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 Genther Cost

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PostSubject: Genther Cost   Tue Apr 09, 2013 6:55 am

Name: Genther Adon "The librarian"

Age: 31

Bounty: 29,000,000 (Although the marines do not have his picture)

Species: Human

Occupation: Librarian; Informative/Information Broker

Allegiance: Neutral (Currently)

Home Village/Ocean: Dressrosa - New World


Genther is a tall man, a head taller than a regular human. All of his characteristics are quite thin. He has a slim body and his face is very thin. He does not sport facial hair. He has brown hair, with the hair falling in front of one of his eyes all the time, covering it. He has a tan colored body and his eyes are light blue colored. He wears a black shirt, black pants, white to grey shoes and a red tie along with a red vest. He also carries a book most of the times.

History: Genther was born and raised in the country of Dressrosa in the New World. Born by unknown parents, Genther lived by himself, without family and without any friends. He was living in the streets of Acacia, the port town of Dressrosa for the majority of his life. There, he would make a race for living as he would constantly attempt to steal food to eat so that he would not die from starving. He was an amateur thief, though, and on occasions he was caught by the authorities of Acacia and after getting caught several times, he was finally put into the prison of the town in order to change his ways. However, even if he was sent in the prison, that did not up too bad for him. Inside the prison, Genther made many friends, including a man who was sent inside it because he was an expert bomber. The man taught him how to create explosive gunpowder, which allowed him to make his first fighting weapon. He learned how to create mails which were exploding whenever they were opening. For many years, Genther expertised himself on creating that gunpowder and he eventually managed to create a powerful explosive.

A year passed after Genther was sent inside the prison and he was finally released. Despite the fact that he was released, though, he did not change his ways. As he had no place to go and not any friends other than the ones he made inside the prison and his master, he returned back at his evil activities as a thief. In order to earn some food and be able to live, he would steal anything he would find... One day, though, a man arrived in Acacia, carrying a strange box. He was carrying the box, saying that the content would give him many money and that he would become very rich. Upon listening to that, Genther realized that it was a big chance that fate granted to him, so that he would get away from the streets of the town. As a result, he stole the box, only to find out that it's content was nothing more than a a strange fruit. The fruit was green in color and it had strange swirly designs on it. How could that possibly make Genther rich? He did not know and so he decided to simply eat it. That would change his life forever, though, as he would become a hammer. The fruit was a Devil Fruit, a fruit that was recorded with the name of Library Library Fruit, turning Genther into a library man.

At first, upon finding out that he had acquired strange abilities, Genther was displeased. He felt strange, as if he was different compared to other people. However, as he developed his fruit abilities, he realized that he was very lucky to eat that fruit. Genther improvised and he took the fruit ability to the next level. Instead of creating bombs out of mails, he would create bombs out of books. Whenever the books would open, the explosive gunpowder would explode, causing terrible damage. And so he did, enhancing his battle abilities greatly. When he did so, he realized that by doing this, he would become considerably stronger and he would attain enough power, even to free his friends from the prison. Under a disguise, one night, Genther appeared at the prison and he started attacking the place with the books he created with the help of his fruit. Whenever somebody would approach him, he would simply launch books against them and against powerful enemies, he would combine the books with his gunpowder in order to create powerful explosions. In the end, many prisoners escaped out of the prison and the disguised man gained the bounty of 29,000,000 Beri for his actions, by the authorities of Dressrosa. His face was unknown and he would have the epithet "The Librarian" because of his library related abilities.

Soon after the men escaped, including Genther's master, they went into hiding. There, with his information gathering abilities that came thanks to the fruit and with the men who followed him after escaping the prison, Genther founded an organization. As there were many people who escaped from the prison thanks to him, he had to find a way to grant them food and help them survive in the country of Dressrosa and so he created an information gathering organization and he provided information to pirates at the cost of money. In the meantime, he also found a job as the librarian of the town's library, gaining access in several books and attaining much information.

And now, he secretly works as the boss of the Information Gathering Organization (I.G.O.), gathering black money, and as the librarian in the town of Acacia.

Personality: Genther is the kind of person who has lived his life in the streets, stealing food in order to survive. As a result, because of the problems he had in his childhood and because of the lack of money he had, he now cares a lot about money to the point that he can become extremely greedy. His greed is very great and it often affiliates him with people he would not co-operate with, if it wasn't for the money. However, even if he values money a lot, he also cares a lot about his friends. Due to the fact that he did not have any friends when he was living at the streets, in case he makes a friend, he can be very loyal to them if he believes that they are treating him as a friend, as well. This belief he has is what made him attack the prison of Acacia Town in order to cause a break out for the prisoners who were inside. They were good friends of him when he was there and so he did this solely for them. Also, although he is not a scholar and even if he grew up in the streets and inside the prison, after he happened to consume his Devil Fruit, he started becoming more and more interested in learning things and making a large library. He believes that information is power and so he tries to learn as many things as possible. This habit, though, combined with his power, often leads him to gossip people, even if they are good friends of his.
However, due to the fact that he had a harsh life, Genther can be evil from times to times. Even if he has some good aspects in his personality, those apply for his close friends, which are a few. The others who are not his friends are usually seen with mistrust, he can become very offensive towards them and he is not hesitating to kill people if he does not like them and if they annoy him. He also does not like people who always disagree with him and if he becomes angry, he speaks loudly. A last part of his personality is that, even if he is pretty serious usually, he is a big fan of stupid jokes.

Ship: Currently None

Ship Flag: Currently None

Devil Fruit: Bunko Bunko no Mi (Library Library Fruit)
Type: Paramecia
Effect: Bunko Bunko no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that turns the user into a library-man. Upon consuming the fruit, the user is able to create a room around himself (in a similar way Ope Ope no Mi functions). Upon creating the room, the user is able to generate a book with information about anybody who is inside it. The books basically contain the history of anybody or anything they are made out of, with details. The book creation process is instant and it looks rather magical, as a book appears on the user's hand, with the information about the person or the place which the books is made out from. Afterwards, the user is able to make the books he has created, appear and disappear at will. Moreover, upon creating a book the user has brief information, a summary, about it, in a similar way many books have summaries of their content at the cover paper. However, in order to have full access to the information, he has to read them, just like anybody else. If a book has been created by the user, the user is able to maky as many copies of it as he wants and he has the ability to merge contents of books to make a book with more information.
Also, Bunko Bunko no Mi grants another ability. The user is able to generate empty in content books to use them for combat purposes. He can create them and launch them to his enemies, like projectiles for attacking purposes. He can manipulate the books inside the room, like make them fly around or he can swap their places in an instant to perform different attack combinations. The books do not disappear outside his room, but the user cannot control them however he wants, unless he creates a room.

Special Abilities: Devil Fruit Mastery, Great Speed (Faster than a regular human - Slower than a superhuman)

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
-Library: Genther creates a large spherical room around himself (similar to the room of the Op Op Fruit), which allows him to use the majority of his book related abilities.
-Write: Genther generates a book out of anything within his Libary's range.
-Book Attack: Genther generates an empty in content book, which he launches against his enemies as a projectile like attack.
-Book Gust: Genther generates several empty books, which he controls with his hands and forms a small gust out of them to attack his enemies. The gust is capable of sending people flying on the air.
-Book Crush: Genther generates an open book which he sends towards his enemies. The book is bigger in size than most of his books and surrounds the head of his enemy. Then, he immediately crushes the book, causing damage to the enemy's head. Weak enemies fall unconscious with this attack.
-Book Slice: Genther generates an open book in front of him, which points towards his enemies. Then, he uses his ultimate control power over the books around his "Library" to forcingly cut the pages and launch them to his enemies. The papers of the books are capable of slashing the enemies. As a book has several pages, this attack can be used very easily by the user and in the form of barrages.
-Book Hammer: Genther generates a giant tome book, which is pretty heavy. Then, he controls the book with his fingers, sending it to every direction he wants inside the "Library" and striking the enemies. As the book is a tome book, it is more difficult than other books to control, but it's attacks cause greater damage.
-Book Shield: Genther generates several books which he uses as shields for incoming attacks. The books cover the area around him and protect him from damage.
-Book Bomb: Genther places some explosive inside one of his books. Then, he controls the book to send it towards his enemies. When the book reaches the targets, he uses his book controling abilities inside the room to open and close it quickly. The force of the closing process provides the gunpowder with enough force to make the book explode and cause an explosion around the target. This attack becomes stronger the bigger a book is, as it has more space for more gunpowder.

Weapons/Items: Gunpowder

-To create the world's largest library.
-To become very rich.
-To have his bounty erased sometime.

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PostSubject: Re: Genther Cost   Wed Apr 10, 2013 5:06 am

Genther is completed.

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PostSubject: Re: Genther Cost   Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:08 am

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PostSubject: Re: Genther Cost   

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Genther Cost
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