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 Zoomie of Shandora

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PostSubject: Zoomie of Shandora   Sat May 11, 2013 8:00 pm

Name: Zomecia "Zoomie" Reacher
Age: 17
Bounty: Only if you are a pirate, keep it realistic(Minimum of 50 Belli- Maximum 30,000,000 Belli anymore and you will need permission)
Species: Shandian
Occupation: Shipwright
Allegiance: Nuetral (for now)
Home Village: Shandora/Grand line
Appearance: Zoomie has short spiked hair which looks as if it can pierce skin. The colour of his hair is as red as a rose and has a faint scent of roses. He is 5'4 and has a small bodily build with muscles that do not stand out too much but are noticeable when you look at him. Being a Shandian he has white wings similar to the Skypieans except for the fact that his has a few more feathers than a Skypiean. His eyes are red and slightly black, his skin is tanned with no blemishes or pimples or freckles or moles. He has several spiritual tattoos that were forced onto him as a child; a green snake down his arm which was used to represent the God Hebi a giant python which his people believed to be a God; a red seven on the upper right of his chest under his shoulder which shows that he is the seventh child of his parents; and finally a white figure covering his entire lower back representing his ancestors. Zoomie wears long caramel cargo pants and sandles; he chooses not to wear a shirt to show off his tattoos. He has a small nose which is straight, and has thin eyebrows. He has wears one diamond shaped red earring that hangs down on his left ear.
History: Zoomie was born in Shandora and was raised by his mother and father. He was born the seventh child and is the youngest of his siblings, because he is the youngest he was raised harsher than his older siblings due to the fact that they had an idea of what they were doing by that time. His parents loved him very much but put him through tough training because they had wanted him to become the protector of the village when his father and older brothers died. They also taught him about the Gods such as the giant python God Hebi and they taught him to worship his ancestors as Gods. His morning routine until he was six was;
1. Wake up and eat a small breakfast
2. 100 push ups
3. 200 sit ups
4. 50 crunches
5. 20 lunges
6. Spar with older brothers
7. Spar with father
8. Eat lunch
9. Fight animals in the wild
10. 200 push ups
11. 300 sit ups
12. 100 crunches
13. Spar with older brothers
14. Spar with father
15. Eat dinner
16. Go to bed

After he had reached the age of six he was allowed to stop with this schedule however he had to hunt his own food. At the age of 15 his mother had fallen ill and had died leaving his father to mourn her loss and eventually to suicide, from that point on his older brothers had began to take care of him and help him through their parents death. He would visit the Skypiean part of Skypiea without them knowing while he was there he would often see marine and pirate ships visit the area. During these visits he had gained an extensive knowledge of ships and how to maintain and repair them from the shipwrights that he would speak to and watch work. He enjoyed these visits very much and his brothers were none the wiser about them, even if they were they wouldn't really care since those trips had seemed to cheer Zoomie up since his parent's deaths.

One day while visiting the Skypieans he had seen a large crowd of people and there seemed to be something important going on; naturally he went to check it out. Everyone was huddled around a pirate who had claimed to have an amazing fruit that could give magical powers known as the devil's fruit; fully convinced that it wasn't actually a devil's fruit he was trying to sell it for a ridiculous amount of money. Zoomie didn't hear that it was for sale and figured it's a fruit just lying there; so he walked over pushing through the crowd and ate the fruit in front of them all. The pirate had seen this and got incredibly angry at Zoomie and went to punch him, but when he did Zoomie formed sand in front of himself out of fear. Baffled at the fact that it was an actual devil's fruit and terrified that the 15 year old kid who stood in front of him might be angry and kill him, the pirate fled saying that the fruit was free. Word had gotten around that Zoomie had eaten the devil's fruit and the God of the island decided to take advantage of this and use Zoomie as a weapon in case anyone attacked Skypiea. Captured from his home and locked into a room being told that he would come out when he was needed Zoomie felt angry and sad. Things were finally looking up for him and then this happened, then his brothers heard about what happened and attacked God demanding that he let Zoomie go. They were slaughtered, they hadn't even come close to rescuing Zoomie. God decided that Zoomie was too much of a hassle to keep around so he threw him off of Skypiea and into the ocean knowing that he couldn't swim.

Luckily for Zoomie a ship of marines had been sailing under where Zoomie had been thrown so Zoomie landed on the ship. The marines were dumb-founded by this and refused to believe it happened, after they dropped Zoomie off onto the island of Jaya, they decided to move on and pretend it was just a dream. For two years Zoomie had worked as a shipwright on Jaya but he swore on that day that he would kill and become the new God of Skypiea no matter what had happened.

Personality: Zoomie surprisingly enough has a cheerful and friendly attitude most of the time, seeing his devil's fruit power as a gift. Respects marines and pirates mutually and frequently repairs ships for both of them. He loves Jaya even if the people laugh at him for wanting to become God and they ridicule him for saying that he was born in the sky. Despite all of this he enjoys living off the land of Jaya and tends to sleep in trees, he has a great respect for animals and will only kill them if he plans to use everything that they provide for him. When it comes to corruption of the government Zoomie speaks very passionately about it and gets angry thinking about a government getting away with evil deeds. While he likes everyone he particularly likes women and will take any opportunity to interact with one. Zoomie does not enjoy fighting but will if he needs to and while repairing ships is what he loves to do most he is also very interested in history due to the fact that the only history he truly knows about is his own. While he believes that Hebi and his ancestors should be worshiped he has no objections to becoming God due to him thinking, if I become God I can understand how Hebi feels and worship him better.
Ship: None
Ship Flag: None
Devil Fruit: Suna Suna no Mi
Type: Logia
Effect: Allows the user to create and control sand at will, turning the user into a Sand Human
Special Abilities: A limited knowledge of martial arts
Learned Techniques:
1. Sand Sacrifice- Zoomie wraps sand around his opponent and forms an altar of sand below the enemy, Zoomie then creates a spear of hardened sand and impales his opponent with it.
2. Moisture Absorb- Zoomie is able to absorb moisture out of the things that he chooses.
3. Sand knuckle- Zoomie can form a large fist of sand on top of his regular fist used to punch his opponents.
4. Sandstorm- Zoomie can create sandstorms out of the sand around him.
Weapons- Brass Knuckles and one impact dial which he purchased in Skypiea before being captured and thrown out.
Character Flaws- Zoomie is very quick to judge the World Government's decisions and will try to attack any Shichibukai that he sees claiming that they are corrupt and have no right to be in power. Zoomie also has a big thing for women and will often be swooned into doing whatever they ask him, he is also quick to judge people who disrespect animals.
Goals: To kill the current God of Skypiea and take his place.

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PostSubject: Re: Zoomie of Shandora   Wed May 15, 2013 9:33 am

1. Logia fruits don't allow the user to turn into their respective element by site rules. That means a part of your character's history, and your Crumble technique need fixing.

2. Desert Spada is a personal move of Crocodile. While you may use the same principles behind it, at least give it a name of your own creativity and a description that is not copied from the Wiki.
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PostSubject: Re: Zoomie of Shandora   Wed May 15, 2013 5:51 pm

Ok I fixed the errors
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PostSubject: Re: Zoomie of Shandora   Wed May 15, 2013 6:00 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Zoomie of Shandora   

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Zoomie of Shandora
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