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 Ryan Armsmith

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PostSubject: Ryan Armsmith    Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:53 pm

Name: Ryan Armsmith

Age: 29

Bounty: 3,000,000

Species: Human (Technically has some giant blood but it doesn’t affect him much)

Occupation: Warrior, Weapons-crafter

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Scandar, North Blue

Appearance: The first thing that any normal creature would note about Ryan is his size. Ryan is massive to say the least, at a hulking 6’5 and weighing 255 pounds. A combination of family genes, luck and extreme training has made Ryan into an incredible talent for warriors. After looking at Ryan for a second, your attention might turn to his odd style of hair. His dirty blonde head is shaved one both sides, leaving a fairly wide strip in the middle, which stops abruptly where the bangs and neck begin. Below this lie his icy blue eyes, which match perfectly with his pale skin and usual smirk on his face. Speaking of his face, Ryan has a short beard from his cheeks to his chin. Even if Ryan is quite large, barely any fat remains on his body, which leaves a lean-like look for his body type. If outside of combat, Ryan will dawn a long cotton shirt with chain mail underneath, just in case of an attack. This is also the reason he wears his sword, Jagare, at all times on his waist. He also wears loose leather combat pants and leather boots, which he also wears to battle. In times of combat, Ryan dawns plated armor, a Viking esque helmet, a large wooden shield with a metal center.

Ryan was born on the island of Scandar 24 years ago, on a date equivalent to August 15th. Scandar is a fairly barbaric island in the eastern portion of the North Blue. It's inhabitants have made raiding other islands their main source of income since it was discovered by a group of shipwrecked half giant bandits a millennium ago. As others began inhabiting the island, through discovery or birth, it was soon realized that its inhabitants were practically all large, muscular individuals who would be unstoppable in war. They then began to raid nearby settlements of less fortunate people on the island. After all the other people on the island were wiped out, the Scandars were left with all different types of weapons, armament and ships. They decided just to begin producing what worked best for them, and raiding other islands for materials to do so. They also used some of the things they got to trade with people, jump starting economy in the North Blue. The World Government saw this, and, as long as the Scandar people didn't trade with pirates, they were willing to look the other way to their activities, for a price in belli, of course. The island trained all its boys to be fighters, and whatever occupation their fathers had, and uniquely, so were the women. This was the environment that Ryan Armsmith grew up in.

Ryan was born to Ajax and Ariella Armsmith. Ajax was, as his name suggested, a maker of arms, and his mother farmed. As a child, life was very different for Ryan. Instead of avoiding childhood conflicts, parents encouraged it, for honor and practice to be remorseless. Ryan was already born as a large child, weighing 12 pounds at birth. He was already build like a 6 year old at age 3, and fought like one as well. He was also shown to be smart, for the people living on the island at least. He had learned to speak the island and common language by then, something most adults didn't even do. By this age, he was also held at high regard by the adults as well. This was because he had gotten in to many fights during his short time in the world, and won all of them. This convinced his father that he was ready to be formally trained sooner than later (6 being the normal age). His father made his a wooden sword at age 4, and brought him out to the backyard. He then swung at the boy, and hit him in the gut. Even though he was going easy on him, Ryan fell to the ground. He told him to get up, and did it again. This went on for a good week or so until Ryan gathered enough power to block the blow. His father then swung harder, and by age 6, when most boys began training, Ryan could block a hit equivalent to a 15 year old boy on the island.

This was when they began training for actual skill as well, how to shift weight to his sword, and make his hits count. At age ten, Ryan was able to do everything the average warrior on his island could. He then focused on black-smithing with his father, and for the next three years, learned how to forge weaponry. He still kept his skills sharp during this time however, while sparring with men of the island. At the age of 13, Ryan was allowed to go on his first raid. Before this, Ajax insisted that Ryan build all of his own equipment. Ryan made a pull arm, shield and armor for himself. After making his sword, his father took a strange, what he called 'blessed' fruit, and combined it with his sword. Ryan then thanked his father and got on the boat with him. When they landed, Ryan and the other men began to battle the alarmed forces of the local army. The first man that Ryan hit with his sword flew through the wall of a nearby house after a spark jolted off his sword. Now confident of his swords ability, Ryan fearlessly massacred 16 more men, including the leader. The Scandar chief, who was impressed with the stories of Ryan, made him an officer in their army, the youngest ever to be a fulltime, paid member of Scandar's army. Ryan rose through the ranks of the army, until he was recruited to be one of the rulers guard, which consisted of the 5 greatest fighters on the island. This was an incredible honor for Ryan, and he happily took to the side of his leader and superior guards. Nothing much more happened after this, and Ryan continued to protect his lord, and go on an occasional raid if needed. By time he was 17, Ryan was the kings right hand man. Now the men who were twenty years or more Ryan's senior began to become threatened, so they devised a plan, a cliche, simple plan. They drugged Ryan, threw him on a dingy, and let him float on his merry way. When Ryan awoke, he swore revenge on the men who did this to him, and was pleasantly surprised that the idiots left him his sword. Ryan then began to raid oncoming ships and steal them, and wander around the sea till eventually he could make his way back home. This is where Ryan's adventure begins.

The foremost trait of Ryan that many people notice and sometimes fear is his odd fondness of killing. This really set in when Ryan became raiding, and more so then the other warriors. Other men from Scandar saw killing as sort of a sport, but they didn't enjoy it nearly as much as Ryan does. This and many other apathetic tendencies suggest that Ryan may be slightly psychopathic. Ryan is also extremely arrogant, and believes that he can take on practically anyone and emerge victorious. However, a good thing that stems from these traits is that Ryan is constantly training to better massacre his adversaries. Another good thing about this as well is that Ryan could care less what people thing of him. This means he is not shy and can talk to people easily, however he usually prefers killing, unless he respects you, like a select group of people. Another problem with Ryan is that he will not tolerate authority unless the person trying to tell him what to do is from this group of people. This makes it hard for Ryan to join a crew, and is why he has not joined one yet. That also might be because of the fact that Ryan has a large alcohol problem and is the most angry drunkard you may ever see. Despite this tough exterior, Ryan has an unexplainable fear of heights and a soft spot for cute animal. Other than 'don't kill innocent animals', Ryan has absolutely no morals or chivalry, which makes Ryan a dangerous person, despite his strange psychological hypocrisies.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
Type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
Effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:
Physical Attributes: Ryan was practically trained straight from the womb to have the perfect power and agility for hard hitting combat. Ryan has extremely large leg muscles from a combination of training and genetics, and is extremely lean, which leads to impressive speeds, especially for his massive size (nothing superhuman, something like 15 mph for a mile and 20-25ish at top speed, but only for 400 or so meters). Ryan's upper body is also extremely powerful, and can produce as much power in swinging a weapon in one hand as a normal man could using two. Because of this, Ryan could physically be described as a ideal warrior.

Battle Experience and Skill: As a child and early teenager, Ryan was exposed to and trained in various fighting styles and weapons. The most prominent was with the sword, in which his father mainly instructed him in. Ryan was mainly trained to use his brawn to his advantage rather than skills, mainly pushing people back with every hit until he tired them out.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
None to be mentioned really. More will come in the future when he becomes more skilled.

Round, Viking type shield

Character Flaws:
Illiteracy: Despite being bilingual, Ryan can neither read or write in either language, which serves as a problem when trying to find his way around

Remorselessness: Ryan grew up in an environment where killing happened, and nothing was thought of it. Because of this, Ryan does not think twice to kill anyone who needs to be killed, even friends.

Goals: Get revenge on the kings guard for his forced exiling.

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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Armsmith    Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:09 pm

Finished as far as I can tell. Ready to be approved (hopefully)!
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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Armsmith    Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:21 am

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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Armsmith    Tue Apr 02, 2013 6:24 am

this character is reasonable and polished, the first of its kind Ive seen in a while, upvote

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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Armsmith    Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:50 pm

Thank you so much! I wasn't sure if I had done enough but it's nice to know I did
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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Armsmith    

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Ryan Armsmith
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