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 Roo Bushin

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PostSubject: Roo Bushin   Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:18 am

Name: "Bounty Hunter Hunter" Roo Bushin

Age: 21

Bounty: N/A

Species: Human

Occupation: Captain of the Bounty Hunter Hunter Pirates

Allegiance: Pirates

Home Village/Ocean: West Blue

Appearance: Roo has short dark colored curly hair. He has dark colored eyes and a slightly tan skin. He also wears glasses that make him look more serious and sophisticated although they are just serving as accessories. He has a thin neck and his body type is slim. His well-built body is covered with his buttoned purple colored coat that reaches his knees. He also wears black pants which are slighty tight and black shoes. His hands are surrounded with gloves and his appearance is completed with the grey colored luggage bag he carries with himself all the time.

History: Ever since he was a young child, Roo dreamed off becoming the pirate king. The pirate era inspired him and he wanted to become well-known across the world and have the freedom to do whatever he wanted. However, he did not really know how he could start his journey as he was the kind of person who always believed that the more equipment you have, the better for you to win a battle. This made him realize that the only way he could do anything he wanted was to find money and he decided to find the money with a quite unorthodox way when his journey started. He formed a crew that was chasing after Bounty Hunters, a crew that the other pirate crews would pay in order to capture or even kill some dangerous bounty hunters that lurked around the area. As Roo was pretty strong from his young age due to his "Heavy Luggage" battling style he developped, he believed that this was a great idea to get some funds and build his ultimate crew with the ultimate weapons that would definitely devastate the Grand Line. And so now, Roo is sailing across the seas of West Blue, starting his ship on a dingy while he is searching for a first mate and for pirates to assign him missions of defeating Bounty Hunters in exchange of money so that he can finally build his own ship and sail into the Grand Line.

Personality: Roo is a man who is dreaming of becoming a Pirate King. He knows that the competition is harsh and that is the reason he is training a lot in order to get stronger. He is kind to his crew but he is also a very ruthless enemy to those he has to chase or kill as he does not hesitate to use all of his equipment in order to take them down for good. It is in his nature that he may use some sly tricks in order to take down opponents and he is even willing to sacrifice a few of his weapons in order to win a battle against a strong enemy. He is also like steering ships and that is the reason that he happens to be the helmsman of his dingy as well, taking up the role of the helmsman in his crew. Finally, regarding his believes over comrades contradicts his believes over equipment. He thinks that he just needs a few strong crewmates rather than many weak ones. That is the reason he is careful over choosing who is going to join his crew.

Ship: A dingy

Ship Flag: A Jolly Roger, carrying a luggage with one of the bones.

Devil Fruit: N/A
Type: N/A
Effect: N/A

Special Abilities:
-Heavy Luggage: Roo is battling with a battling style he calls "Heavy Luggage". The bounty hunter is moving at his enemies and he is slamming them with his luggage which seems to be heavy enough to cause extreme blunt damage when they hurt the enemies. Normal people are incapable of lifting the luggage. However, there is a secret behind the battling style. When Roo realizes that he has to deal with faster enemies, he can empty the luggage at any time in order to be able to move faster at the cost of having it deal less damage. Also, inside the luggage he seems to carry several different weapons including snipers, pistols, grenades and even bombs. This allows him change his melee battling style into a ranged one and fight his enemies as a sniper.
-Inhuman Strength: Roo seems to possess inhuman strength which allows him to lift his luggage and perform his "Heavy Luggage" battling style.
-Inhuman Speed: Roo also happens to have speed that surpasses that of normal humans and is almost superhuman. However, due to the increased weight of the luggage he carries, he cannot run at maximum speeds and so he either has to drop some of the equipment he carries or he has to move with a speed that is slightly surpassing that of regular humans.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): He doesn't name his techniques (yet)

-A sniper
-Two pistols
-Smoke balls

Goals: To become the Pirate King

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PostSubject: Re: Roo Bushin   Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:48 am

APPROVED. (although a little bit more history, mainly for aesthetic reasons, would be neat, but what's important seems to be already written, hence I approved.)
Now, that looks fun and original~


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Roo Bushin
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