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 James Sword

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PostSubject: James Sword    Sun Nov 24, 2013 4:32 pm

Name: James "The Cowboy" Sword

Age: 17

Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: Pirate

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: South Blue

James has many noticeable features.  First is the large dirty brown cowboy hat he wears.  It mostly covers his dirty blond hair that runs down to the top of his eye brows. James has a very slim, muscular body with a tan complexion. James' dirty blond hair sticks out into a sort of mohawk that peaks at the top of his head, and little bang diverge from his hair lining and go to the top of his eye brows.  James has a heavily scarred back from all his whippings he would receive back on his home village.  The scars run down his entire back and stop just at where James wears his gray skinny jeans. James most noticeable feature is his metallic prosthetic leg.  The metal is infused with his remaining leg skin and runs from the top of his thigh to the bottom of his ankle.

James was born on Skull Island in South Blue.  James lived with his mother as his father had never been around.  Skull Island was ran by a band of cruel and corrupt guardians of the village's chief.  James was a peaceful and curious kid.  Often though, his adventuring would get him in trouble, but since he couldn't get whipped until the age of 10, they were forced to whip his mother.  James was always taken outside to the playground while this happened and would be returned hours later.  His mom always, despite her whippings, would encourage James' adventuring.  She knew James would be the one to free the village.  One day James met the leader of the Guardian Force, Victor Sword.  Victor always told James of the grandiose adventures on the sea, and James would be so amazed he would go back every day to hear more stories.  The day before James turned 10 was when everything changed.  His compassionate mother, never wanting James to experience a whipping tried to upstage an uprising.  She failed and was scheduled to be executed, by Victor himself. As usual, James was taken to the play ground but he was old enough to know, about all the whippings his mother suffered through so he wouldn't be punished immediately when he turned 10.  James heard 2 shots fire on the stroke of midnight, his birthday.  

James hated Victor so much at that moment.  He refused to go to school, to go to the playground, or to the bar to hear Victor's stories, which were his favorite time of the day.  He just sat in the house, waiting for the day they would take him away.  James, one day decided to clean the house, and found a note left by his mother.  It told him how she only took those whippings because she believed James would save them, and that he should go to Victor's house.  There he saw it was as empty as his house.  He found a cowboy hat, and a note.  Here is what the note said, "James, I know you probably hate my guts, well no matter, I'm dead.  Refusing to execute a criminal is punished by your own execution.  James I'm sorry I couldn't live with you and your mother, but it was fun seeing you grew up.  You're my son, you may not like the name James Sword, but your mother and I saw thought you would be the mighty sword that would 1 day free our village.  This hat, is the hat I got from the Rowdy Pipe Gang.  Your favorite story, keep the hat in memory of your mother and I."  James now had something that motivated him, living to be the very sword his parents wanted him to be.  

A year had passed and James was to young to get a job, so he was left to commit petty theft to survive.  Most storekeepers liked the Sword family, as Victor was a kind guardian who didn't have a taste for whippings or executions, and his mother sold remedies, so they just gave him the food.  Other storekeepers though were not as friendly.  Mr. Freed, the candy store owner,  was James' archenemy, he would always call in the guardians to find and chase down James and very few times would James escape them and avoid his whipping as petty theft crimes were only punishable for a day.  The other times James wasn't so lucky and received the required 5 lashes for someone in his age group.  This didn't deter James and he continued, for years.  Then once when he was 13, he found Victor's old pistol and a round of bullets and he decided now was the time for revolution.  So James,  hid the gun in his father's cowboy hat he always wore and when he reached the store, grabbed his gun and shot Mr. Freed.  Then James went to town square and began spewing now was the time for a revolt, but everyone seemed too scared to try it.  James was taken into custody for murder and attempting a revolt.  He was sentenced to death by stoning and in what seemed like what would be James' final moments, he thought that his parents lied, that he wasn't the sword that would save the village, and that he unnecessarily threw his life away, and spent it getting his mom and himself in trouble, but James was wrong.  As the stoning was to begin and the stones flew from the townspeople's hands James noticed they weren't flying towards him, but at the surrounding guardians and that's when the crowd of people went dashing at the fleeing guardians.  

The crowd freed James from his shackles and were ready to listen to their leader,  James told them to go to the ammunition store, while he went to get some of his father's stuff.  He took some more of his father's guns, a lasso, and a grenade and left to rendezvous with the townspeople.  James had them march their way to the town chief's castle and on the way regain their island.  By nightfall they had destroyed the chief's stronghold on the island and only had to take the castle down.  James had them set up camp for the night and take down the castle in the morning.  James had underestimated the chief's desperation, he sent his entire castle guard squad to the campsite and they successfully captured the rebel forces.  They took James to the chief himself to be personally executed, but James had hid the grenade in his leg and was ready, so when the king was giving his speech to the rebel about their failed rebellion, James yelled,"Run" and activated the grenade.  James woke up in the burning wreckage and all he saw was body guts all around.  James had questioned how he himself had not died, but he realized that he had strapped a bunch of padding around his leg so his body was shielded most from the blast, but the king and his guards weren't as fortunate.  The only damage was minor burns on James' upper body and the more severe, destroyed leg.  Luckily they had taken James to an infirmary and he was no longer in critical condition.  Later in the day, they put James under, and performed a surgery to give James a prosthetic leg.

James once he was released from the hospital, began physical therapy, so that the leg wouldn't be a hindrance any longer and he could control it better.  James knew this leg would essentially cut off agility and stealth unless he mastered the leg, and with the help of the entire island he did, within a year.  James wasn't as stealthy or quick as he use to be, but he was pretty quick for someone with a prosthetic leg.  James then began to strength his physical body, he did this in order to make up for the loss of his body's agility, and he even began to take up martial arts, and within another 2 years James had earned his black belt.  The village had admired James and saw him differently, not as a petty crook and spoiled brat, but as a hero.  They even decided to reinstate the village chief position and give it to James.  James' first act was to create a council of men and women that would rule the village, and his second act was to abolish the chief position and to have it never reinstated.  James bought himself a horse and decided to explore the world.  So without telling anyone he and his trusty equestrian left the village on a cruise ship with a year supply of food and they never came back.

James is a kind young man.  He loves nature and he loves studying and observing his surroundings.  James, is still the adventurous kid he was when he was a child, and doesn't let his time in Skull Village affect him.  He even keeps a positive attitude about his prosthetic leg.  James decided he needed to explore the world, because he was tired of being kept in a small village like Skull Village, he knew he was not the type to stay in 1 place for too long and decided he would search the world until he found what he was looking, problem is he doesn't know what he is looking for.

Ship: n/a

Ship Flag: n/a

Devil Fruit: n/a
type: n/a
effect: n/a

Special Abilities: Bare Fist Kenpo- A fighting style, much like kick boxing, but customized by James, that incorporates his metal leg to cause heavy damage, while also still using his powerful upper body to cause damage as well.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): n/a

Weapons/Items: 2 pistols(with seastone bullets), a rifle, a night stick, and a lasso

Goals: To explore the world.
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James Sword
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