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 Tavin Saint

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PostSubject: Tavin Saint   Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:04 pm


Name: Tavin Saint

Age: 19

Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: Captain, Former Slave and Miner

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue


Tavin is a young man, light skinned and stands at a height of 5ft 9 inches. He weighs a total of 9 stone and his eyes are a light orange color, this is a family trend since most of the people in the Saint family have orange eyes. This orange eyes tend to shine when in dark places, however not literally "shine", but stand out. Tavin's hair is a light brown color which is a little wavy but messy, over his hair he wears a white cloth. On the front of this white cloth is a picture of a blue bird (Similar to the marine's one however this one has more detail on the wings and has talons.) Tavin, around most of his body has minor scars/injures, this is due to his hard work over in the caves, these scars can be found mostly on his back however the most visible one is located on his face, from the top of his left eye to the bottom of his right. A plaster can be found over his nose. Tavin's body is not a very muscular one however nor it is very weak either since he has been working in the mines for most of his life. Tavin wears a short sleeved yellow shirt which reaches up to his elbow, the shirt has white lines traveling diagonally across the sleeves. This certain shirt has buttons on it's right side however Tavin doesn't tend to button his shirt.

Tavin's signature item is a wrist band on his right hand, this wrist band is a yellow color and was given to him by his father. Tavin wears blue trousers/pants which reach up to his shin and for foot wear sandals.


Tavin has what you can call a harsh back story. Being born into a family of slaves, his family was forced to work. Tavin didn't start to work until he was 9, since people under that age were not allowed. Before 9, Tavin spent most of the day watching his parents work in the caves and mines, mining for gold. It was a pretty sad experience for many of them got injured and nearly lost their lives. Their daily meal was milk and bread which was given to them twice a day. After a few years of watching his poor family work, it was now his turn. He began to mine in the caves, at first it was a really difficult task however as time went one it became easier and easier. His father was proud of his son and awarded him with his wristband, Tavin was really pleased with himself and cherished his wirstband.

Tavin got used to the treatment in the mines and saw it as a daily activity. He bested most people in mining. All was well normal, he would wake up, work in the mines and gain a few scars, eat and sleep without a single problem. Soon, the slave owner came to recognize Tavin's skills and sent him deeper into the mine. The rock was a lot harder there however Tavin didn't mind, it was actually pretty fun for him.

After another bunch of years, Tavin didn't really care working. It was getting fun for him and he enjoyed it which confused most people for it was meant to be a punishment.

However soon later there was an accident, while the slave owner was examining the workers in the mine, Tavin was in his lunch break, eating bread and drinking milk like usual. But the cave had suddenly collapsed, with his parents and the slave owner. Tavin was surprised for nothing like this had really happened, bursting into tears he swore he would rid the world of slavery so people wouldn't meet the same fate his parent's did.

Setting sail as a free person, Tavin began his adventure.

Tavin can be described as a care free laid back individual. However he can also act very lively. Tavin feels the most comfortable when he is with close friends rather then with strangers. He is a very talkative person and is a big fan of jokes. He may seem like a chatterbox and joker however Tavin has times where he prefers to stay silent and think on his own. Tavin is not the best fighter for he does not have a very organised fighting style.. some might question if he even has a fighting style. Tavin is just a person who will do things to the best of his ability.

He is a very "random" young man and will blurt out words time to time when it is not even needed. He does not tend to take sides unless it's really needed and can be very fun to be around. However he can be over protective about his wrist bands at times. He enjoys most dishes however his most loved ones are the ones which involve the fruit apple.

Over all Tavin is a laid-back chatter box who enjoys to hang out with his friends.


A small slave ship, Tavin named this ship "The Jolly Sea Dweller". This ship has 4 rooms:

Captain's Quarters: A room with 5 windows, two on each side and a bed in the middle, this bed is a single one. The 5th window can be found above the bed, this window is a circle shaped one and is slightly larger then the rest, the room is painted a light blue color and there is a wooden flooring.

Boy's room: This room has four windows,  two windows on each side and 3 hammocks in the middle.The room has a wooden flooring and has a red wallpaper.

Girl's room: A room painted pink with four windows, two on each side, there are three beds in the middle and a wooden flooring.

Ship Flag: A normal Jolly Roger with a yellow band on one of it's bones. It has a white cloth with the words "Freedom" on it wrapped around the top half of it's head.

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
Type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
Effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:
- Mining skills

- Great Stamina- Picked up from working in the mines all day

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
None yet.

- Cherished yellow band

- Clothes

Goals: - Rid the world of slavery
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Tavin Saint
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