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 Saizou Daichi (Retired)

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PostSubject: Saizou Daichi (Retired)   Sun Jul 07, 2013 6:34 am

Name: Saizou Daichi
Age: 27
Bounty: 0 Beli
Species: Human
Occupation: Swordsman
Allegiance: Pirate
Home Village/Ocean: East Blue, Cocoyashi Village

Saizou Dachi's Appearance:

History: Saizou was born in the East Blue on the island of Cocoyashi Island to a blacksmith & a housewife. Bursting into life Saizou quickly turned his family upside down and changed their lives. Previously they had quite happy, simple lives, but not it was the opposite. Rushing around trying to look after him all the time and trying to stop his anger getting to him. Saizou used to be quite the bully beating other kids down who took the piss out of his hair as he had a pony tail like his father. Growing concerned for him, his parents decided to take him to a local dojo so he could work off his anger.

After the first session he came out angry that he'd been beaten by his opponent. Asking him if he wanted to go again he replied with a hasty nod as he said. "I want to beat them all!" smiling his parents took him home. For the next 9 years this continued until he was 16 years old. He'd been practicing with wooden swords and grown much stronger. He'd taken quite a few beatings from his friends and proved to be stronger than some too. Whilst he was still having difficulty beating some of his friends, Saizou trained along side them and found his anger subsiding. Whilst he took part in the classes he would always try his hardest and felt a primal instinct taking over him, as if he were an animal. During a lunch break, Saizou and a few friends stopped off at his father's black smith store and glanced over some of the swords.

They couldn't believe the fine craftsman ship in the swords and spoke about getting their hands on one. Saizou asked if he could have one for free, seeing as it was his father, but was rejected and upon returning to his mates he heard them joke. "Well its alright, we'll steal it later." Continuing along with them as they joked about stealing the swords, Saizou followed back to the dojo where they would train for the rest of the day. Whilst training he managed to beat his friends again and rose up a few ranks as the dojo's best fighter. Proud of himself, Saizou was granted a new sword as a gift for joining the top three in the dojo. Cherishing it he was told to take it home and practice with it as he would need the practice for his future matches.

Returning home, Saizou found that his father had been robbed at the local store and taken a serious beating whilst his mum attended to him. Feeling the anger return he left in the night whilst his parents were asleep and took his practice sword with him. He felt he had an idea who had robbed his father. Knocking on his friend's houses, he questioned each of them once he was alone with them by placing the his practice sword to their throats. Tip first. After each squealed and said who'd taken it, Saizou headed to his house, where he found the sword & his friend practicing with it.

Knocking on the door and telling his parents what his friend had done. Saizou was allowed in to reclaim the sword and shot his friend a dirty look as he returned home with the sword. Handing it back over to his father, Saizou was told when he leaves the dojo he will be allowed the sword for himself.

Several years passed whilst he trained at the dojo and his former friend grew further and further apart as Saizou started to see how all of his friends seemed to drift away, either because of his coldness or because of his former friend manipulating them. Either way he didn't care anymore as he had his sword and it was a fine sword. It was his best friend.

When Saizou was 21 he left home in search of various other swordsmen to challenge. Taking up fights all across the blue, he has dealt with several foes and won collecting money from them has been how he has made his living. Whilst journeying however he stumbled into a few pirates who displayed strange fighting styles such as swordsman ship which baffled him. Losing to the pirates who took all of his money, Saizou questioned where they'd learnt their combat styles and they replied "These are things pirates learn, we're just better than most others." Taking this knowledge with him, Saizou looked back towards a life in the Navy as a swordsman then towards the pirate's life.

With the words of the pirate rushing through his head, he decided he wished to bee different, he wanted to learn what the Marines would not in their training, he wanted to learn these unique and wonderful sword styles that only pirates seemed to know. With his blade in hand he smiled and decided if  he were to be a pirate, that he would be the world's best pirate swordsman & wield a notorious katana too.

Personality: Cold hearted and merciless, Saizou will strike at any time, he is without honor as he believes it is either himself or his enemy and would rather it be him as opposed to his foe. Saizou is always on watch of other people's actions and constantly weary of people even his crew mates as he has witnessed the betrayal of friends before. He has been scared once before in his life from betrayal and refuses to let it happen again. Always resting a hand over or on the hilt of his sword, he is constantly prepared for combat even in sleep as he sleeps with his hand laid over the hilt of his blade and with it always in reach.

Without his sword he feels lost and cherishes it greatly, nothing about his sword is special, but he knows without it he couldn't live as he has had it for ass long as he can remember. Saizou's face is expressionless allot of the time and even when hes happy the smallest glimmer of a smile can be seen, when he is upset, he tends to dip his head. After accidents in his childhood he usually uses his right hand more than his left for wielding weaponry as he believes his right arm is his stronger arm and should be used to wield the blade that will one day save his life.

Saizou has no interest in love except that for his craft as a swordsman. When around women he will often treat them the same as any other man. His ideal woman however, is very rare and he is yet to find them, not that he is looking. He doesn't like trusting people as he has been given many reasons not to. To get close to him, Saizou would need to see them almost putting their life on the line for him to be able to trust them, but even then he will be reluctant to open up.

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit: N/A
Type: N/A
Effect: N/A

Special Abilities:

  • One Sword Style - After years training in one sword style Saizou learnt to wield a single sword in combat and use it, to its fullest extent including launching air slashes and various other battle techniques.
  • Extraordinary Strength - During his training, Saizou developed his strength to a level where he is able to launch off air slices.
  • Exceptional Resilience - Over time Saizou has toughed his skin during his training, the scars have all healed and his skin grown thicker.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
One Sword Style

  • Wasp Sting - Raising the sword above his head with the curve exposed to the sky, Saizou holds it behind him taking on a stance with his left side forward and right behind. He attempts to stab in a downward fashion at his foe, aiming for the neck.
  • Piranha Swarm - Dashing towards his foe, Saizou draws his sword and attempts to slash open their chest by drawing the blade from left to right from waist to shoulder and spins around him whilst doing so he lowers his posture and attempts to slash at the back of his foe's legs from Achillies hell to knee. Due to the momentum carried out throughout the attack, this wounds turn out deeper than most others.
  • Eagle Talon - Striking the air in a diagonal direction, Saizou slashes from left to right then directly downwards to the bottom of the first strike and a little bit further then he repeats the same action as he did for the first strike except mirrored to created an eagle's talon before slashing from left to right to send the air slashing projectile in the shape of a talon towards his foe.
  • Tiger Claw - Beginning to spin on a single foot, Saizou picks up speed. Each spin he does (1 spin per post) the stronger the attack is. As he finally attacks though, he draws out his blade from top to bottom and launches a single air slash projectile towards his enemy. As soon as he starts he launches three slashes one each time he spins around.
  • Tiger Claw: Double Paw - Repeating the same technique used for Tiger Claw, Saizou this time Saizou does the same except slashing from down to up.



  • Become the world's best swordsman
  • Make his sword notorious

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PostSubject: Re: Saizou Daichi (Retired)   Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:05 am

Finished and ready for checking
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PostSubject: Re: Saizou Daichi (Retired)   Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:52 am

Everythin seems fine.


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PostSubject: Re: Saizou Daichi (Retired)   Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:02 am

Thank you Shadow
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PostSubject: Re: Saizou Daichi (Retired)   

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Saizou Daichi (Retired)
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