminine skeletal frame (relatively smaller than a male's hand etc). As a marine, she wears no shoes, but wears a headband with the marine insignia on it, which is partially covered by her hair, and a tattered, tan robe; she wears a simple baggy t-shirt underneath with a crab stencilled on it, and short, boxer-like shorts, which are white with blue fringes. Her skin is tanned to a light brown, and her legs and arms possess small scars. Her belly particularly sports three, 4 cm gouge marks.

History: Born on a tropical island on the Grand Line, she seems to have had her devil fruit abilities since a young age; the fact that she survived in the tropical wilderness at such suggests that she was indeed raised from infant-hood, but by who or even what is unclear. In any case, one of the local ensigns from an outpost nearby reported that she had been residing in the ruins of a temple. It's plausible that she has survived here for many years of her youth. The skeletal remains of large jungle beasts, including wild boar, bears, predatory felines and an especially large specimen of crocodile has been found around or on the site. She has been reported to have visited the local Marine outpost, specifically on days when the soldiers did drills and parade marches. Several attempts were made initially to chase the interloper away, yet this strange little girl always returned to the sounds of drums and trumpets at dawn. There came a point, however, when one of the Warrant Officers began to actively seek this wild-child out. Accounts of exactly how it was done are unclear, but he managed to coax the young wildling into staying. It took only two months for the rest of the staff and stationed soldiers to grow accustomed to her eccentricities. Many further attempts were made by other staff to 'tame' her, but most ended with her either ignoring them, or outright showing hostility. In this regard, there was little headway made in educating her about conventional concepts or human values. What was noted, however, was her ability to adopt different martial arts into her own plethora of skills.
It is at this time when the records become the fuzziest; some say that a woman visited the outpost a year later, befriending the former ensign and his wild companion. It's said that this illiterate child was given the name 'Anna' by this mystery woman, and Anna's martial skills increased after the mystery woman left. Since then, at an age approximated to be 14 years, she and her 'caretaker', Lieutenant Damon (NPC) have jumped from unit to unit around various seas.

Personality: Inquisitive to a fault; she is prone to investigate new things, and spend a degree of time biting and poking that new thing, to find out if it can be eaten or not; after a short while, however, she tends to lose interest in it. She appears depressed or still and silent when she senses something wrong with her body, such as illness or poisoning. On that note, her immune system seems to be able to tolerate most active venoms and infections, within a limit (eg serious attacks by a doku-doku user). Her preferred diet involves meat and insects, the latter of which she will prefer to all else; she can tolerate vegetables, but absolutely cannot stomach starchy foods, such as bread, grain, sweets or even potatoes. Alcohol is almost poisonous for her. She will snack on insects wherever she may find them, 'snapping' them up wherever they may be found, which has resulted in her nickname; she also understands how lures work, as she has dipped her ahoge in honey to attract insects. Usually kills and catches her own food. She particularly likes venomous items, such as scorpions and wasps. Does not understand concepts such as money or scribed information. Does not even understand the concept of 'Justice', but it seems she at least shows a filial attitude towards most marines, being mostly indifferent to non-hostile entities. When confronted by dangerous entities, she will escape to high ground whenever possible, or will stand her ground and snarl at them. She does not differentiate marines from pirates, but will only react violently to anyone who intends harm. She loves the sound of music, especially the sounds produced by a marching band or orchestra. She shows no restraint when hearing music, and she expresses her pleasure by dancing on the spot or around the source of the music, unless danger lies nearby. Musical instruments are the only things she has never lost fascination for, though she can't seem to get the hang of operating those instruments. She cannot effectively use or understand complex weapons (guns, artillery etc). She does not understand shame, nor is she bothered by gender differences. When fighting, she does not call her attacks. On that note, she is mostly illiterate, but can understand and parrot some words, though not sentences, and mostly communicates through pantomime with anyone she wishes to engage with. At the very least, this means she can understand objectification of concepts, but not to conventional social standards. Does not like being restrained, and will be loud and, at the least, aggravated about it. She is constantly 'handled' by Lieutenant Damon (to salute superiors, etc), yet doesn't seem bothered when he drags her along, unless she dislikes the activity. Dislikes soap, as it slicks her feathers in zoan form.

Ship: N/A
Ship Flag: Marine logo.

Devil Fruit: Tori Tori no mi: Model Archaeopteryx
type: Ancient Zoan

Special Abilities: Very flexible. Far stronger and durable than she looks. Has the ability to speed up her metabolism, thus having a limited but significant application of the Life Return ability. Her sense are very sharp. She is also a capable martial artist; she seems to be able to grasp physical martial disciplines with atypical speed, since unless the movement is generated by a devil fruit or a species-specific factors, she only needs to watch the movements practiced a few times, and practice them herself a few times, before understanding the basics of that martial form. Her immune system can tolerate most poisons and venoms, but not those generated by a serious user.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Shigan: The finger is hardened and launched forth with the same momentum as a bullet.
Geppou: User can 'step' in midair and maintain their position in midair by forcing air off of their feet.
Tekkai: The user can harden their bodies to withstand most conventional, regular level attacks with blunt strikes, sharp weapons or bullets.

Jugon: The effects of Shigan are incorporated onto an entire fist. Allows for harder strikes with punching attacks.

Muay Thai: A martial art that involves contemporary boxing movement patterns; allows for sharp, focused attacks and allows her to remain on guard.

Life Return:
Increased heart-rate/vasodilation (Increase in diameter of her blood vessels)
Talon-sharpening: allows her to sharpen her claws so they chip or gouge all but thick layers of steel, diamond or bedrock)
Shoka, Kyushu (Digestion, absorption): Processes stored energy for short-term use.
Advanced recovery: recovers from damage relatively quick (as long as the damage isn't too serious or heavy) by consuming food/using up energy reserves; used in conjunction with the above.

Weapons/Items: Teeth, hands, claws, feet, legs.

Goals: Figure out how music works, live with and guard her 'flock/pack', dance.

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