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 James ''Bourbon'' Barnes

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PostSubject: James ''Bourbon'' Barnes   Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:11 pm

Name: James ''Bourbon'' Barnes

Age: 21

Bounty: 1.000.000

Species: Human

Occupation: SharpShooter.

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: West Blue

Appearance:  James' upper body is quite muscular and almost has no fat he also has 2 scars stretching across his back. On the right side of his stomach he has a tattoo of 2 crossed revolvers that are ussualy visible since he only wears a dark brown vest. His semi long spiky black hair that reach to his shoulder are ussualy covered with a brown buckeld cowboy hat. James' has green eyes with very small pupils that are sometimes even covered with some goggles he uses. The light brown jeans that he wears are equipped with short jeans leather strips on the sides. He has a normal sized nose and pretty thick eyebrows that share the same colour as his hair.

History: James' was born on a merchant raft on a cold night in West Blue. His parents were both former pirates and now small time arms merchants. They were mostly selling revolvers and shotguns, but sometimes they came across cannons or even some high tech machine guns. Since pirate attacks on the raft were quite common James' had to learn how to defend himself. James' father taught him everything about the gun, propper breathing when you pull the trigger, what bullets are best when and so on. On his Voyages James' saw many differant places that gave him his need for exploration.

Since they only stopped in towns to ressuply and sell their merchandise James' never had time to make friends or find love. So he was shy and quite socialy akward. But at the age of 17 when his father died from a deep wound inflicted upon him by a pirate captain James' fell into depresion. Thats also when his drinking began. He started to drown his sorrows in a bottle of whiskey quite regulary. Jame's and his mother couldnt continue the trading because it was simply to dangerous for them to go on without his father.

In the bars where he found a lot of friends he also got a descent amount of enemies with whom he got into many fights over. The fights were becoming more and more dangerous and they even scored him 2 scars on his back. Thats when he decided to carry guns with himself, two nicely decorated revolvers that his father used. One night when he was returning to the raft that was placed in the docks he heard his mother screaming. She was being dragged the opposite way by a small group of marines. James' didnt know what was happening but when he saw that was his mother without hesitation or giving it a single thought he shot the unsuspecting marines. Even tho he was drunk beyond belief he killed them all. except one recruit that got shot in the arm. He -wanted to finish him aswell but his mother stopped him and The marine quickly fled. James' mother was crying and terrified of her own son. They went back to the raft James' not even able to speak just passed out infront of the raft on the docks.

When James' woke up he was in a cell. He remembered nothing and had a killer headache. James' got up from the bed he was on and looked around trying to grasp what happned. He saw a marine probably a recruit passing the cell with a wounded arm giving him an angry look. After further inspection and hearing the charges aggainst him he was shocked. Killing 4 marines one of them a captain and wounding 1 recruit was something he never thought he could do. James' went back to his bed pondering what he had done and trying to recall the last night but slumber quickly took him.

In the middle of the night James' woke up with two of his friends leaning over him, with one of them covering his mouth. They were both dressed in black and they came to break him out. James' quickly got up and left the cell undetected. He noticed some of the guards had slit throats and some were asleep. When they got out of the marine building his friends told him to take a boat they left at the docks next to his raft it had paddles and in it he could reach the neighbour island allready this morning. He ran to the raft and left a note for his mother telling her everything that happened. James' then quickly got aboard his small boat and paddled his way to the next island escaping the marines for now.

Personality: James' is very kind but he can be arrogant and stubborn at times. He is very carless and wishes to live his life as a pirate and enjoy it for aslong as he can. His arrogance tends to get him in a lot of fights and is one of his most annoying traits. The southern accent that he posseses can be very gentle, soothing and quite hot with the ladies. James' isn't the most inteligent of the pirates but his lack in that is replaced by his good will and optimism allways bringing happynes to his friends. He is quite strong and even tho his childhood was tragic he tries to enjoy life and stay positive. But sadly there is one thing that remains there and reminds him of his childhood, the whiskey. He has developed an addiction to alcohole but mostly whiskey that he frequently drinks. In his mean time when he isnt drinking he enjoys to have fun with his palls, create new weapons and custom rounds for his guns, and to hit on ladies. Whiskey can sometimes be hard to get and when he doesnt get any he can get very grumpy and quickly annoyed by the slightest of things.

Ship: None

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit:


When he doesnt drink any whiskey he gets annoyed very quickly.

Special Abilities:

His strenght is 1x above avrage thanks to his daily training.

Very agile and quick

Daily Drinker: When he drinks one bottle of whiskey his accuracy is halved but his pain ressistance and charisma doubled (5 posts)

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):


Revolver Roundup: Runs around the opponent at almost soru speed aming for vital areas.

Twister Shot: Jumps twoards the opponent spining and shoots 2 bullets that are circleing eachother.


Lasso: Shoots a semi long chain from the gun that is connceted to it. This chain ussualy gas a noose to capture people.

Overcharge: Puts a shot with a lot of gun powder into the cannon making the bullet more deadly and move very quickly. The cannon itself can be destroyed.

Weapons/Items: Steel Handcannon, dual revolvers, a big supply of tooth picks.


1. To have fun!
2.To explore!
3.To stop drinking!
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PostSubject: Re: James ''Bourbon'' Barnes   Sun Aug 11, 2013 3:16 pm

I assume you must mean somethin else than "x1 above average", as that basically means "above average" lol
Anyway, just correct that, and maybe just slightly expand (detail) that thing about his physical prowess, but that's mostly to make it more presentable, otherwise, this one's APPROVED.


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James ''Bourbon'' Barnes
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