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 Lister (Retired)

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PostSubject: Lister (Retired)   Fri Jul 05, 2013 7:10 pm

Name: Lister
Age: 21
Bounty: 0
Species: Human
Occupation: Captain
Allegiance: Pirate
Home Village/Ocean: North Blue

Lister's Appaerance:

History: Growing up in the North Blue under the parents of two pirates, Lister was brought into life with an already well placed dislike for any figure of authority who attempted to kill or capture his parents. The man's parents were both members of a pirate crew which were causing trouble in the North Blue and whilst the crew caused havoc, they left Lister aboard the ship in their rooms to avoid him being seen as a pirate as they felt he should be allowed to choose his own life.

Over the years his parents roamed around the seas in hopes of gathering a vast wealth. Growing up without his parents around much, Lister turned to reading whilst the crew were focused on fighting off hordes of Marines. Whilst Lister read through book after book, he finally came upon a few stories of Gol D Roger. Reading how he had become a legend among pirates, Lister started to look into other books about piracy. He had grown a liking for the life of a pirate, but if he was honest with himself not entirely convinced it was what he wanted to be. Whilst still travelling with his parents from birth to the age of 15, he was sent off for a supply run into the town. Whilst in town he collected the supplies needed and returned with them. Whilst the ship remained docked on the island for a few days, Lister found himself watching this man who had been wondering around the town mumbling to himself. His clothes all worn down and mumbling to himself about an evil presence in the town, he'd been told the man suffered from some type of madness or was a drunk.

Lister didn't believe it though, during on of the days he'd seen the fear in his eyes and it looked genuine. Following the man back to his home in the sewers, Lister discovered he was sitting and speaking to a fruit about devil's demons and various other creatures. Hearing Lister, the man turned around and started to question him about why he was there and more. He claimed it was general curiosity about the man's words. The man attempted to curse Lister away, but the more he cursed the more Lister was curious as to what he was hiding. Pushing the man aside and seeing a strange fruit, Lister was attacked by the mad man. Screaming at him and telling him that the devil had sunk its clutches in and they should be let go, Lister was being pulled away from the fruit.

Slamming the man on his back against a wall and kicking him in the face, Lister questioned what he meant by the cursed fruit with demonic powers. Blurting it out in a violent gesture, the mad man tried to talk him out of it, but instead upon hearing about the powers it would provide, Lister snatched it up and ate it. Screaming in fear calling him a devil, Lister was attacked once more. The screams and shouts from the fight alerted near by marines who arrested the two.

The mad man was locked in prison for theft from the marines, whilst Lister was let free after explaining the mad had assaulted him. Heading to the docks he could see his parents had left without him and understood their reasons for doing so. Glancing over his hands he pondered if what he'd said about the fruit had been true.

He doubted it.

Heading to the docks he thought about what he would do with his life. Whilst the marines joined him asking him what he was to do, Lister mentioned that he wanted to find his parents. Stupidly mentioning they were pirates which he still regrets to this day, he was attacked. Whilst being beaten up and threatened with arrest, Lister managed to impale the marine on a large spike which had shot up from the ground. Looking at the body which was left behind, Lister decided it was time for him to run. He hadn't agreed to being a pirate, but as he ran from the crime scene, he felt a sense of accomplishment. He'd just killed a marine with such ease and it had been fun too. Feeling his heart beating wildly and a sense of adrenaline surging through his body. This was the life for him. The books he'd read and the adrenaline which greeted him told him that the pirate life had chosen him. Lister started to come to terms with this fact over the next 6 years in which he trained himself with his devil fruit and even watched how other pirates recruited their crew mates. He started to research books about the grand line, pirates & devil fruits. Discovering there were other people with fruits far more powerful than his own frightened him, but at the same time excited him.

It may not have been his first choice, but now Lister had to admit, the same reasons his parents had gone into piracy were now the same for him. The excitement of the crimes, the adrenaline of breaking the rules and the freedom to do as they pleased whenever and wherever.

It was a pirate's life for Lister.

Personality: Believing he is destined to be a great and powerful pirate, Lister does not care for authority and in any sense when they try to reason with him, he will often give them the finger or quite bluntly tell them to fuck off. He hates being told what to do and loves the rush of adrenaline which he gets from breaking the law. He has committed a few small crimes in which he knows he has bee lucky not to have been seen. Knowledgeable and disturbing with a sick sense of humor, Lister finds ways to make everything sound horrible and doesn't care about anyone else but himself. When he meets people he judges them within seconds and his opinions never change of them.

In warfare, he knows what he wants and always strives to accomplish it, however he tends to be incredibly reckless and will always improvise. A daredevil who acts first asks questions later, Lister will always happily throw himself into harms way just for the rush. In short, Lister is an adrenaline junkie with a big ego and thinks of himself as a demon of mother nature thanks to his devil fruit. He knows he is reliant on it, but simply does not care as he is just happy to use it on whoever he can to do harm to. When he is angry, Lister tends to fall silent and will draw up his hood to hide his face and take on a much more athletic and carefully planned out route in which he will take no prisoners and attempt to leave a massacre behind him.

Ship: N/A
Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit: Hill Hill Fruit
Type: Paramecia
Effect: Allows the user to manipulate land mass to the user's liking.

Special Abilities:

  • Knowledge of pirates and their history - Whilst growing up, Lister has learnt of many pirates and their exploits throughout history and wishes to surpass them all.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Devil Fruit Powers

  • Satan's Swallow - Directing a finger downwards, Lister creates a pit.
  • Satan's Swallow: Bite - Whilst his foes are in a pit, Lister causes the walls to draw in an attempt to crush his foes.
  • Lucifer's Fang - Directing a finger upwards, Lister creates large mound which he raises from the ground.
  • Lucifer's Fang: Arising - Directing a finger upwards, Lister creates a hill or mountain.
  • Beelzebub's Cell - Raising the ground up and over his foe, Lister creates a cave.
  • Beelzebub's Cell: Clench - Closing his open hand & clenching his fist, Lister brings the walls of the cave down over his foe crushing them.
  • Devil Dawn - In certain scenarios Lister is able to create volcanoes by raising the ground if magma is running below the earth's crust. However he is unable to control the magma, but can direct it via manipulation of the ground.
  • Antichrist's Earthquake - Directing a large mound upwards, Lister quickly drags it back down into the ground at great speed, which sends of shock waves in all directions, depending on the height of the mound, depends on the intensity of the quake.



  • Surpass veteran pirates
  • Collect a crew
  • Be remembered

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PostSubject: Re: Lister (Retired)   Sat Jul 06, 2013 2:17 pm

He is finished and ready for looking over
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PostSubject: Re: Lister (Retired)   Sat Jul 06, 2013 3:08 pm

No issues with this sub that are incredibly obvious to me. You might, however, like to include that spike ability mentioned in his background in the techniques section. Nice job.

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PostSubject: Re: Lister (Retired)   

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Lister (Retired)
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