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 White-Wraith Svelten (completed)

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PostSubject: White-Wraith Svelten (completed)   Sat Nov 23, 2013 3:47 am

Name: Terrance "White-Wraith" Svelten

Age: 25

Bounty: N/A

Species: Human

Occupation: CP9

Allegiance: World Government

Home Village/Ocean: Most likely West Blue.

Appearance: White hair, wavy and neck-length, partially covering the left side of his face. Eyes are white, with barely visible irises. Nose-bridge has an almost 45 degree angle to the face, and is of regular shape, if a little pointed at the tip (due to lack of descriptive proficiency, imagine Teach's nose. Skin is pale. Figure is slim, almost reedy and tall (6' ft 1) but lean and hard. Has a four-pointed star-like scar on his left cheek. Wears plain, white track-pants, and a grey t-shirt with a pumpkin-logo on it; over this, he often wears a tan, hooded  cloak that covers most of his features, aside from his arms and face. Will wear a black pumpkin mask with this hooded cloak, with one eye visible through an eyehole at all times.

History: Details of his childhood are not clear, but is is evident that he joined the ranks of the World Government's Cipher-Pol at age 13. While training, he has been accused of many accounts of tormenting fellow cipher-pol trainees, and abstaining from responsibilities that would have, were he any other trainee, yet no concrete evidence had ever come to light. The rest of his time spent as a trainee is off-record, until the time in which he was officially involved in CP9 assignments. Has had contact with several unknown entities since then, such as Silt, among others. Has been known to produce results of varying quality during assignments; some assignments were completed well, while others implied high degrees of collateral damage. What little is known of him by the public, in areas such as the West Blue and Paradise, amount to rumours, folklore and horror stories as a spectre. Rumours also bespeak of certain individuals who are 'spirited-away' by this apparition, yet reappear a variable amount of time later, ranging between weeks to years of absence, possessing certain powers at the expense of their ability to swim. He has introduced another individual to the ranks of the Cipher-Pol since then.

Personality: He seems carefree and irresponsible, and tends to be the first to abstain from taking any responsibility, often passing tasks over to others whenever he can. He likes to oversee and watch others, and provide obnoxious commentary on their progress in his eyes, often cheering and or jeering at both ally and enemy in a casual manner. Is prone to making blunt, even hurtful observations about others, regardless of the situation's gravity or the identity of the subject. While he is rather irresponsible, he has an insatiable curiosity concerning fascinating, un-ordinary topics, and what drives the human will for ambition and survival, and will observe the subject's personality to determine whether they are worth tormenting, or 'haunting', in his own words. Seems to remember every person he has killed fondly, often saying that he carries their very essence with him. He is also fascinated by devil fruits, especially how their powers are inherited and passed on. Acts childish and pretends to be a ghost to scare or just bother people. Loves telling or hearing horror stories, myths and folklore, though his storytelling skills border comically horrendous. Is prone to cackling madly when pursuing an object of interest or engaging in combat, almost to an inhuman pitch. Believes strongly in the power of conceptual grudges and curses to affect the living.

Ship: N/A
Ship Flag: N/A
Devil Fruit: N/A

Special Abilities: Rokushiki, misdirection, interrogation, ittoryuu.
He is deceptively strong, and strikes with more force than he lets on, yet can move quickly while bearing a large load. He can exert an aura that 'misdirects' the senses of observers, primarily through sight and sound. His eyes are greatly involved in the misdirection of sight specifically, as they 'appear' to 'glow' at these times.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Soru: Hecate-step = a variation of soru, in which he leaves a trail of his aura behind, while slamming Grautotenglock onto any surface, thus associating his soru movement with the sound of a tolling bell. He appears as a blurred line of movement, rather than appearing and disappearing, and can even stop midway, only for a projection of his self to move forward, creating an illusory effect.

Geppou: Betruger-treppe = Can utilise the same propulsive force out of his hands as well as his legs: not suitable for direct offensive use.

Ittoryuu: Gespensteinhand
Gheist-axis: On a descending swing of the blade, one can abruptly shift the direction of the swing up to a maximum range of 270 degrees off initial trajectory.

Freischütz-gewinde: In boomerang form, the Grautotenglock is thrown at the enemy; Svelten can also use geppou to catch and redirect it as necessary.

Spuken-sichel: A diagonal, upturned crescent-shaped strike that follows a Hecate-step, usually from behind an opponent/victim.

Rachsuchtig-ruckkehr: A parry move that allows the wielder, after receiving a strike on the blade, to bend back, seemingly leaving the defender wide open, but allowing the latter to use momentum to strike back; all direct strikes against this parrying-manoeuvre will be deflected unless the angle, direction and position from which the attack proceeds is changed.

Grasslich-axt: Holding both handles at the tip and hilt respectively, the blade is thrust, edge first, at the opponent; can be delivered from any position.

Grasslich-windrad: Wheels the Grautotenglock around in a windmill movement. Used to clear

Die Hecate kreuzung: cackling madly, in conjunction with Hecate-step, he seemingly 'vanishes' and strikes, going for a few metres and seemingly leaving his back open, before 'vanishing' and re-appearing from another side, then repeating.

Weapons/Items: Grautotenglock

Goals: Satiate his curiosity. Scare little children, and adults. 'Create' a powerful devil fruit user.
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PostSubject: Re: White-Wraith Svelten (completed)   Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:30 am

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White-Wraith Svelten (completed)
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