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 Verve Mein

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PostSubject: Verve Mein   Sat Nov 23, 2013 1:46 pm

Name: Dr. Verve Mein "The loaner" (also known as Dr. Scale in public and to civilians, as a reference to his loaning ability and how he tips the scales of the battle).

Age: 42

Bounty: 235,000,000 (Former)

Species: Human

Occupation: Former Captain of the Plague Pirates, Warlord

Allegiance: Pirate, World Government

Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line


History: Verve is a pirate who started his career long ago, at the time of the Pirate King. He earned a bounty of 235,000,000 Beri on his head before he got caught and was imprisoned at the prison of Blue Stripe. However, when Maximillion Maimou escaped from the prison, he found the chance to escape in secret and reformed his former crew, the Plague Pirates. He sailed in the New World for a while to learn about the many poisons, chemicals, and way of killing provided in the new world, but recently he received an invitation to become a member of the Shichibukai, which he accepted.

Personality: Verve is an evil pirate who is destroying anything he finds in front of his path. He also is very smart. He knows what is good for him and what is bad for him on most occassions. Also, he has a blood lust and he enjoys killing people more than anything else. He tends to be extremely passive aggressive and even charitable at times, though it is all manipulation for his entertainment. He is sometimes competitive, particularly with marine and world government ties, such as the admirals and other shichibukai. However, he does stay professional typically. He prefers long-range, projectile, and stealth combat over close-mid range combat, though he is just as good at those ranges.

Ship: Plague Doctor, a ship with his mask as a figurehead.

Ship Flag: A jolly roger with his signature mask.

Devil Fruit: Kashi Kashi no Mi
Type: Paramecia
Effect: Kashi Kashi no Mi is a paramecia type Devil Fruit that turns the user into a loaner. The user is able to loan things to others or loan them for as long as he wishes. The process of loaning is quite simple. The user has to firstly touch an object. Then, he send that object like he teleports it to another person to "loan" it, or he can summon that thing at his hand like getting it "loaned". From that point, the user can loan or receive through a loan a thing for as long as he wants, although it would return back to the owner's hand (the owner being the user or somebody else) when the thread ends. A thing can be loaned to a person the user has touched or to a person within the user's viewing radius.
However, that is not the only ability of the fruit. The user also has the ability to loan his unique abilities (such as a poisonous octopus merman's poisoning abilities or a flying fish merman's flying abilities) to others temporarily (5 posts), including the fruit ability of this fruit. The fruit ability can be loaned to others to use it. The ability cannot be used on Devil Fruit users, though. A note is that the user cannot get "loaned" unique abilities of others, he can only loan unique abilities. When the user loans his power to another one, he gets his ability to swim back for the time the ability is loaned as he temporarily loans his fruit ability to another person and gets rid of it. However, after the time passes and the 5 posts are used, the power returns to the user, making him drown.
Note: Those unique abilities are the natural abilities of a person, which are given by nature. As a result, Rokushiki, Speed, Strength, Techniques and any stuff like these that are earned through training and development cannot be "loaned". Also, if a character is born with super-human strength, that strength still is under the "Development" section because of the fact that even if it was naturally great, it could develop. The same applies for talent, as a talent over a thing is the ability to get better at the thing easier than a normal person without the talent.

Special Abilities:
-Great Speed (just to clarify, soru speed plus agility)
-Devil Fruit Master
-Expert at any kinds of weapons (which he gets loaned most of the times)

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
-Bomb Loan: Verve activates one of the bombs he is carrying below his cloak. He then loans it to the enemies and it instantly explodes, causing them damage.
-Poison Loan: Verve opens a bottle of venom and he turns it at the opposite direction. However, before the poison completely drops and it is about to drop the first droplet, he teleports it at the enemy's hands with his Devil Fruit power.
-Dagger Loan: Verve drops a dagger on the ground and teleports it with his loaning powers to stab his enemies from a distance with it.
-Axe Loan: Verve throws his tomahawk at full speed towards the opponent after having gotten close to the opponent, it teleports behind the opponent to strike from the blind spot.
-Bomb Loan Mark II: Verve throws the bomb at full speed towards a target and loans it to have it accelerate and teleport past any obstacles (only works in a straight line).
-Dagger Loan Mark II: Verve throws the dagger in a random direction at full speed, having it teleport near the target once it is out of sight.
-Mach Loan: Verve loans himself an object by causing it to move at high speed and then teleporting so that it is moving towards himself.

Weapons/Items: Bombs and poison bottles he is hiding below his cloak, daggers, and a number of tomahawks.

Goals: He plans to become the world's greatest assassin by assassinating the world's greatest killers in the name of the world government.
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Verve Mein
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