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 Shonen Yoru "Sixteen"

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PostSubject: Shonen Yoru "Sixteen"   Sat Oct 19, 2013 7:04 pm

"H-How does it feel like to breath? H-How does it feel to live?"

Name: Former: Sixteen Current: Shonen Yoru

Age: Looks like 18-17

Bounty: 0

Species: Robot

Occupation: None (However has knowledge of cooking, cleaning, steering etc)

Allegiance: Traveler (for now)

Home Village/Ocean: South Blue


Despite being a robot, Shonen was ,made to have characteristics of a human. His skin layer is a light color and is in healthy condition, like his pearl white teeth. His eyes are a light brown color and tend to shine in bright areas making them look like they glow. His hair is blonde and is neatly combed to both sides. His clothes may differ from time to time however he is often seen with a white shirt, black jacket, jeans and black boots. On the back of the jacket is a picture of a white wrench. When processing something to gain knowledge of it, his eyes transform into a green color which starts to flicker and when done, transforms back into his original eye color.

His skin layer may get damaged time to time to reveal a metallic surface however after a few minutes it begins to mend itself.


Sixteen was created in the South Blue inside a laboratory called "Robot Works." This was a famous company back at the time and was often known for it's great and successful robots. This company often used to sell these robots off to the citizens who would use them as house maids or best friends. All was well for this company however once it got to it's 15th robot, everything had changed. The robot had turned and killed it's owner before breaking down. The company was closed down and the head of the company was arrested. The son of the owner had to take over and many years later, he did just that. He hated the people who took his dear father away and decided to take his revenge by crafting a robot which would take down every single one of the marines! Years later, the robot was complete. It was finally done. the 16th robot made by Robot Works.

It was a failure.

The robot couldn't harm a single object, not even a fly! It had no knowledge of the world and was like a new born baby. It was soon thrown outside as trash. The 16th robot, Sixteen, roamed the streets confused, it kept bumping into things and tripping over it's own legs but soon later it had gotten used to walking and turning. When the night came it would just wander into an alley and sleep on the floors, this continued for a few days until it was found by a woman. She was a professor and had stumbled into him on her way home. Asking him why he was laying on the ground, the robot would just keep on repeating the word "Processing" as it's eyes flickered green. She was fascinated and could obviously tell it was no human. Taking it home she began to examine the thing, her hunch was right, it was a robot. Feeling pity for the thing, she let it stay in her house for a bit however was soon attached to it. She saw him as a friend, a human being. She called him "Shonen", Shonen stayed with the professor and was taught many things, he often messed up in some of them however soon got the hang of it.

It was the first time someone had ever treated him as a human, the two had fun living together. She would teach him stuff and he would teach her stuff. It was as if they were a family, living side by side. Not as human and robot, but as human and human. Soon later, the professor fell ill. Shonen felt as if he had to do something,thinking he finally got an answer, the hospital! Running out the house and dashing to the hospital late at night, he was soon stopped by a gang of boys.

"Rumor has it you're that geezer's latest creation... don't think you're all high and mighty just cause you're scrap metal!" one of them said as he slammed his fist into Shonen's face causing Shonen to fall backwards. The boy rubbed his fist, it was sore. After all he did just punch metal. They all began to kick him while he was on the ground.

"Scrap metal!, Scrap metal!, Scrap metal!" they all chanted as they slammed their foot onto him.

And for the first time ever, Shonen was overcome by a weird feeling, it was un-comfortable. He had no idea what it was, even though he felt no pain... he still felt it inside. Sadness. Pushing the boys away he ran off to the hospital, rushing in. He explained he needed something to help cure his friend but the woman behind the counter explained that he needed to book an appointment. There was no time for that. Shonen felt like grabbing any random medicine but he was lectured by the professor about stealing and how it was bad. Rushing back home, he found a group of marines at her door.

"We need to examine that robot, he isn't like any of the other ones." one of them said.

"He isn't a machine! Don't address him as if he isn't one of us!" she yelled slapping the marine across the face.

"How dare you! You little son of a-!"

He punched her across the face and drew his pistol. Aiming it at her he explained that underestimating the marines would lead her to death. Noticing Shonen, she yelled for him to get away. However he just stood their, not knowing what's happening. She continued pleading. The marine changed his aim to Shonen and smirked.

"So that's the robot, e-"

He was interrupted by a kick to his groin.

"He isn't a robot! Please Shonen, run away, do it for m-"

A bullet shot through her head and she fell onto the ground, dead. The blood spilled from her head... Shonen felt anger. He didn't know what to do, run or fight. Processing the woman's words, he turned and ran. It was what she wanted. After a few minutes of running he had lost the marines. The island was not safe anymore. He needed to get away. Purchasing a raft with all his remaining money, he left and swore to avenge his fallen friend..

as a human being would do.


Shonen is kind hearted fellow. He always enjoys to help others and seeing the smile of others puts a smile on his face. Although he may ask some questions time to time, the questions are usually pretty much to do with the situation. Shonen will always explore, wherever he is, he'll try to find out where he is and why? He'll to learn as much as he can and will also try to blend in while in public. While in battle, Shonen will try to use the fact that he feels no pain to his advantage and will try to take down the enemy as fast as possible and at the same time, processes his movements. He has a unique laugh which sounds like:


He picked this up from his friend, the professor who also used to laugh like that.

Ship: A raft.

Ship Flag: None.

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
Type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
Effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:

- Processing: Shonen, when in doubt, will process is surroundings and will try to gather as much information as he can.

- Pain: Being a robot, Shonen feels no pain. This is both an advantage and dis-advantage. Although he may not feel pain in the battle, he will also not be able to know when's he injured.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

None yet.

Weapons/Items: Clothes, bought by the professor.

Goals: Take down the marines to avenge his fallen friend and become a real boy.
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PostSubject: Re: Shonen Yoru "Sixteen"   Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:58 am

Done and before you ask. Yes, it needs sleep. Howver it sleeps for a shorter durtion then normal humans. I tcan go without sleep for a whole week however any more then that and it will began to act strangely and eventually break down.
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PostSubject: Re: Shonen Yoru "Sixteen"   Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:10 am

Do we have any other pure robots around here? Anyway, it seems fine, I mean, it's in no way overpowered so .. okay~


"Bring on the hardship. It's preferred in a path to carnage."
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PostSubject: Re: Shonen Yoru "Sixteen"   

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Shonen Yoru "Sixteen"
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