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PostSubject: amaririsu   Tue May 14, 2013 6:30 am

Name: amaririsu (''amaririsu haruno D. terra)

Age: 26

Bounty: 20,000 berri

Species: human

Occupation: doctor/herb grower

Allegiance: none

Home Village/Ocean: east ocean


History: He started out as a cruel and vicious tyrant, taking and destroying the land for the highest bidder. He had destroyed thousands and thousands of trees, until he came across a strange pineapple like fruit. He decided to take a large bite out of it, his way to saying ''not even nature will get me''. He soon was done with the island he was on, but when he attempted to leave on his boat, a tsunami came and destroyed his only boat. He awoke on shore of the same island he destroyed. He couldn't understand, why was he back here of all places, he also noticed grass growing. On a beach which was just as strange, after he got settled he tried something even he thought was really odd. He tried to grow a tree and sure enough, it happened he had no idea how or why.

5 years later, he learned his techniques and finally gained the power of the flora flora fruit, He decided to stay on the island till a ship came. Sure enough one did, as the settlers got off they where killed and the new and improved tyrant sailed back to the land he called home. Once he returned he did not care for being called names, he had something that no one had. True power over nature, once he started a gardening business , he began to make a high profit for the ''strange'' plants he had been selling and sold enough for his own ship and crew.

Personality: He is fairly laid back, normally doing nothing even in very violent action. However when he drinks his favourite alchahol (sea salt whiskey) He will become incrediably violent.

Ship: kaneshon bara (''coronation rose'')

Ship Flag: The flag consists of a bloomin flower bud, but with swords instead of petals. The flower rests on a pair of palms one angelic one demonic.

Devil Fruit: hana hana no mi (flower flower fruit)
type: paramecia
effect: The user can gain strong skin that is hard to tear, can heal from high levels of damage, can control specific plants the user can also gain twice the speed when underground, or in direct sunlight/rain cloud

Special Abilities: a fast healer, super speed in sunlight or raining, his skin is perfectly durable

Learned Techniques
flora flora: uproot punch - He streaches arms under the ground, then uppercuts them from a point near by, if the punch connects it saps some of there energy
flora flora: petal tip - Bitting the tip of a petal, he can regenerate slowly.
flora flora: leaf dance - The user spins and the leaves shoots to the enemy, there razor sharp so they cut at the foe
flora flora: petal stance - Standing perfectly still, he blocks using his skin
flora flora: root tango - he plants his feet in the ground, and moves side to side bending in the wind
flora flora: thorn thrust - (when drunk) he charges at the enemy and jabs at them with great speed, each jab saps small amounts of health each time.
flora flora: wilting evasion - When near death, he goes under ground and attempts to evade unless the weapon is sharp or strong enough to cut through the ground. Then nothing will happen to him, but if strong enough then it will hit and most likely stop/kill him.

Weapons/Items: none

Goals: To turn the world into a new garden of Eden, with him as the only human
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