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 Trix D. Chell (Adopted)

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PostSubject: Trix D. Chell (Adopted)   Sat Dec 07, 2013 1:53 pm

Name: Trix D. Chell "Death's Daughter"

Age: 17

Bounty: 20,000,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Performer/Captain

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: South Blue

Appearance: A growing body at 5'7" with a slim build and flat chest. She Wears a Purple Cloak with stars, With A Light Blue Shirt and Jeans underneath. She wears Long Leather boots that reach up to her knee and Purple Cloth gloves to keep her powers in check. Her Eyes are Pink in one eye and Blue in another. Her Hair is long and Silver, adorned with a purple magicians top hat on top. Her face shows a burned mark of the moon on her head. She also carries a purple bandana with Stars to cover up her burn mark when she needs to hide.

History: An Orphan who slept in an old Caravan cart, She was constently teased for her odd appearence in school, love for 'magic', and her constent loner status and constent crying. Everyone knew her parents who were actors in a group, And knew how they died when the Local Marine Base shot them for asking for pay for there performance. Years after that incident, The base became more corrupt and started taxing the People heavy or threatening them with burning down the town. The base became more powerful and rich, and soon it became a major center for Marine activities in the North Blue.

Trix went through life with a painted smile on her face and deep Loneliness in her heart. Hunger forced her to search the forest for food, which caused her to eat the Rust-Rust fruit. Still unknown of her power and still hungry, She was forced to start preforming Magic Tricks she practiced when she was a kid to the crowd, hoping to cheer them up and get some money for food. Word got out about her preformance and the Marine Base had her come to preform for them. Trix did her best, From the Bunny in the Hat to Hypnosis to Cutting a Person in half. In the end, Instead of Applause for her hard work, She was met with Laughter, 'Boos' and Tomato's. Trix started to break. Tears formed as she cried and screamed in anger, She picked up the knives she had and suddenly saw it disappear in her hands. This stunned the crowd, allowing her to run away. The sudden surprise and the lack of knowledge forced the town to chase her for being 'Dangerous'. When Trix was finally found, She was knocked unconcious and brought to town. The townfolks decided she was full of Real Witchcraft and Branded her forehead with a moon that marked Eternal Shame to the town.

Trix woke up to see herself stuck in prison, The Marine Captain looking down on her. The man was planning to hang her for being 'Different', which would make the Marines more popular. The Captain, A short fellow at 4'5", turned his back to Trix. This allowed her to grab onto the Captains eyes and surrounding skin, Blinding him. She Rusted the bars to her prison as the Captain Screamed, Escaping into the town. But the town was against her and started attacking her, Causing her to flee into a fishing boat. The Captain soon started Exaggerating about her ability; Saying she can turn men to Dust, Loves to steal and is a merciless killer.

As soon as the first draft of the Flier was out, Trix knew she had to do something. But what? Well, They already declared her a Pirate, A theif, A scoundrel. Why not start a crew? She can be the Best Performer out on the Sea's, Heck... Maybe she would find the One Piece and show others how great she is as the queen of the Pirates.

Personality: A Prankster and a Joker. But when she is alone, She is seen in a somber tone. Her face seems always forced into a smile to forget everything. Her Laugh is cute and innocent and any one lucky to have her as a friend would be glad they did. It is sad that she shuts herself to most of the outside world sometimes. She loves Magic, Pranks, Food and a Crowd. Hates Marines, Tomato's and Sad Moments. Allergic to Cats.

Ship: Fishing Vessal 'Cod Hearted'

Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit: Sabi Sabi no mi
type: Paramecia
effect: Able to Rust metal objects and Rust human flesh/ Plant Bodies/ etc. thanks to it's Iron Content.

Special Abilities:
Magic Tricks: Able to do many tricks for money and Battle.
Dead-on Accuracy: Able to hit targets perfect.
Knive Defence: Knows how to use Daggers/Knives to protect herself
Polearm Master: Able to use a Polearm to almost it's complete Potential.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Firework Frenzy: Lights a bunch of Fireworks to stun Opponents
Firebreathing: Tags a swift swig of Alcohol and uses a Lighter to Breath a small breath of fire
Dissapear: Swirls the Cape Around herself and drops a smoke pellet to Dissapear
Cloth Rope: Able to send Ropes of tied of cloth out of her Sleeve and use it to escape.
Knife Toss: Tosses Sharp Knives to scare, injure or pin opponents.
Dust Touch: Grabs hold of a blade and causes it to rust into nothing.
Deaths Touch: Able to rust Parts of Plants, Animals and People by focusing there Iron count in there body to a certain point and rust it. The Minimum she can do is rust one part of the human body and cause Disability or Loss of Limb if she holds on to long. The more Iron in or on the body, the more dangerous she is.

Weapons/Items: A Polearm painted Black with a white tip, Smoke pellets, Daggers, Fireworks, Rope made of Clothes.

Goal: To become a Great Performer and to find the Treasure One Piece.

(Adopted from WatersCalling)

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PostSubject: Re: Trix D. Chell (Adopted)   Sat Dec 07, 2013 2:21 pm

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Trix D. Chell (Adopted)
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