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 Chief Petty Officer Fukai Umizano "Black Hound" (completed)

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PostSubject: Chief Petty Officer Fukai Umizano "Black Hound" (completed)   Mon Aug 19, 2013 1:29 pm

Name: Fukai Umizano "Black Hound"

Age: 20


Species: Long Leg Tribe

Occupation: Marine Chief Petty Officer

Allegiance: Navy

Home Village/Ocean: Duat Thae/Grandline

Black hair in a pony tail. Silver eyes with a pointy nose. His chin is also quite pointy. He stands over 7.3 ft with a muscular build from his torso and body all the way along his very long legs. He usually wears a marine vest which is white and blue with the marine logo on the back of it. He also wears shorts which cover a quarter of his legs length.He has a tatoo of barbed wire on his left leg and also has a tattoo of a nail on the base of his foot.

Fukai was born to a martial art school on the island of Duat Thae, a far and distinct island on the edge of the grandline. His clan was not a strict martial art school and had very unorthodox methods of combat and training. Since they were people of the longlegs tribe, it was very much so based on wild fighting styles of the forest and of the surrounding areas of his village which were attacked every week by huge man eating ostriches every week. These creatures were animals who were once bred and trained to attack other humanoid like creatures by some unknown scientists and used their long legs and sharp talons to kick or stomp or impale their prey or enemy.

Fukai had to train in order to battle this threat that was befalling the clan, as the clan used their fighting style to try and match the ostriches power and speed. At the age of 12 Fukai was sent to fend for himself in the forest, as it was customary for this clan to send their young to train in the forest without the comforts of their homes and beds. Fukai and the other kids tried to go on their own to survive the forest without the help of anyone, however they eventually found they had to work together to counter what the forest was putting them through, wild animals, dangerous plants, disease, fatigue and so on. Fukai and his friends eventually came across an attack group of ostriches which viciously attacked them upon sight, Fukai found that his fighting style had little effect on them. One by one the kids were being picked off and being eaten, as Fukai knew they couldn't continue like that. As the battle was heading towards a certain tragic ending. Fukai began to realise that they hadnt yet discovered the proper way of handling their techniques, and that was to use the surrounding vibrations around their feet and lunge for a shattering attack. They had to extentialize the air, by kicking extremely fast in order to be able to create the vibration and force necessary to attack. Once Fukai learnt this, he gathered the remaining kids and told them to flee to the edge of the forest , he ran leading the ostrich squad away, Fukai ran to lead the ostriches into the deep recesses of the forest and as he hid from the squad, he began hunting the ostriches one by one, the ostriches stunned by how quickly the boy had learnt how to kill them. He spent 3-5 days before finally killing the last ostrich that was hunting him. He had learnt the very fundemental to the clans martial art. He returned to the edge of the forest to find that his friends were alright or at least what was left of his group. The kids were all training and staying alert, but there had seemed to be a lack of ostrich activity in the last 3 - 5 days. Fukai then taught the fundemental to his friends, but some struggled to grasp it, while others took time to learn it. Soon the next ostrich attack took place as a squad of ostriches began attacking the village, however, before the senior warriors could even respond, the group of kids who were training at the edge of the forest, had returned and massacred all the ostriches which had attacked their village. Fukai didnt take credit for it, instead gave the credit to one of his friends and stayed quiet.

Over the next few years Fukai grew in strength and confidence, the ostriches didnt stand a chance once Fukai was on the battle field, he had even created a defensive formation in his martial art style, it strengthened his leg muscles to almost inhuman extents. It made him the talk of the village, yet Fukai never took to his limelight and instead took to smoking tobacco instead and calmly preparing himself for each hunt. He enjoyed hunting, he liked chasing his prey down and defeating them. The chase was something he engrossed himself in, till the point it became a event that would take place, where he would go into the forest himself and hunt down creatures for sport. One day, a marine vessel landed on the port of the island, there would often be vessels which came by to trade with the villagers, as well as the occasional pirate that tried to ransack their village but was met with immediate and swift death. On this particular day, the marine vessel had a Marine Captain who was in the middle of recruiting new members for the marines. At first Fukai had no particular interest, since it was a uniform type operation and he had no time to follow orders of people who thought they were better than him. However, a Captain Mary Young, explained to Fukai that the life of a marine was more than that, it was also about taking down some of the most vile filth and villainy the sea has ever seen and protecting innocent people from the cruel harshness of the sea. Fukai simply heard that he would have the chance to hunt new types of prey, people, people with abilities and power. Fukai then agreed that he would finally leave his village and join the marines.

In the marines Fukai began as a outstanding rookie marine, being part of the longlegs tribe had its immediate obvious advatanges as it allowed him to stand out in t a crowd. At the age of 19 he finally made the rank of Chief Petty Officer and had recorded about 35 arrests and 30 executions.

Fukai is someone who doesnt enjoy talking too much. He is very forthright however when it comes to getting things done and is more of a doer than a dreamer. He doesnt like sitting around waiting for orders which has made his marine career rather difficult since he is often considered insubordinate. However Fukai is considered an efficient worker and someone who can get things done. He achieves the tasks set out in front of him no matter what, especially when it comes to search and kill commands or search and arrest commands. Fukai is extremely talented at hunting and hence becomes focused when he is on the job. He likes tracking enemies and chasing them down. for this reason, he sometimes isnt well loved by many of his colleagues as he often can seem distant and unresponsive. He is however very good at teaching, he can teach people things regarding hunting and fighting techniques in very simple ways so they understand. Fukai also likes smoking and does it at leisure. He is indifferent when it comes to women but has a preference for strong women who can fight.

Ship Flag: marine flag

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
Type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
Effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:
Kicking Hound Style = Uses vibration around the leg to use highly offensive powerful technique that can rip through hard material, brick and can dent metal , it still cannot pierce metal however. Incorporates certain elements of rokushiki unintentionally.

Wood defence style= A personal creation of Fukai, using his legs and a form of tekkai, he can strengthen his leg and body to withstand attacks and use to counter. This is usually akin to being a unbreakable tree trunk. Using this technique Fukai can usually be a tank on the battlefield, defensively.

Posseses strong lower body strength and average upper body strength

Keen senses thanks to hunting in the jungle, smell, taste , sight.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Kicking Hound Style
i) Howl : A powerful, wood splitting kick, aimed right down the middle, this sort of kick is only lateral and hence is not flexible to change midway, this means , as Fukai uses this kick, he cant change the kicks path in mid way.
ii) Bloody Bites : Several kicks stringed together to kick the opponent into the air, where Fukai will jump up and try to kick them back down again, driving the heel of his foot into their neck, disabling them.
iii) Chopping bite: The air pressure generated from his kick, can cut through wood and dent steel, like the earlier technique, its a lateral move and the course of the kick cant be altered easily once launched.
iv) Prowl : allowing Fukai to use his powerful legs, he kicks the ground, moving quietly , in a single motion to overwhelm the enemy, its a stealth technique which allows him to move with as little footsteps as possible so allowing him to gain ground and sneak up on the enemy since his legs are so long.
v) Kicking Dog: He closes in on the enemy, and with his legs hardened, he aims 3 powered up kicks, and like bullets, they penetrate/impale what they are aiming to hit, this technique doesnt work on metal as of yet, but it causes serious damage to the metal. Each kick is powered up during a cooling period of at least 5 minutes. Fukai usually shakes his legs at a astonishing speed to make them charge up. After this technique, that leg losses its power for the rest of the day and Fukai requires rest.

Wood Defence Style: Fukai places his leg upwards holding a defensive stance, thanks to his long and thick legs he imitates a tree trunk , planting his foot firmly into the earth and holding his ground.

Weapons/Items: None

Goals: To find the perfect prey and to become a Admiral

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PostSubject: Re: Chief Petty Officer Fukai Umizano "Black Hound" (completed)   Sat Nov 23, 2013 3:01 am

finished, ready to be checked
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PostSubject: Re: Chief Petty Officer Fukai Umizano "Black Hound" (completed)   Sat Nov 23, 2013 3:59 am

Seems good. APPROVED.


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PostSubject: Re: Chief Petty Officer Fukai Umizano "Black Hound" (completed)   

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Chief Petty Officer Fukai Umizano "Black Hound" (completed)
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