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 Alyss Hart

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PostSubject: Alyss Hart   Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:04 pm

Name: Alyss Hart
Age: 20
Bounty: 0
Species: Human.
Occupation: Assassin, Cook, Fighter
Allegiance: -none-
Home Village/Ocean: West Blue
Appearance: Alyss might be considered a pretty girl. She has green eyes with blue in the middle (central heterochromia), relatively long eyelashes that are dark so they’re really visible, and nicely shaped eyebrows that are also dark. She has a heart shaped face and usually flushed cheeks. She has cupids bow lips that are a light shade of pink, and high cheekbones. Her ears are usually hidden from view, shielded by her hair, but they are pierced and have three earrings in each. Her hair is dark brown, almost black, and is straight. She has a fringe that covers her forehead completely, and the rest falls down to her lower back.

Alyss is 193cm tall, 6ft2, and weights around 60 kg, 132 pounds. She is fairly skinny mainly because of working out. She also has toned muscles because during the training they made her take care of her body and body build. However she is not that muscly because she doesn’t want to. She usually wears light blue or white short shorts and a black t-shirt and a crop top on top of it. She wears converse-like shoes and small black ankle socks. She has no birthmarks or tattoos.

History of the society Alyss Hart lived in:
Alyss Hart grew up in a cage, just like the rest of the children belonging to the nobility. Medical examinations, trials, everything that you could imagine was done to her in order to determine which martial art, or power, would suit her most. She didn't have any friends, she never met anyone that could have become a close someone to her. Her parents? They were just a shadow clouded in her memory. Siblings? She didn't have any as far as she knew. It was lonely, really lonely. She was raised by strangers, doctors and "senseis" that only wanted one thing from her, that "inner power" they knew was hidden inside of her. She hated every single moment in that little metal prison. She was cold, broken hearted, she never knew was love was, not even from her so called "parents". Until it was time for the decision.

She was taken away from the cage and travelled through train to a training camp, or so she was told. She knew that she had no other choice but to obey their orders, she wasn't strong enough to fight back, to speak her mind, to tell them that it wasn't fair that she would be fighting their war. She had nothing to do with their fight, with their unspoken war, neither had the rest of innocent children that suffered along with her. It was all so unfair, but it was real, and there was nothing they could do. Alyss was sure of it. She had given up on trying to fight back, to get a life of her own. She had given up on having a real life, meeting someone to love, growing old, dying happy. No, she was forced to become someone's soldier, someone's pawn. Without even having a choice. The world was really cruel in Alyss' eyes.

But she continued anyway, training with the other children that also had no choice but to waste their lives fighting for something that wasn't their fault at all, giving up without even knowing what a life could be like. The day they would decide what she was going to fight with was one of the worst days in Alyss' already messed up life. She was taken to a room while being blindfolded, she was told to keep quiet and wait for further orders. Sitting there, without her sight, she felt like an easy target, she felt nervous, she felt many negative emotions that she just wanted to get rid of. She wanted to get rid of every emotion possible.

Being deprived of her sight her other senses enhanced, she could hear everything that was happening really clear, almost as if by hearing it she could imagine it. She wasn't sure how long it was until someone entered the room, placed something in front of her (she guessed there was a table in front of her) and sat in front of her.

"You know why you're here" the person said, he was a guy, and she could almost imagine the certain smirk on his face as he was speaking, you could tell by the sound of his voice. "Guys, take the blindfold off" he spoke again and soon Alyss could see and the sudden bright light focusing on her made her eyes and head hurt. "You'll adjust to the light soon" he commented and shrugged.

Alyss put one of her hands on her face, shielding her now sensitive eyes from the light. "Just get this over with" she said, narrowing her eyes and trying to make out the appearance of the man before her. He seemed rather tall, lean, clean-shaved, light blue eyes, short cropped brown hair, decent but not handsome. Rather normal looking. She wasn't interested. He seemed like a jerk.

He laughed, it was long and really tyrannical, but she decided to ignore it. "Okay, someone's in a hurry, huh?" he joked but since Alyss kept her face unexpressive, he decided to continue with the business. "Eat that" he said and pointed at the weird-looking fruit on top of the table. It was a devil fruit, Alyss knew that, and she also knew that there was no way she would eat that, not willingly anyway. She stared at him and slowly shook her head. "Eat that" he repeated calmly, although he was starting to get frustrated with her attitude. She shook her head again. "EAT THAT OR I'LL MAKE YOU, AND BELIEVE ME, YOU WILL NOT LIKE MY METHOD OF FORCING YOU TO EAT IT" he screamed, standing up. Alyss scowled and shook her head. Men filed into the room and two grabbed Alyss' shoulders, one her head and the others stood there watching everything. The man who was grabbing her head chuckled and started opening her mouth, she closed it and glared at him. The man from the beginning laughed. "Oh Alyss' dear you don't want to make this worse, trust me" he said and opened Alyss' mouth, his grip was strong and Alyss couldn't do anything against it. He forced into her mouth a bite-sized piece of the fruit and closed her mouth, putting his hand on top of her nose and forcing her to swallow. Once she had swallowed he motioned the other men to leave the room and he laughed while he also left the room, leaving Alyss on her own.

It would take a while before the powers showed themselves, and everyone knew that she would not be able to control them at first, or for a while (if she was weak it would take even more), so they put her a prison-like room, everything was made out of titanium and no one was allowed into the cell except for giving her food.

Alyss' time on the cell was terrible, and lonely, really lonely. It was worse than before because now they were aware of her, she knew they were watching her every move, or proof that the devil fruit had worked. She didn't want it to, she wanted to be as normal as she could be, and having devil fruit powers was definitively not the definition of normal. She first discovered her powers when she was eating her bread, her hand produced flames and they incinerated the poor loaf of bread she was grabbing. As time passed by her powers became strong, but she wasn’t able to handle them so she stayed caged in the cell. The soldiers that guarded her cell would describe it as “the gate to hell” because sometimes it would all be surrounded by fire. But she was always unharmed, and had they not known the power of devil fruits, they would have thought that she was the devil’s incarnation.

Alyss didn’t care about what were the guards’ thoughts about her, all she wanted was to be out of that prison, and finally be free. And she knew what she had to do to achieve that goal. She had to become stronger, incredibly stronger. So she started training and trying to control her power. It started with trying to not burn her food, then burning specific patterns/images onto the bread, etc.

Once she became stronger the guards guided her to another room, this one was also made of titanium but it had multiple beds so Alyss knew that she wouldn’t be alone anymore. She was nervous and excited about this, She was excited because this was a new experience for her and she would finally make some friends. She was nervous because even though she would (possibly) make friends, those friends were basically weapons, they were inhumanly strong and dangerous, she didn’t know whether she would be able to trust them or not.

Alyss spent around three years in that same room, of course leaving for training with the captains, and she grew close to some people, well, one person. A lot of things happened in those three years, many people died in the room, assassinated by others who also resided in the room. She met this guy called Noah, who was an expert in martial arts. Noah was everything Alyss ever wanted, he became her brother, someone who she didn’t think of ever living without. He was a tall brunette with blue eyes, he had broad shoulders and a slender body, and he was rather handsome. But what mattered the most was that he was really different from Alyss. He was scared of rebelling against the rules, of doing something for his own good instead of the selfish noble parents he had, he was afraid of being alive, of feeling free, of being his own being. People say opposites attract each other, and this was the very case of Alyss and Noah, but as friends, nothing more, nothing less.

Something that also happened during these three years would be the change in Alyss’ thoughts, ideals, her way of thinking. She became more resentful; she began to hate, detest, her family, all the nobility, the whole royal court, everyone that approved of what they were doing to them. She started plotting, she wanted to become free and free everyone else from the way they had been treated, and how unfair the whole system was. She wanted to get rid of nobility. What’s the best way to overrule a monarchy? Attack them with their own special army.

Alyss talked to the people in that room, in that very room everything started. The rebellion. At first they thought she was crazy, thinking about attacking the people they were made to protect? But Alyss kept insisting, explaining how they were humans and that they should be able to choose their own destiny, what they would be doing from now on, and how they had been robbed from that right, it was theirs and they had to take it back. And they had to make sure that no one else would go through the same traumatic and horrible experiences they had. Alyss had been so reliant to it that eventually people saw what she was talking about and decided to join the rebellion. It took some time but in the end almost everyone had joined, all except Noah.


Noah, now it’s only you we’re waiting for” Alyss said as she sat down on the bed beside Noah. He had his head in his hands and was thinking, he seemed worried and Alyss was starting to get pissed off by his attitude. “Noah! You’ve never had any kind of freedom! You’ve always been under the same rules, too afraid of doing something about it! You haven’t been happy, I know that! And you know that as well!” she started yelling and she stood up.

Noah looked up and noticed that Alyss had some small tears in her eyes. He didn’t want her to cry, it was the last thing he wanted to happen. “No.. No Alyss it’s not like that…” he started but Alyss cut him off.

I mean, how can you possibly say that you’re living your life when you are always afraid of what comes next? Of what will be of you? How can you possibly ENJOY life when you’re doing all of that? You can’t. Then you’re always going for the ‘safe option’, life becomes monotonous, boring, as if you were a robot, and that can’t be called a life. Following orders, in benefit of someone other than yourself and your loved ones. Why would you that? Tell me, Noah?” she was crying really hard now.

Noah stood up and hugged her, comforting her and kissing her forehead. “Shh it’s okay, I will join your army, I love you Alyss, I’m doing all of this for you. Only for you

End of Flashback

It was time for the rebellion. The perfect time came; they had an audience scheduled with the nobles, presenting themselves as the special army. Alyss did a prep-talk to explain how everything would happen and then get them ready for the attack. It started with Alyss and the rest, which had officially become “her team”, walking across the hallway to the conference room in which the ceremony would take place. Her hands were formed into fists as she was starting to feel nervous, would they really succeed in freeing themselves? The proximity to the event that would change their lives forever seemed to make Alyss doubt everything she believed it. What if they killed them?

It was a fact that Alyss and the rest would be traitors from that day onwards but she just wanted to get rid of them and then run away. She hadn’t thought about the possibility of them having bodyguards that could match their strength and special powers. Oh, of course I didn’t even think of that… How could I’ve been so stupid?, was one of Alyss’ thoughts as she walked through that long hallway that guided them to their destiny.

Noah noticed how tense and worried Alyss looked, so he caught up to her and held her hand, smiling to reassure her that everything was going just like their plan. Alyss nodded and smiled a tight smile, because even if Noah was reassuring her, she still felt nervous about what was going to happen.

They arrived at the assigned room for the meeting. Alyss was the first one to come in, she smiled charmingly at the prestigious noblemen of their monarchy, and their king and queen, her so called parents. “Good morning, your majesties” she said as she bowed, everyone following her actions. “We are the special army that you have raised, reporting to duty” she explained with a slight move of the hand, presenting her team. “I am the captain, Alyss Hart” she added as she stood straight with her head high.

There were a lot of gasps in the room and people examining Alyss. No one knew that the very King and Queen would send their daughter to the army to train. The King stood up and everyone looked down, he cleared his throat and started speaking. “It is a pleasure to finally have you back, Princess Alyss” he started his speech, Alyss could feel the anger boiling inside her, how dare he call her princess. She was not one of them. “I’m so proud to see that you, my daughter, have become the captain of the special assassination squad that we created” he wasn’t her father, he was never with her, he never protected her from the evil, from the horrible times she had to spend while she was ‘training’. She closed her eyes, trying to handle the anger she was feeling, which was starting to overcome her. “And to you, noblemen of this nation, warriors, I am so glad to see that you’ve made it through the special training and are going to protect us, your parents, with your life” he smiled and sat down.

Alyss looked up and stared down at the man who called himself her father, their king. He had green eyes with grey tinges in them; around his eyes there were wrinkles, showing his age. He was a fairly handsome man, for his age that is. She started laughing and then cleared her throat. Every adult in the room was staring at the sixteen year old who had just laughed at the King’s speech. It didn’t matter that she was ‘his daughter’, what she had done was extremely disrespectful.

What’s so funny, daughter?” the Queen said and Alyss scowled. That’s it, I’m done with this shit, she thought while starting to walk in a slow pace towards her so called parents.

You want to know what’s funny?” she started. “Well, there’s a long list so let me start already. First of all, I’ve never seen you in my entire life and yet I get here and I’m told you’re really proud of me being your daughter and that you are ‘pleasured’ that I’m here. Who the hell are you? Because parents are the one who nurture the child, not only the ones who put the ovules and sperm to make it! If you wanted me to be your daughter maybe you should have taught me how to love, maybe you should have spent time with me! No cards, no visits, nothing from you. Therefore I’m nothing of you” she finished and everyone already had alarmed looks in their faces.

It is the same for you, every person belonging to the nobility in this room. You created us for your own selfish reasons and never even bothered to bond with us, to make us human! You just wanted powerful robots that could fight your battle. But guess what, you did it wrong! We are human! We have wishes, we have goals and we have feelings! And even if you don’t care, which you already showed long ago, we do! So for once in our lives we’re going to fight for us, for our liberty, for our freedom. For ourselves!” by the time her speech had ended people were starting to slowly get up from their chairs, ready to scream for help. “Oh, I wouldn’t scream if I were you, it would only make us torture you more” they were frantic, scared to their bones. Alyss felt powerful, for once she could decide her destiny, and it was amazing.

They froze in the spot, they didn’t want to be tortured, so they would have to be quiet and not do anything about this. Alyss was right in front of her parents and she smiled. She approached her father and whispered. “you have created monsters, and those monsters will kill you” and then she made a fire start in his shoes. He screamed. Alyss grabbed her sword and slit his throat. Her mom let out a high pitch scream and Alyss grinned, setting her sword on fire so it would get heated. Once it was red she made the fire disappear and she gently placed it on her mother’s cheek, hearing her scream as the metal incinerated her skin. Alyss giggled and then pierced her mother’s stomach with the sword. When her mother finally fell to the floor was when she looked around, watching her teammates do the same to their respective parents.

It wasn’t until there were no noblemen left when the guards entered the room, gasping when they saw the massacre the guys had left. They started attacking but surprisingly they weren’t as strong as them, making it easy to kill them. They had to fight every guard that crossed their way as they exited the castle they were in. Alyss had never seen so much blood, and what was worse, she was enjoying every drop of it. It just made her feel so powerful, so alive, like she had never been. Maybe this is why I’m in this world, for killing people, she thought as she exited the castle.

The special army knew what to do, continue fight against nobility and whoever would be crowned as the new king and queen. They had to become rebels. So they fled to the countryside, starting a huge army and training them just like they had trained when they were younger, just that these people were older, and had families. They hadn’t. Alyss agreed to help them with teaching and training them as well, but after three years of hard work she knew they were more than ready for battle. Then the rebellion started.

It was hard work, but after a year the rebellion had succeeded and it was time to choose the ruler. Everyone had decided that Alyss would become the new head of the society, but she turned it down. “I know you all want me to stay here and become your leader, but I will have to say no. I am not made to be a leader, I have to keep moving around, I want to live my life, travel across the world, learn new things, become stronger. I have many things to do. Apart from that, I am not the one you should be asking to be your leader. It should be Noah” and so Noah became the leader and Alyss left the country, in an almost impossible condition, and is now looking for someone to learn from, somewhere she can belong to.

Personality: Alyss isn't traumatized and antisocial as one may think after all the things she has been through. Quite the contrary, Alyss likes making friends and meeting new people. She is strong minded and rather stubborn about her ideas and thoughts, but eventually she will give up and let others choose whatever they want. She likes to cook, she is rather good at it because when she was training and a captain she had to cook for everyone else, she finds joy in it. She doesn't like talking about her past or her family but she wants to have a family of her own someday, with the right person. She likes kids and socializing.
Devil Fruit: Mera mera
type: Logia
effect: create and control fire at will.
Special Abilities:
-Knowledge of martial arts
-High Stamina
Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Weapons/Items: -Katana
Goals: Find a good crew
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Done Very Happy (finally)

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Alyss Hart
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