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 Custom Rokushiki technique

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Geordi Jones

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PostSubject: Custom Rokushiki technique   Thu Oct 31, 2013 6:16 pm

weapon name: Custome Rokushiki technique Kyukyokusaito
description: a Rokushiki technique that was invented by Geordi Jones to help him hit easier with his weapons.
weapon special ability's: This technique makes everything seem to slow down in his eyes, while his speed stays the same. He uses this to make it easier to hit with any weapon he may use. He has also made it so he can even see Soru users (but instead of moving in slow motion they appear to move at normal speed), though he hates using it like that because everything else moves TOO slow, even slowing him down slightly. This technique is often mistaken for Soru, do to the fact that he seemed to move in a blur when using this. This technique could not be used against someone with the light light fruit, who move at the speed of light. Also using this technique for more than two minutes WILL damage his eyes temporarily, if he uses it in that state HE WILL NEED GLASSES. Use of it while eyes are damaged, while in need of glasses, he WILL GO BLIND. Using this will not make it easier to dodge, but more easy to predict one's movements, or hit, no help with dodging AT ALL. He also has to focus, and using this will dull his other senses while he uses it.
history: This was invented by Geordi himself during his time as a captain. After missing several times in a battle against a group of pirates, he noticed that he needed something to help himself with hitting people. Using his knowledge of Rokushiki technique he spent about half a year inventing the Kyukyokusaito, otherwise known as "ultimate sight." After about 2 years of using both it and Soru, he learned how to make it see Soru, even though he hates doing it.
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PostSubject: Re: Custom Rokushiki technique   Sat Nov 02, 2013 6:58 pm

The only thing I'm concerned with is that this is called a Rokushiki move but it's none of the basic (or related to the secret one) ones. It's basically high-level ability to see extremely well & the brain becoming capable of processing the information so fast that it seems like things are slowed down. Basically, I'd feel more comfortable if you don't call it a Rokushiki teck, but rather, just a unique battle move of it's own. I think it would be better off that way.


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Custom Rokushiki technique
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