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 Raven D Scarlett [finished!]

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PostSubject: Raven D Scarlett [finished!]   Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:07 pm

Name: Raven D Scarlett "Scarlett the Red"

Age: 21

Bounty: 2,000,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Doctor, master of disguise (yeh it sounds cheesy get over it)

Allegiance: Pirate (Crescendo Pirates)

Home Village/Ocean: Yuba, Alabasta, Grand Line

Appearance: Scarlett has long raven black hair,part of it covers her right eye. It is usually up in a ponytail. She has dark green eyes and naturally blood red lips. She also has very pale, almost white skin. She prefers to wear dark colors (black, dark red, dark purple, etc), and usually wears black. She's a bit above average height, and really thin, but not in an unhealthy way. She nearly always wears black combat boots, except for the rare occasions in which she wears heels. She has tattoo of an intricately designed (but not colored) dragon on her stomach. But because of her ability, she will sometimes change her looks entirely, becoming someone else. Such as changing her hair color, eye color, clothes, body shape, etc.

History: Scarlett was born in Alubarna, Alabasta, but moved to Yuba with her parents when she was little to help make the new city. During this time, her parents forced her to stay inside, referring to her as a nuisance and hindrance. When she was 8, she stole some knives from the kitchen and threw them at her wall out of boredom. Two years of this turned her into an expert marksman, and she would always aim for the bugs flying around in her room. Her parents ignored her, and she eventually ran away. She found her way to Erumalu and lived there for a few years. A kind old woman took her in, and trained her to be a doctor.

When she was 13, a group of marines came to the city. They were a rowdy bunch from G-5, and a few of them were able to 'fly' by kicking the air. One of them, a middle-aged woman, found Scarlett watching her use this ability (geppo). She laughed and thought the girl was 'cute.' Scarlett said she wanted to learn how to do that, and the woman agreed to try and teach her. As a quick learner, she was able to use it at a beginner level within a month. She continued to train herself even after the marines left the city.

On her journey, she had met a young man by the name of Zelyph. He began to travel with her, and for two years they lived in peace together. They grew close, and Scarlett found herself in love with him, and he her. And near the end of those two years, she had thought he would propose to her. But instead, he broke her heart. Ever since then, she's distanced herself from everyone. Preferring to stay alone, and not building relationships. If you're by yourself, you can't get hurt right?

One time, her boat was destroyed by a rock and she had to swim away. She washed ashore an island, a winter island. Drum island, that is. A young girl had found her lying on the snowy rocks, and brought her home. She healed her and gave her warm clothes so as not to get frostbite. When Scarlett woke up, she thanked the girl and then went out in the forest. The snow became overwhelming, and she got lost. A small white wolf found her, and licked her face. She woke up, and began to head back to the girl's house. The wolf followed her, looking up at her with sweet amber eyes. She tried to shoo her away, but the wolf stuck with her. She gave up and entered the small house in the woods. She stayed there for a few months, then left after obtaining a new boat. Before she set out, the white wolf leaped onto the sailboat.

She followed the log pose, and arrived back at Alabasta accompanied by the wolf. She stayed just long enough for the log to set, and left for the next island. On the new island, she found a strange fruit. It was small, circular and dark with swirly designs and curly stem. She decided to take a chance, and ate the fruit. All of it. Once she finished, she nearly vomited. It had tasted terrible, and she was nearly convinced that it had been poisonous. Though after doing a few tests with her medicinal equipment, she decided she was fine. While climbing a tree to get food, a branch snapped and she fell into the lake below. She tried to swim back to shore, but was astounded to find that she couldn't move. Luckily, the wolf dove in after her and saved her life.

She lived on this island for three months, that was how long it took for the log to set. During this time, she became friends with the wolf, and they never left each others' sides. After two months, the wolf came back to their temporary house with wings. This shocked Scarlett, as the wolf hadn't had wings before. It turned out that she had eaten a strange fruit too. As it turned, the wolf had eaten the Tobu Tobu no mi (Wing wing fruit) and suddenly had wings. As it turned out, she was able to fly and even carry others on her back. Scarlett soon chose a name for the wolf, Amber. Amber learned her name quickly, and was also able to understand the human language to an extent due to living with Scarlett for 4 years.

Scarlett didn't discover her ability until she left the island and accidentally changed her features when she pinched her nose, thinning it, and brushed her fingers along her cheek, giving her a blush-y look. Amber freaked out a bit, but Scarlett hadn't known what happened until she looked in the mirror. She has yet to master this ability, but she is still fairly skilled with it as she is able to change her appearance with ease, and can tweak others' appearances as well.

On her journey, she has killed many marine soldiers and pirates alike, and even a few civilians (though it was by accident). This earned her the name "Scarlett the Red" and a 2,000,000 beli bounty.

Personality: She comes across as charming and sweet, but really has pent up hatred for other people. She prefers to be alone, and is highly unsocial. She hates when she is hit on, as she believes it to be a joke or prank. Though she is not afraid to manipulate others using her beauty, or simply her manipulation skills. She uses her natural charm to pull people in then take their money or valuable belongings. She isn't very trusting, nor is she trustworthy. She is very confident in her skills, to the extent that she is rather arrogant and believes no one can surprise or hurt her. She is very guarded when it comes to her emotions though. When people flirt with or hit on her, she responds rudely unless she is being charming to get what she wants.

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit: Masu Masu no mi, Mask Mask fruit
type: Paramecia
effect: Allows the user to change their appearance, and go unnoticed or unrecognized by the enemy.

Special Abilities: She's trained herself to be exceptional at throwing weapons, eventually being able to hit small targets from great distances. She also learned medicinal skills, and has earned a reputation as the "Deadly Doctor" Since she is dangerous yet extremely skilled with taking care of injuries or sicknesses.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Devil's Fruit abilities

She can essentially "become" someone else, (not to be confused with Bentham's ability) Though she cannot look exactly like another person, she can tweak her looks so she isn't recognized by anyone.

She has advanced her ability so that she can change others' appearances as well as her own, though not as well.

Other: She has trained herself to be able to hit targets from far away with any of her chosen weapons, mostly her knives though.

She can also use Geppo, though it is not one of her specials

Scarlett is able to fight well in hand to hand combat, using strong kicks and punches

Weapons/Items: She specializes in throwing knives, but is also skilled with sai's, hand arrows and shurikens. She also carries around a light backpack containing medicine and a first aid kit.  She carries her knives in two sheaths on either side of her shorts. Her hand arrows are tucked away in her pocket, but can be pulled out and set up quickly. Her sai is tucked into her boot, and her shurikens in the other.

Goals: Discover cures for as many illnesses as possible, while still tuning her marksmen skills

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PostSubject: Re: Raven D Scarlett [finished!]   Tue Aug 06, 2013 7:21 pm


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Raven D Scarlett [finished!]
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