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 Pluto gabriel worm drake

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PostSubject: Pluto gabriel worm drake   Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:46 pm

Name: Pluto Gabriel Worm Drake (Mudslide Strangler)

Age: 27

Bounty: 150,000,000 Belli

Species: Skypean

Occupation: Master Assassin, Expert Doctor, Adept Navigator, Adept Shipwright.


Home Village/Ocean: Grandline

Appearance: He has long silky, straight, silver hair during the day, but at night his hair changes color to a sleek void black that almost shines and glows like his silver hair. His hair falls to his shoulder blades, but when in freezing temperatures the hair thickens and shortens to a mid-neck long hair style. Both hair styles, despite combing perfectly straight, end up curling to spikes at the end. He is exactly 2 meters tall and weighs exactly 55kg. His skin is obviously pale, but has a darkened glow, as if there was a layer of tan skin beneath his pale skin. His eyes, like many other parts of his body, change with little explanation as to how. It seems that his eyes are normally a deep diamond-and-sapphire-blue, but when particularly happy or excited his eyes turn to an iridescent forest-green, and when he is particularly upset, his eyes change to a sanguine color with a dark black edge and slight golden slivers. At night his eyes are always purplish white, almost like ultraviolet light but unlike UV light, his eyes do not glow in the dark, though they shine brightly in moonlight. He is well built, but not the build of a messenger, marauder, or etc. He is built like an all-round soldier, having been trained in many arts and experienced many terrors. He normally wears marching shoes/gloves and a suit, except his suit's coat is actually a navy or captain style coat that lays on the shoulders and has the character for bounty (as in a large amount of something, not criminal bounty). His gloves are white, his shoes are black, his pants are black, his shirt is white, his tie is green with purple squares all over it, and his coat is white with red lettering, and blue shoulder guards. He wears his Dark Armor under this and when he isn't wearing this, he wears a cloak. He has one spear-head scar on his heart from where he was almost killed as a child.

History: Born and raised in the sky islands, Drake had a love for dials at a young age. His parents used dials as a method of persuading him to do chores, train, and etc. When he was 11 years old, pirates arrived at his sky island and killed his entire family, town, and all of his friends. An assassin killed the pirates one by one, killing Drake's almost-murderer last of them all. The assassin took this survivor and taught him the studies, skills, and philosophies of the assassin's. When he was 15, he and his mentor left to the blue seas. Starting as an apprentice assassin, they took on assassin contracts in the East and South blues, until Drake was experienced and more honed. They then done high-performance contracts in the North and West blues. After he proved his abilities, his mentor left to take contracts across the grand-line and new-world and he was left with the blue contracts. At age 17, his mentor returned and gave him partner contracts across the grand-line and new world, one of which resulting in the possession of his devil fruit. When he was 22, his mentor had his face seen by someone and was marked as a pirate. His mentor left the assassin world, having had his identity worthless. At age 23, his mentor was caught and sentenced to death by the burning stake on an island of revolutionaries, instead of the navy's quick beheading. He was informed this through the contract to kill the man before the revolutionaries did. Putting on a mask and cloak for fear that he would be seen, he left to kill his mentor. Two minutes before the target's scheduled execution, Drake smothered his target, suffocating him with the compost of the fukyū fukyū no mi, rather than have his mentor die by the blade (disgrace), poison (time), accident (respect), drowning (mentor's greatest fear) or burning (obvious reasons). He was caught seconds after his mentors death, having just enough time to give his respects and bury him in compacted compost, where he proceeded to kill the witnesses, and several other people in his quick escape. The revolutionaries were fighting with the navy. As a result, he had to sink a navy ship, kill many on both sides, and sail away. He was named the "mudslide strangler" and was not identified because of a cloak and mask. The Cloak was double layered and extremely thick, making it seem as if he was wearing a trench coat under his cloak. He also wore pitch black boots and gloves; moreover, he did not use, or even bring, any weapons besides his hidden blades (which were obviously hidden). Altogether, he looked bulky and grimy as opposed to his normal physique and nobility. These crimes gave him a bounty of 45,000,000 belli (He caused 28 civilian casualties, 44 revolutionary casualties, 2 prisoner casualties, and 64 navy casualties, plus over 400 injured total).
In the last 2 years before now, he taught himself everything in his mentors library he could understand, increasing his necessity skills to an above-novice level; just enough to get by until he could find a crew and leave to make his dreams come true as a pirate.

During the two years of this time skip, Drake has trained himself to be far more mentally adept, and has had to learn how to fix/navigate his own ship, seeing as he never found a crew. During this time, he was able against many odds to spend 10 months as a disguised marine, where he learned how perform his own twist of rokushiki based on the rokushiki he saw. He increased his bounty by slaughtering groups of pirates, bounty hunters, marines, and other capable enemies at one time. He increased his bounty further by killing those who in normal circumstances would defeat him. As explained by the government, his strength alone is that of a 175 million bounty pirate, but he had proven himself capable of killing shichibuki and rear-admiral level opponents by using strategy and careful planning to put them into a weaker position. He told the public, during one of his public assassinations, "an insect can kill a behemoth in an instant if the insect happens to have the best advantage at the moment of attack". Even after all of this, he was still disguised during all of his criminal activities and never identified as Pluto G. W. Drake, but as the "Mudslide Strangler".

Personality: He is very considerate in person, and has a noble soldier act towards those around him. He is willing to give an eye for a stranger he deems worthy, and to stand for those he doesn't. He is experienced in trade skills and persuasion, although he considers everyones opinions thoroughly and respectfully. He is often playful, but still very mature and independent even during his games. He shows no mercy for anything or anyone that obstructs him once he has no choice but to be violent. He does not spare a target no matter what. He will kill any warrior to get in his way. Anyone who sees his face or makes it impossible for him to escape is killed before they can become a true threat. He is not cruel, however, and does not believe in torture or raids as he sees them as barbarism. He is loyal to his allies and is always willing to make more. When his allies are enemies he either leaves them both, or he does jobs for both that have nothing relevant to the other. He believes in tactics ruling supreme.


Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit: Fukyū Fukyū no mi
type: logia
effect: create and control compost soil

Special Abilities: He has specially trained senses that allow him to define scents as their own distinct colors, see the most recent changes to objects, and sense where animals are and what species based on their heart rhythm (within 30 meters). He has trained reflexes and generations of instincts to strike the weakest areas of an enemies body without thinking, and stay calm at all times. He has a sort of intuition of how strong an opponent is. He can memorize any distinct pattern he senses in any way (such as finger prints, facial structures, etc), and any information directly related to them. He is double jointed, allowing him to bend like a contortionist when needed.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

1. Assassin's Lung: Using the same concept as soru and gheppo, Drake makes a lunge where he disappears and silently lands on target from a high-powered multi-jump.

2. Fukyū Fukyū no Wall: The user creates a high-density wall of compost soil that reduces moderate impacts and all combustions to become harmless; however, the combustion will harden the wall into fragile clay and, though still impervious to fire, easily broken.

3. Fukyu Fukyu no Blunderbuss: The user creates a many small chunks of compost soil, and then punches it, sending it out flying like a shot-gun. The dirt has stopping power, but has little impact damage. Seeds that are inside will automatically be enhanced so that they can grow instantly, under the will of the user.

4. Assassin's Stance of Stealth: The user takes a stance that allows him to move without making any sounds and move other things without making sounds. The user will appear blend in with the surroundings, being mistaken by the subconscious mind as an inanimate object when not moving. This technique fails if the user is moving faster than a slow walk. Appied with rokushiki, this stance allows for fluid motion to avoid damage, and lower damage by redistribution of force, and going limp.

5. Assassin's Stance of Power: The user stops moving his feet, bracing himself in such a way as to become immobile unless the ground beneath his feet is broken. He then uses the opposing forces of gravity and the ground to increase his strength, and uses the opponents physical attack qualities to apply it in a versatile judo-jiujutsu manner. Combined with rokushiki concepts, he hardens his muscles to reduce direct damage and even increase the speed/strength of his arms.

6. Fukyu Fukyu no Root: The user creates a ball of compost soil and uses wood or seeds to create tree roots that are as hard as cast iron but not steel, and as fast as a boxers hook. The user can then make them grow however he wishes. This is as natural to drak as moving his limbs after intense training.

7. Fukyu Fukyu no Ninjutsu: The user creates assassin's tools out of steel-strength flint-sharp wood such as chained scythes, shurikens, kunais, and etc. complex weapons cannot be created, and only two large weapons (5 small) can be used during the post this is used. (P.S. if it can't be held by the user, this technique won't work).

8. Fukyu Fukyu no Kungfu: The user grows roots from weeds and trees to break up the ground beneath him quickly, and moves through it as if he were swimming in thick mud. The only reason he doesn't get stuck is because he can use the roots to give him better traction and higher speed.

9. Fukyu Fukyu no Smother: The user releases a cloud of the gliding compost soil to find any crack, opening, etc in something and enter it while crushing everything around it (causes bad infections for the wounded). This can be used in battle, or for utility (such as lock picking). The dirt can be compacted into a pseudo-clay to crush and capture anything it wraps around, though easily broken from the outside.

10. Fukyu Fukyu no Incarnate: The user creates an exactly replica of himself (except for the face, which is replicates Drake's mask by defualt) made of pitch black compost soil and electricity-sensitive roots. The clone/incarnate has only the will of the user, but its own mind. This mind is made by the artificial root brain (about the size of a baseball since it doesn't need emotions, neurological stuff, etc). The Incarnate can create, control, and already is compost soil, but it cannot become human, nor can it survive any damage at all to the brain. Any piercing or high-impact attack will disable the incarante if a head blow. When in contact with fire, the body can turn to clay. Doing this to the head would prove useful, as the fire would damge the roots before it hardened, and etc. The incarnate has no weapons that aren't made of wood or dirt.

11. Assassin's Strike: over time, Drake learned how to combine certain concepts of rokushiki to form his own techniques from them, one of which being this move. Drake makes his hands into hardened, knife-shaped stance and moves them with extreme piercing speed, and hard durability. The speed and motion used for this attack creates a sort of air blade effect when failing to directly strike the target.

Weapons/Items: cutlass, bows&arrows, Hidden Blades, Whip, Armor, Pistol

Character Flaws: He despises anything that is completely random or barbaric (not like gambling which has probability, but like weather in different parts of the world), he loves anything that is shiny or glows, he is very curious about anything he doesn't know, and he fears all types of oil.

Goals: to save enough money to buy his own island which will serve as a safe haven for runaways, fugitives, orphans, and traders.

This is my character from the old account; I'd like it if I could request approval for all his weapons and such without reposting, as they will not be edited.
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PostSubject: Re: Pluto gabriel worm drake   Fri Jul 19, 2013 1:47 pm


Again since this character was once approved already
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Pluto gabriel worm drake
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