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 Sebastian Kado

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PostSubject: Sebastian Kado   Tue Oct 15, 2013 4:34 pm

Name: Sebastian Kado "The Mad Hater"

Age: 31

Bounty: N/A

Species: Human

Occupation: Magician, Navigator

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: West Blue

Appearance: Sebastian is a tall individual, with a height of around 190 centimeters. However, due to the very tall hat he happens to wear, he looks even taller, making him look around 220 centimeters tall. His appearance consists of his signature brown colored tall hat, with a pink bandage tied around it. He wears a white shirt and a light green colored vest with a tie, a green colored coat that almost reaches his feet and a pair of dark blue pants, with white and dark blue colored sport shoes. He has an angry expression on his green colored eyes (something that partly resulted in gaining his epithet as "The Mad Hater") a wide smile all across his face that shows his teeth completely. He also has long messy hair that fall on his back. He has no signs of scars on his body and he seems to be well-built, even if he rarely shows his body to others.

History: Sebastian's history as a pirate originates from the time Maximillion Maimou used to lurk around the area, with his very first crew. Sebastian was recruited by the future Yonko as a man with great abilities. Sebastian used to be his navigator until the crew organized a coup d'etat against the mad captain and when they found the chance he was weakened (as he didn't have the deadly powers of his Devil Fruit), they all attacked him and abandoned him on a desert island.

Maximillion swore revenge for the crew and when he finally managed to escape from the desert island, he formed another crew called "The Avenger Pirates" and departed with it for the Grand Line. There, he hoped that he would find them and have the chance to execute them one after another. However, the reality was different from what Maximillion expected. The fear of the crew to their former captain made them disband the crew and go to their home places, trying to live a quiet life. As a result, Maximillion never met anybody of them personally ever again. However, things would change once more when Maximillion was officially appointed as a Sea Emperor. His rise through the Underworld and his alliance with Roberto D. Wally and his underlings, allowed him to have access to people who were spies and could easily find out the whereabouts of his former crew. The members of his first crew were tracked and executioners were sent by the Yonko, who ordered his former subordinates' massacre one after another.

And that was how Sebastian's life changed once again. The news of his former comrades who were being tracked and executed were coming every day. Many of these men died and Sebastian realized that he would be one of the next ones. Because of this, he was prepared and as a result, he started departing from his home place to other islands by himself, thanks to his skills as a navigator. There, he would use the power of his "magic" to make money and make a living. And now, Sebastian is travelling across the sea, avoiding the executioner that has been sent to him by Maximillion...

Personality: Sebastian is the kind of person who seems to be hating anybody. He is always speaking the worst about people, not because he doesn't like them but because he simply is a real hater. That is how he acquired his epithet as the "Mad Hater". However, despite the fact that he seems to hate people very much, he mainly focuses on drawing his maps and on improving and performing his magic tricks. A weird fact about Sebastian is that even if he performs magic tricks, bringing joy to others, he never laughs or smiles. His own estimation about this is that the time he spent with his former captain, resulted him in being like this. During his battles, Sebastian is pretty evil to his enemies and he is using his equipment and his magic tricks to outsmart them and defeat him. As his battling style is quite mad (he is throwing cards with great speed, making them cut down people), the word "Mad" has completed the word "Hater" of his epithet and so he is known as the "Mad Hater".

Ship: A small boat he uses to travel around from island to island.

Ship Flag: A regular Jolly roger.

Devil Fruit: N/A
Type: N/A
Effect: N/A

Special Abilities:
-Card Trick: Card Trick is the battling style Sebastian uses. He grabs his cards and throws them at his enemies, with different kinds of throws, slashing them. The way he throws his cards allow him to even cut down limbs with stronger and more focused attacks, making him a deadly individual. Also, under the name of his card trick style, he uses several other techniques that have nothing to do with cards. Overally, his battling style revolves around card tricks.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
-Card Dash: Sebastian throws a card at his enemies which is capable of stabing them and slashing them.
-Card Knife: Sebastian grabs a card and fights with it as his short weapon of choice. A swift swing of his card is capable of slashing down his enemies.
-Card Knife - 8: Sebastian moves cards between his fingers, making them look like claws which come out of his finger's bones (like Wolverine). Attacks under this mode are capable of slashing and stabbing the enemies, making this a pretty dangerous stance.
-Card Gatling: Sebastian presses his card deck and flings the cards at his enemy, with great speed one after another. This attacks cause blunt damage at the enemy the moment they are struck and the radius of each "card bullet" is as big as the card, making this a handful barrage attack that mostly hits the enemies.
-Returner Card: Sebastian throws a card swiftly at his enemies. When the card strikes them, it returns back at Sebastian's hand.
-Bouncer Card: Sebastian throws a card at his enemies with great speed and strength. When it hits the enemy, it bounces to other people around, making this a handful attack that can struck multiple foes one after another.
-Slipper Card: Sebastian throws a card below his enemies feet, making them slip on them and lose their balance to fall on the ground.
-The march of the pigeons: Being a magician, Sebastian grabs his hand and points with it at his enemies. Then, five pigeons get out of it, marching at the enemies in order to peck them and attack them. This is mostly used as a surprise attack.

Weapons/Items: Card decks, his hat which hides the pigeons.

Goals: To take down Maximillion's family and the executioners who were sent to kill him so that he can live a quiet life again. To make the world's greatest trick. To draw a map of the world.

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PostSubject: Re: Sebastian Kado   Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:06 am

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PostSubject: Re: Sebastian Kado   

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Sebastian Kado
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