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 "Octavia Scallus" (Not official name, See descripion

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PostSubject: "Octavia Scallus" (Not official name, See descripion   Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:16 am

Name: No official name.( "Octavia Scallus" is just a beta name for her, The name is upto the captain or the crew of the ship to decide.)(Name decided and will be implemented later)

Age: 23

Bounty: 15,000,000 (By the Island People), 70,000,000 + (For Live Capture and to be sold on the black market)

Species: Giant Octopus Mermaid

Occupation: Pet

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: North Blue

Appearance: Standing 50 feet tall (Not counting her equally as long tentacles), this monster of a fish girl stand above most others. Her fair cream coloured skin is fair and untouched except for small scars on her fingers from the blades of pirates that attacked her. Her body is fairly human until it reaches her hips where 8 long orange tentacles, each as long as her body, come out. Her hair is a vibrant brown that reaches to her back with swept away bangs, long and flowing in the water but a complete mess when she dries off. Her face seems flawless with Red ruby eyes and large pert lips and a button nose, but hides a dangerous frown of gnashing teeth and somewhat poor dental care. Her clothing of choice is not much as she only managed to take a top for herself made from two Pirate sails, One with a skull holding a rose between it's teeth and one that contained a flag with a smiling skull, a wand, bone and a Magician hat ontop of the skull.

History: Orphaned when she was a young girl (Nothing little about her), [Octavia] spent most of her life living as a hermit in a large beachside cliff. An accident to her head when she tried swimming away from the island caused her to forget everything about her previous life and starting anew as the islands 'Beast' who swam near the coast for food and 'ate villagers and destroyed towns of people who didn't agree with the nobels'. She remained unaware until she was given sacrifices that she refused to eat. It lead to a small war between her and the island which she lost and had to agree to live on as the Beast, eating criminals and allowed to continue her life.

Sadly, News of her spread and pirates were given permission to attack this 'Beast' to win glory and fame among the other islands. The more ambitious ones aimed to try and capture her alive to sell to the world. As a result, her home became a treasure trove of ruined pirate ships that are smashed along the shore and cliffs of her home. Many are still full with treasure while those that were closer inland and safer to approach were looted, meaning a vast fortune sat where she lived.

Grown up and still living as the Beast, The girl somewhat continues her survival on that island and wishes she could meet people that like her and understood her plight. She knew she could leave and search, But her knowledge kept saying that the only thing bad to come at sea were people who just want her dead or alive to make money off her being. But she knows that something good will come her way... Someday

Personality: She is mostly lonely and depressed, Spending her time hiding away from humans and catching large fish for her to dine on. She would like to meet friends; but pirates always want to capture her, marines don't wander close unless a big shot thinks he can take down 'The Beast', and the inhabitants of the island fear her with the ruler of the land feeding her people who don't pay taxes or common criminals. She has a love for meat, an absolute pleasure in consuming new types of meat while plants make her sick when she has to eat them. She likes meeting people not afraid of her, but it usually ends bad for them in the end and she has started to turn away from making friends.

Ship: Large Enough to be a ship, Mostly would swim beside one

Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit:

Special Abilities: Giant size and strength, multiple limbs, ability to breath underwater, talking to sea creatures, and Ink Jet

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Ship Shaker: Able to submerge Pirate ships by grasping them with her tentacles and breaking them in half. The larger the ship is, the more posts and energy it takes for her to break.
Inkscape: flees while creating a blank ink cloud to hide where she is going to escape. Does not work on land.

Weapons/Items: None

Goals: To survive and find a purpose other then her simple hermit life style

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PostSubject: Re: "Octavia Scallus" (Not official name, See descripion   Sat Dec 07, 2013 2:33 am

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"Octavia Scallus" (Not official name, See descripion
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