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PostSubject: Quincy   Tue May 28, 2013 9:47 am

Name: Quincy "The Madman"

Age: 25

Bounty: 50,000,000 (former)

Species: Human

Occupation: Doctor/scientist

Allegiance: Pirate(Dusk Pirates)(formerly)/marines

Rank: Captain

Home Village/Ocean: Briss Kingdom/South Blue

Appearance: Quincy has changed dramatically since he first joined the crew. His body has been sticthed up with various body parts of animals. His legs were replaced by the body a cheeta making him a centaur, his stomach was filled with muscles and skin of a rhino, he has arms of a gorilla, his hands are still human to perform surgeries, and his mouth was repleaced with the snout of a bear. Quincy's hair is now white. His eyes are gray. His clothing only retrains a black t-shirt with the crew's jolley roger.

Presently: Quincy has altered his appearance again after his departure from dusk. He now stands about 5'8 weight over five hundred pounds. He has white hair is now in a Hi-top fade style. His lion snout has been replaced with a snout of a dragon for stronger bites and the ability to breathe. His chest has been reinforced with the hind and muscles of an elephant. His arms remained the same. His legs were replaced with his old human limbs. His attire includes a large lab cloak with the marine/world government logo on the back that covers his entire body. Underneath the coat, Quincy wears a large lab coat with gray slacks. Quincy wears regular shoes

History: Quincy was born in the Briss Kingdom. His family was a long line of doctors who served the royal family. Unlike them who took pride in keeping the royals healthy for generations, Quincy wanted to become a free doctor. The royals hired almost every doctor in the kingdom leaving very few physicals to take care of the public. When Quincy finally finished medical school, he left the plush life of the castle to live life on his own. Quincy established his own free clinic taking care of the peasants. His own family and the royals cut him off, so Quincy had very little funds to mantain his clinic. With little medicine and a vast amount of patients, Quincy was overworked trying to keep his business alive. Then a group of pirates came to the clinic. Most of them were injured from their recent battle. Quincy did his best to aid the pirates, and managed to save all of them. In graditude the pirates promised him one favor. Quincy asked them to take down the royal family in exchange for his services. The pirates raided the royal castle, and freed the doctors inside. They threatened the royals that if ever took all doctors from the citizens again they would kill them. The doctors were once again free to aid the public. Quincy's free clinic dried up, and had loads of free time. He then decided to follow his dreams to cure every diease in the grand line. Quincy eventually joined the dusk pirates becoming the crew's doctor. He helped max and the crew on many of their adventures even aiding an attack on Impel down. Unfortunately the enemies at the prison were alot tougher than the ones before. Quincy had to resort to abusing steriods in order to become strong enough for the crew. Quincy became stronger, bigger, faster, and all around a better fighter. This power however was short lived after the escaped during the battle between the hooded knights, meteor heroes, and Derge. Quincy's steriod abuse reduced him to a old man. With his powers gone, Quincy was then forced to find ways to approve himself. The answer came to him....he would replace his body parts with the ones from animals. Quincy would serve the dusk pirates, until the attack on rajin island. He departed ways with the yonkou to find better ways to fund his research. Quincy tried hiding in the Underworld of the New World, but without the protection of his former captain Quincy was an target for every pirate wanting to make a name for himself. Quincy turned himself into the marines. When taken to Enies Lobby for trail, Quincy arranged a deal with the world government. He would serve the government making them weapons, ships, and experiments in exchange for full pardon as a pirate.

Personality: Quincy is a psychopath deciated with becoming stronger to the crew by stealing body parts on increase his strength. He claims to be the smartest man in the world and is obessed in becoming the greatest mind in the world. He has unfortunately lost much his speech during the transplant with his mouth so he was to use sign language to speak or roaring in his sentences. Quincy has developed a violent bloodlust attitude to people minus his captain Maximillion and his friend Frank. Quincy is very loyal to crew despite his tendenies to try to kill his crewmates. He will carry out any order without fail. After his departure of dusk, Quincy has become loyal become to the world government. His loyalty is not based on duty or love for justice. The marines allow Quincy to have unlimited resources, and a great deal of autonomy on how he operates. Though a former yonkou subordinate and new world pirate, Quincy knows his limits and is not above having others fight for him. He likes waiting in the background until its necessary to fight. Quincy also does not care for his marine commardes.

Ship: No ship

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit: None
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities: Chemical juggling, medical knowledge, animal body transplants

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1) chemical juggling: produces explosive chemical purple and green orbs from his hands. He is able to produce four at a time.
2) Mass juggling: combines the four orbs into one giant one covering a larger surface area
3) Mass column: fires the four orbs around the opponent send a column of fire above

Weapons/Items: medical kit, medical books, SIQ, and his journal

1) To Rule the entire world government
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