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Odin owl

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PostSubject: deleted   Wed Dec 04, 2013 6:19 pm

((OOC: I have created this char to be mysterious and scary if you are wondering why there is little detail. I will add more as time passes and people get to know the character.))

Name: Digit

Age: Mid 30's

Bounty: 10,000,000

Species: Long Leg Tribe

Occupation: Broker

Allegiance: However who pays

Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line

Appearance: Digit towers the average human due to being part of the longleg tribe. He wears long legged pants with a green poncho over his chest. He has white jolly roger with the world government symbol on the forehead of the skull on the poncho. Digit wears a hood over his head to conceal his face. He wears an native American mask of an fox as an extra measure. His arms reveal he has light creamy brown skin.

History: Not much is known about digit's past, expect that he has had some dealings with the world government. At the age of 21, Digit was given large sums of money from the world government. The project was called "Eden". The experiment was to control the climate of an island creating eternal spring. This would ensure a prosperous ecosystem for farming, fishing, and hunting. After five years of work, the government had different plans for the experiment. The government wanted the weather changing device to be used as a weapon. Digit didn't like his work being used to kill people especially by the world government. He wanted his work to help people. Digit disposed all records of his experiments, and fled underground to avoid arrest. His actions earned him a small bounty, but it was enough to catch the attention of the marines. Digit went into the black market designing various inventions for many factions, to pirates, rebels, and even countries. Despite his low profile, a number of incidents can be traced back to Digit. The tyranny of King Byron, who slain a thousand of his own people, boosted used Digit's exclusive weaponry. The entire 85th fleet disappeared in the foggy mist of the florian triangle supposedly chasing Digit. Then some witness claimed he was responsible for the bombing of an marine prison. Though none of these instances could be confirmed, Digit has caught the eye of the government.

Personality: Digit was once a good natured person who genuinely wanted to do the right thing for the common good. He hoped that by working for the government he could accomplish his goal of creating a utopia. This changed after the government tried to use his creation for evil. Much of Digit's personality lies in mystery and riddles even beyond the marines best efforts. No one knows much about his ideals or goals. Digits often operates behind the scenes away from the crimes he directly or indirectly commits. What is known about the character is that he doesn't like to be asked questions. He often speaks as a mystic of sorts. Digit also hates the world government and to an extent the marines. Though he understands the marines are just trying to what they think is right, Digit believes that the world is better off without structure or order. His dream is to have a world revert back to an state of anarchy.

Ship: name of ship. Add a link to the vessel if you have created one.

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: Mosa Mosa No Mi
type: Paramecia
effect: to accelerate plant growth and then control the plants

Special Abilities:
Botanist: Digit is an intelligent botanist able to create a machine that would be able to cultivate all plants. He also wields plant life as weaponry and is very proficient of using them

Stealth: Digit was able to accomplish many things without anyone every catching him

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): Not at the moment

Weapons/Items: pop greens

1) To create a world without order and structure

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