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Name:Makino Mīakyatto
Age: 23
Species: Human
Occupation: Captain & Shipwright
Allegiance: Marine
Home Village/Ocean: South Blue

Makino Mīakyatto's Appearance:

History: Born into a family of thieves, Makino saw her fair share of criminal activities growing up. She met bad people and watched them flourish around her. Her family were thieves, con men and in worst case scenarios killers. But she'd never seen any of them kill anyone. She'd seen them rob royalty to Naval soldiers and everyone in between. During a bank robbery, she used to be sent to a neighbors house, but she always knew what they were up to and quickly came to find her time at her neighbors was more like the family life she wanted.

But returning every night to the same dank home full of ill gotten riches, she felt sick inside and cried herself to sleep as everyone seemed to think money was the answer to any question that rose its ugly head. As she started her teenage life, Makino was being drawn into the family business more and more no matter how much she refused. Finally after she didn't turn up to a heist and her brother was sent to prison, upon her return home, one of her other 6 brothers who had escaped punched her. Breaking into tears not from the punch but from what she'd let happen, Makino looked at her brother and apologized. He threatened her saying she was going to help break him out. Whilst they crept up to the Marine Head Quarters that night, the group of siblings were preparing themselves to break him out. But as Makino ran past a desk with a sleeping marine, she could feel a lump in her throat. She couldn't do this. Her family weren't a family but just some people who had to raise her and what they were doing was wrong.

Slamming her hand on the alarm button the siblings were captured and Makino too.

They were all taken in for questioning and when Makino explained what had happened she spilt everything about her family and her disgust in living with them. She ended with. "I JUST WANT TO DO GOOD" hearing these words they pawned her off on a therapist who helped her work through her issues as a child with her family. During the sessions, Marines searched through documents to find out that the family Makino had been living with weren't her real family but instead she'd been adopted.

Refusing to break the news to her, they said that returning her to her family would be bad and they were sending soldiers to arrest the family. So instead she was taken home by a marine soldier who raised her up with the belief that Marines were good and pirates were not to ever be trusted. Being brought up by a single male marine, she ditched her female traits and picked up mostly male ones. During this time she started to feel much happier and watching her father come home every night with a smile on his face, she decided she wanted to be one too.

Applying to be a marine, she was shoo in and with a little help from her father, she was boosted up a little further than most. Climbing the ranks she took an interest in being a shipwright as a fall back trade. Her father grew proud of her as she read up the tools of the trade for a shipwright. Whilst reading through books and training she also learnt about knots for the sails and in no time at all she was using knots in amazing ways from combat, to restraints and even more. Working through the ranks, Makino quickly established herself as an effective Naval Captain and shipwright.

Personality: First off Makino hates flirting and being stereotyped due to her gender. She refuses to use her femininity in any way what so ever as she believes she is more than capable of holding her own against males. Makino always does her best to take down her foes in a manor where they shall not be getting back up. She hates with a passion people who're lazy, stuck up, cocky or just plain rude and will not hesitate showing them the under side of her boots.

She acts like a man and always shocks people with how masculine she acts as she has been known to act more manly than most men. She smokes, drinks, shags and gambles. Makino holds a high respect for justice, she trusts shichibukais to do their job but knows they are likely to abuse their powers and thus likes to keep an eye on them. With people who try and do her harm she makes a point of holding grudges no matter how long for.

Ship: Navy Ship (The Vigilant Vendetta)

Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit: N/A
Type: N/A
Effect: N/A

Special Abilities:

  • Rope Action & Knots - During her time training, Makino got into a book of knots due to the sailing she would have to do, she started with simple knots but quickly got far past those and started to read about an old fighting style known as Rope Action and she started to think of ways to incorporate the two.

  • Shipwright Maintenance & Repair - Studying upon the life of a shipwright, Makino wanted a fall back trade and felt this would be one that would benefit the marines. Taking up studying she quickly became sufficient enough to be a marine shipwright with her capabilities.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Rope Action

  • Red Neck Noose - Launching out a series of ropes towards her foe's necks from her hammer space, Makino attempts to wrap the ropes around their necks before she draws the ropes together and the foes with the ropes to smack into one another.

  • Blue Sky Drop - Launching a rope towards a foe, Makino flips over them and as she lands behind them she pulls on the rope dragging them towards the floor.

  • Slate Grey Slip - Launching a series of ropes from her hammer space, Makino attempts to grab hold of their legs, in doing so she yanks the ropes pulling their feet from under them.

  • Gordian Green Knot - Tying up a series of ropes, Makino creates the gordian knot and swings it around on the end of a length of rope which acts like a mace. (Gordian Knot - Cannot be undone)
  • Gordian Green Knot: Football - Using the Gordian knot similar to a football, Makino places her foot in a loop on the rope and kicks the knot towards her foe, using the rope to pull it back and her feet to propel it or even stop it by lowering the foot on the rope.
  • Gordian Green Knot: Whiplash - Using the Gordian knot and the rope, Makino launches the gordian knot towards her foe, but before it lands, she whips the rope sending a wave throughout it towards the knot, upon reaching the knot it drags it into the air and causes the large knot to fall down towards her foe like a hammer striking from above.



  • Reach the rank of Admiral
  • Enforce justice upon the world as long as she can
  • Become the world's best shipwright

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She is finished and ready for checking over
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