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 Bobby Speed (WIP)

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PostSubject: Bobby Speed (WIP)   Tue Jul 16, 2013 4:53 pm

Name: Bobby Speed

Age: 17

Bounty: None (He is a very new pirate)

Species: Human


Allegiance: Pirate (No crew yet)

Home Ocean: North


History: must be detailed

Personality: Despite being a pirate, Bobby never kills anyone no matter what, he is very strict about that rule and will never break it. He has a kind heart and can never refuse someone who needs his help, or anyone for that matter. This makes him kind of easy to manipulate

Ship: None.

Ship Flag: None.

Devil Fruit: Soku-Soku no mi
type: Paramecia
effect: The major strength of this fruit is that it grants the user the ability to move at incredible speeds and somewhat immune to blunt attacks. He is also able to withstand falls that would normally kill a man as long as the user falls on his feet. The user is also granted the ability to see objects moving at great speeds, even those moving at speeds greater than the user. Moreover it allows the user to accelerate parts of his body at his own whim.

Special Abilities: Hand-to-hand combat master, can make scientific calculations about speed or momentum in a second.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
*Soku-Soku no Harikēnkikku (Speed Speed Hurricane kick)- He spins at such high speeds that a mini-cyclone, barely over his head, is formed around him, then he lashes out his foot in the desired effect (eg, diagonally as to make a super powerful roundhouse kick)
*Soku-Soku no Saikuronpanchi (Speed Speed cyclone punch)- The punch equivalent of the above move.
*Soku-Soku no Supindoriru (Speed Speed Drill spin)- He spins around at hypersonic speeds (just an exageration) and acts like a drill with high destructive capabilities, he can use this to send debris everywhere, to send a shockwave by using it in mid-air and then landing on his feet or to deliver a drop kick. The most common use being the second one.
*Soku Soku no Zanzo (Speed Speed illusion)- He travels to another area but leaves behind an afterimage to confuse or distract the enemies.
*Soku-Soku no Kōsoku panchi (Speed Speed light speed punch)- Although not as fast as it says in the name, he still vibrates his fist at a superfast rate, even by his own standards, he then releases it as a normal punch, only extremely powerful, however, the impact of hitting an opponent will deal great damage to the foe, but will break his own arm in the process, as well as several other bones on that side of his body.

Weapons/Items: None

Goals: Become a feared and recognised pirate.
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Bobby Speed (WIP)
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