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 Axel Hunter wip

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PostSubject: Axel Hunter wip   Sat Jul 06, 2013 9:46 am

Name: Axel

Age: 22

Bounty: 5,000,000 berri

Species: Human

Occupation: Mercenary(former), Spy

Allegiance: Pirate(Order of the Black Knight Mercenaries)

Home Village/Ocean:


The person in the picture is simply one of Axel's many disguises to go with, giving him many different bounties with many different disguises, on this, his most used disguise he has accumulated a bounty of 5 million berri.  Axel's actual appearance has long bleached blonde hair with bold dark brown highlights naturally running through Axel's hair.  Axel's face has a more chiseled structure and facial hair spread across his face.  He has light and kind orange eyes.  He has dirty blonde scruffy hair as a beard.  Axel has a muscular mid section and medium sized buff biceps for someone of his slim size.  His many years of parkour training has made his slim yet strong legs capable of handling more weight.  

Born into a village of warriors, who were part giants, Axel was constantly picked on for being a shorty.  In school he was treated differently by the teachers causing his classmates to get jealous and usually stick him in the giant sized lockers.  As a village custom, at the age of 5, the giants would began the warrior selection, a fitness test to see who would be warriors but also what weapons they would use.  As expected, the village doubted Axel's abilities to even handle the test as it was designed for only those of a giants' stature.  Axel surprisingly was able to keep up with the giants, but was classified as an s class warrior, able to use a variety of weapons and aim, aim being real important allowing him to aim for a giant's head.  When  a s-class warrior turns 12 they are taken to war.  Axel was one of the few taken to war with a rival village.  What Axel didn't know was there was a coup in the midst of the fighters.  None of them liked how a human could be a s-class fighter and decided to trade Axel for gold bars.  So when Axel and the platoon arrived on the island, his platoon tied him up, confiscated any weapons, and he was taken into custody by the other village in exchange for the gold bars.  

Axel was held in prison for 6 months before being put on trial, he was forced to plead guilty and was given 2 options, a public execution or being in the King of the mountain tournament in 4 months starting on the new year.  They told Axel if he were to win his crimes would be exempted and he would become a rich man so naturally Axel chose to participate in the tournament and was taken to a training facility.  There Axel met Guru Wu, a former winner of the tournament, he saw potential in Axel and taught Axel parkour over the next 4 months.  The day of the tournament came and it already seemed Axel was doomed.   The other competitors were giants, so when the gong sounded to start the free-for-all tournament, Axel distanced himself from the battling giants, Axel had studied giant anatomy in his 10 months on the island and knew the exact places to kill them at.  Axel shot two giants in the neck with the bow and arrow he was allowed to bring into the arena.  Everyone laughed as the giants ripped the puny arrows out of their necks, but Axel just smirked and continued running.  Hours later the giants had died from bleeding out their necks.   Axel had traveled for 2 days, unfortunately, he made his way deep within a desert, no oasis or food for days of walking and Axel didn't have any days left.  Luckily a nomad family found him and took him to their house, they fed him a feast and let him rest for 3 days.  When Axel had awoken he was informed only 3 participants were left, Atilla, Argoth, and Axel.  Axel decided he needed to take them out, so he left the house.  Atilla saw him leave the house and decided to kill the people housing Axel.  Axel realized he left his food and water supply there and traveled only to see Atilla eating it, grease trickling off his chin and beard.  Axel drew an arrow, but Atilla spit acid at Axel burning his eyes and severly harming Axel's vision.  Axel used their stove and lit one of his arrows on fire, before Atilla even figured it out, his face burst into flames.  With Atilla dead, it was just the nearly blind Axel equipped with a quiver of 11 arrows and Atilla's gun and Argoth.  Axel was escorted to the top of a mountain where he and Argoth would have their final battle.  Axel and Argoth both were dressed in fine armor and then were left to duel.  Argoth grabbed Axel with a hand and squeezed until he broke the armor and Axel's back.  He threw Axel down the mountain, but chink of the armor softened the fall, but Axel's ankle was twisted.  Argoth dragged Axel's broken body back to the top of the hill to make the final kill as a show of glory, Axel was about to accept death, his quiver was at the bottom of the mountain but then he realized he had Argoth's gun.  He quickly shot a bullet into Argoth's throat and Argoth tumbled off the mountain with Axel in hand.  Axel had left the gun at the top of the mountain and his quiver was on the other side of the moutain, so Axel grabbed a rock and dragged himself to Argoth, he kept smashing it into the side of Argoth's skull until his breathing ceased and the gong sounded.  Argoth's last words were "Kid you did well."  

Axel was taken into rehab for the next 3 years, his eyesight was still pretty weak and he needed to wear glasses, but by the time the 3 years ended, his back and leg had made a full recovery.  Axel now 15 continued parkour training with Guru Wu, for 2 years until he had mastered it.  Axel now decided he would become military general, he and the military general of his birth village were to have a peace meeting but 2 coups were in stage, both coups involved attacking the other village without the general's permission. Once the treaty was signed, that's when it began, the other island's general was shot and Axel was thrown in a barrel and sent sailing.  It didn't take long for Axel to lose his sanity and began to develop alternate personalities to deal with his loneliness.  Axel landed on an island and there he slowly grasped sanity once again and learned to keep his personalities under control all thanks to the assistance of a pirate named Santo.  Axel pledged to find Santo again and pledge his loyalty to him.  As Axel continued on he decided to expand his fortune by becoming a mercenary in hopes his many disguises would lead him to find Santo once again.  Axel decided to put his alternate personalities to use and use them as disguises to aid in his mercenary work.

Axel is a mysterious and frightening to most people when they first meet him. He has random headaches that tend to immobilize him when he's on the sea, and that's usually the time when his mind is most vulnerable to a switch of personalities. The pain instantly goes away when Axel switches personalities so Axel does so at the first sign of pain. Axel is also very observant, in his time as a mercenary, he bought special arrows, and had a device installed in his glasses that will give him info on his surrounding area. Axel not only is observant but is very strategic, he is able to formulate strategies with the tiniest bits of info and change a strategy with a moments notice with the tiniest revelation of data that comes to him.

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag:N/A

Devil Fruit: N/a
Type: N/a
Effect: N/a

Special Abilities: cyborg like precision and calculation

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): N/A

Weapons/Items: Axel Hunter's arrows

Goals: Assist Santo as best as he can
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"Fire Kid" Blake


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PostSubject: Re: Axel Hunter wip   Sat Nov 23, 2013 6:02 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Axel Hunter wip   Sat Nov 23, 2013 6:43 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Axel Hunter wip   

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Axel Hunter wip
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