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 Koto Bazzi (Retired)

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PostSubject: Koto Bazzi (Retired)   Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:50 am

Name: Koto Bazzi
Age: 29
Bounty: 0 Beli
Species: Human
Occupation: Navigator & Inventor
Allegiance: Pirate
Home Village/Ocean: North Blue

Koto Bazzi Appearance:

History: Born in the North Blue Koto was named after his grand father and came from a family who were generally all tall except for his mother's side of the family who were ridiculously short except his mom. Koto was always a curious child who got frustrated when something was out of reach and always improvised when try and reach higher ledges from climbing to stacking things up so he could reach them. Eventually as he grew up, Koto discovered a world which was bustling with tall people. Attempting to make friends with people his own age, he was denied because no one would believe his age because of his height. Always trailing in height, Koto started trying to make himself taller.

He created high shoes to make himself taller but when ridiculed for wearing high heels he stopped and lashed out. Over time he lashed out numerous times after being made fun of and was finally kicked out of school. Whilst he had been in school however, he had taken a keen interest in science and learned allot about mechanics. He was a natrual born genius with physics, but as soon as he was kicked out this stunted his expansion of knowledge in the field and frustrated him.

Stealing books from the library he started to read through books so he could practice things to learn the principles. Supplies were hard to get hold of, but he made do with materials that were simple and near enough. Whilst searching through the books, he discovered explanations of magnetism and islands in the grand line. He didn't understand it but after reading further and learning of compasses & log poses he grew curious and went searching for log poses.

Spotting one on a table in a bar full of Marines, Koto posed as a child scared pretending he didn't know where his parents were and as he walked through the bar he snatched up a log pose. Taking it home, he studied it. Pulling the log pose apart to find out why it worked in the way it did, he discovered it worked in a similar way to a compass with the exception that it could point downwards. Koto discovered that the islands emitted a magnetic force which is how the log poses worked. Understanding this he started to question what he could find in the Grand Line as he had heard it was a wondrously dangerous place to travel. Feeling a sense of danger he decided he wanted to try and traverse it himself. However whilst he attempted to hop aboard a Naval ship which would take him to the Grand Line, Koto was told no. The Navy soldiers told him he was too young to go with them and not even a marine. Furiously he shouted at them stating he was older than they thought. Laughing him off, Koto stormed off on his own and decided he would find his own way there by any means what so ever. (Preferably not Marine.)

After searching for weeks on end and studying, Koto finally decided he would steal a ship and make his own way from the island. Packing a bag and heading for the harbor he hoped in a small boat and began to row. As the boat left the island behind Koto found out the boat was inhabited. An old market owner in the town owned the boat, waking up ass the boat sailed away, Koto panicked and pushed him overboard.

Struggling to swim, Koto watched as the old man who used to mistake him for a child drowned. Searching through the belongings in the boat, he discovered much food and over the days at sea he ate it all. (Including the devil fruit) after a week and a half at sea, he realized he was out of food and as his ship was shattered by a marine vessel he found himself sinking into the water. Struggling to swim he sank like an anchor. However he was rescued by the marine soldiers as one of them had seen him fall into the sea and his ship break apart.

Lifting him aboard, Koto broke out into a blistering fury cursing the soldiers out and lashing out. At his actions they said, they would take him to the HQ they were headed and lock him up.

(This is where his story will start.)

Personality: Koto is a short tempered pervert with a Napoleon complex. Koto is much older than his height would lead you to believe and when people refer to him as young he gets angry. Often shouting long before lashing out. He loves tinkering with gears, cogs, nuts & bolts to make inventions of all kinds which benefit himself and ONLY himself. When ever anyone asks if he will make something for them he will refuse because his inventions are HIS! Koto is still a virgin and desperately wants to lose his cherry, when people joke about him being a virgin he quickly begins to lie and over compensate of his sexual prowess.

Around females he tends to speak of himself like a womanizer to impress them but often fails to prove knowledge of the female anatomy and winds up embarrassing himself. He is a genius with inventions able to quickly dismantle machines and build them back up again. He knows how machines work but just not people. Koto knows of his devil fruit powers and loves them dearly, he views them as a gift from the gods. He doesn't rely on them, however he does use them in combat along with the occasional inventions he creates to mainly help himself with reach.

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit: Eikyo Eikyo no Mi
Type: Paramecia
Effect: This fruit only existed in skypeia, it's shape is similar to a dial. The person who consumes this fruit develops muscles that act like pistons, and the recoil damage gets released from pores all along his body, when the recoil damage gets expelled from the body it comes out as steam. The user of this fruit has the ability to absorb all physical based attacks but he has to do so intentionally (by physical I mean kicks, punches, weapons also). When the user absorbs to much energy he/she starts to vibrate. The user can release the potential energy from anywhere on the body but has to do it intentionally.

Special Abilities:

  • Navigational Prowess - Whilst studying log poses & compasses Koto managed to gain a vast knowledge about navigation which would aid him in travel.
  • Technological Ingenuity - Whilst at school Koto took an interest in physics and learnt about many machines which intrigued him, shortly after he discovered things about various other inventions and took the books form the library to learn about them about creating inventions of his own from weaponry to stilts.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Devil Fruit Powers

  • Piston Pump - Using his own body to create kinetic energy, Koto hits himself to transfer his own strength into kinetic energy to use in combat.
  • Piston Pump: Piston Punch - Slamming his left hand over his right fist or vice versa, Koto builds up kinetic energy in his body and then releases a punch built up with that kinetic energy from his right fist.
  • Piston Pump: Piston Kick - Slamming his fists into his thighs, Koto builds up kinetic energy in his legs and launches a kick towards his target with the strength of kinetic energy built up, behind it.
  • Piston Pump: Piston Punch Cannon - Slamming his left hand over his right fist or vice versa, Koto builds up kinetic energy in his body and then releases a punch built up with that kinetic energy from his right fist. This launches off an air projectile.
  • Piston Pump: Piston Kick Cannon - Slamming his fists into his thighs, Koto builds up kinetic energy in his legs and launches a kick towards his target which launches out an air projectile.
  • Exhaust - Letting off steam from a build up of kinetic energy, Koto uses it to his advantage as it obscures the foe's vision.


  • Rucksack of cogs, gears, nuts & bolts.


  • Explore the world

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PostSubject: Re: Koto Bazzi (Retired)   Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:47 am

Finished and ready for checking
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PostSubject: Re: Koto Bazzi (Retired)   Sun Jul 28, 2013 12:16 am

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PostSubject: Re: Koto Bazzi (Retired)   

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Koto Bazzi (Retired)
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