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 Matasashi Kemono "Unchained Beast"

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PostSubject: Matasashi Kemono "Unchained Beast"   Sun Dec 01, 2013 8:27 am

"You better know how to swim or you'll get taken down by my wave!"

Name: Matasashi Kemono "Unchained Beast"

Age: 29

Bounty: 10,000

Species: Human (Said to be a Demon)

Occupation: Swordsman/Helmsman

Allegiance: Pirates

Home Village/Ocean: North Blue


Matasashi stands at 170 cm. His eyes are a brown color and his hair is black and long. He tends to tie back his long hair however on doing so, it makes the back of his hair look like an explosion took place. His skin is tanned and pretty dirty, a bandage runs over his nose. Matasashi's clothing is dirty and messy, he wears a long dark blue robe which is stained with blood and dirt all over. Patterns of mocking birds can be found all over his robe. He wears traditional Japanese sandals for footwear. Strapped to his waist is a broken katana, the hilt of this katana is black and patterned with pictures of dragons.He is often seen with his companion, the little mocking bird "Elephant".


"I wanna sail across the whole sea!"

Matasashi Kemono was born on the North Blue to a family of sailors. His family was known to be one of the greatest sailors on the island, they were often recruited for jobs from companies who required their goods to be taken from island to island. Matasashi Kemono's father was a helmsman/swordsman. He picked up the skill as swordsman so that if his ship got attacked, he would always be able to defend the goods from the goons. Matasashi, from a young age, always accompanied his father with his jobs. He loved being at sea, the feeling of being free pleased him. Matasashi decided at the age of 12 that he would one day sail across the whole sea! His father was pleased with his son and began teaching him the basics of sailing a ship. Matasashi began to get the hang of things quickly and mastered the basics in 7 months. His father then moved onto swordsmanship, he didn't want his soon to be defenseless at sea. Matasashi was a slow learner at this and got down the basics in 2 years, meaning he was 14. Matasashi spent four years polishing his skills and once he felt he was ready, set sail on an order from a company. Every voyage he went on was successful, the goods were un-harmerd and all the pirates which tried to attack were beaten down. He soon became popular and was even seen as one of the best sailors from the family! While returning from a voyage, Matasahi was offered bonus reward money and he decided to share this achievement with his family. Returning home, he found them dead, a knife to their chests. Matasashi ran to the scene and feel to his knees as his tears flowed down his cheek and onto the handle of the knife.

"Mother... Father?"

He removed the knives from their chests, the body was still hot meaning this murder was carried out only recently. A person ran into the house. His face was shocked at the scene if front of him. He saw the knife in Matasashi's hand and saw the bodies piled up beside him.

"N-no wait! You got this wro-"
"Shut up, you done it! You killed your own family, you,you,you beast!"

The man ran out of the house, calling for help and the marines. Matasashi swore that he'd sail all over the world over his father and mother's corpse and then ran out of the building. He quickly boarded a ship and escaped from the island. He was a wanted man. Years past and he was constantly getting attacked by pirates, he slaughtered all of them. Their bodies rotted on the deck of the ship and stunk the place up. The food supply on the ship was gone and Matasashi's hunger wasn't satisfied. Docking onto an island, his clothes were too small for him so he decided to take one of the clothing from a recent pirate he had just killed. It was a robe decorated of patterns of mockingbirds. Matasashi leaped off the ship, his old and rusty blade with him. He didn't bother on getting a new one since this was the blade which his father used and passed down onto him. Matasashi bought a bag of food from the island's store with the money from the corpses on his ship. On his way back, he was caught by one of the villagers due to a wanted poster and the marines opened fire on him. He escaped the attack and set sail once more.

"The sea is a lonely place. Your only friends are the moon, sun and sky."

Matasashi was beginning to feel lonely, he chucked the bodies off the ship and cleaned the deck, removing most of the horrible stench. He often gazed out at the sea, hoping to find an island that'd accept him, an island where he could start over. Just as he was thinking this, a small bird sat on his shoulder. It seemed to be separated from it's traveling pack, it was kicked out. Matasashi saw this as his first real friend. They both were going through similar situations and it was pretty rare to see this bird out  above the sea. Matasashi realized it was his robe which caught his eye, it thought that it was it's family. The ship was attacked once again and Matasahi fended them off, breaking his blade as he done so. He chucked the bodies and cleaned the deck. Thanks to his new pet, Elephant, he was fueled with the energy to get back on his feet and sail ahead. His dream still alive.

"I wanna sail across the whole sea!"


Matasashi can have split personalities at times. He can be a friendly, happy man who's always up for a laugh or he can be a hot headed and violent person who aims to slaughter anyone on his path. Matasashi, being alone for so long, has learned to not mind solitude since he sees it as peaceful. He enjoys being with his bird Elephant for it was his first friend ever since the incident which took place in his village. Matasashi's violent side can be triggered if anyone harms his bird or if anyone decides to pick a fight, he is merciless and will only obey those who he sees fit. Matasashi, inside, really just wants a human friend, although he has gotten used to solitude, it doesn't mean he likes it. Matasashi hides any weak emotions such as "sadness" or "despair" and will tend to act in a manly and strong way. He loves a good battle and won't hold back if he ever gets into one.

He can be a big chatterbox however he can also be a great assist. Matasashi loves the sea for it has been with him ever since he was born and it reminds him of all the good times he and his father had.

A normal ship used to carry supplies.

Ship Flag: A plain white sail.

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
Type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
Effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:

Sailing: Matasashi is a pretty good helmsman and has had tons of experience.

Swordsman: He knows how to handle a blade and knows how to counter attack. He can be one to watch out for once he's armed with one!

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): Doesn't name them.


- Clothes

- Broken blade

- Pet mockingbird: Elephant

Goals: Sail across the whole sea!
Secret goal: Find a human friend and a place where he can be accepted[/font]

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PostSubject: Re: Matasashi Kemono "Unchained Beast"   Sun Dec 01, 2013 6:58 pm

Complete and ready.

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PostSubject: Re: Matasashi Kemono "Unchained Beast"   Sun Dec 01, 2013 7:18 pm

Seems fair enough, APPROVED.

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PostSubject: Re: Matasashi Kemono "Unchained Beast"   

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Matasashi Kemono "Unchained Beast"
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