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 Commander Havoc

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PostSubject: Commander Havoc    Mon Mar 18, 2013 6:08 pm

Name: Donald F. Havoc (According to him, the F stands for "Freakin'!", but it really stands for Francine)

Epithet: The Red Havoc, The Puncturer

Age: 29

Bounty: 0B

Species: Human

Occupation: Swordsman, Bird Tamer, Navigator

Allegiance: Marine Commander (Former Captain)

Home Village/Ocean: Walnut Point, West Blue

Appearance: Donald is 1.80 meters tall and weights 79 kilograms. His head is decorated with a long, spiky-fashioned, flaming red crest that is his hair, styled to resemble a Woodpecker's head, and quite successful at it. His dark-brown eyes are slightly tinted, and he usually walks around with a malicious grin that would probably make small children cry if they were forced to look at it for a few seconds. He has a long, sharp nose, slightly resembling a beak of some sort. Donald is powerfully built, giving him a menacing look that makes sane people think twice before stepping in to fight him, though most of the time he doesn't leave them a choice.

Through means of trickery and threats, Donald managed to keep his Captain coat despite losing his Captain rank, providing him with a fair amount of laughter every time a rookie salutes him by mistake. He wears a sleeveless marine uniform, with extra-baggy marine pants, and usually keeps his arms out of his coat sleeves, allowing it to simply hang on his shoulders. The coat flapping in the wind, along with his hair and nose, make his shadow appear like a shadow of a monstrous bird-man when he drops down from above, giving him endless joy. He always walks with bare feet, providing everyone with a front row seat to see his extremely sharp talon-like toenails. His are honed to the point where he can harmlessly and painlessly travel across broken glass and blazing charcoal, as if he Tekkai constantly active on his feet. He keeps his long rapier in a red sheath strapped to his belt.

History: From the very first breath he took, Donald was a target for mockery. His red hair, his long and sharp nose, and mainly his middle name which should have cost his parents their right of parenting were all magnets to teasing and bullying by Donald's surrounding. His parents were either too busy with their work to help him, or simply didn't care enough to help. "Let him deal with it, it'll make a man out of him" His father repeated every time his mother considered doing something, convincing her again and again to leave her son in the pool of shame he was drowning in.

It was tough. With his parents away most of the day, Donald hated remaining indoors, but he couldn't socialize with anyone outside without considering cutting his nose off, which would still leave his horrible middle name to haunt him. So he found himself spending most of his time in the most solitary place on Walnut Point - The Ticking Forest. The forest was named after the unbearable ticking sounds that constantly echoed through it, produced by thousands of local Woodpeckers whose numbers were just too overwhelming to get rid off. Pretty much every single islander stayed away from the place for the simple reason of being annoyed to death by it, but for Donald, it was the only place on the island where he could spend his time without being mocked.

Donald spent his entire childhood in he forest, returning to his home only for the occasional meal or slumber, or when his parents cared enough to wonder where he is. In his Woodpeckercave, his fortress of solitude, Donald got to know the local Woodpecker better than he knew any living human, his parents and maybe even himself included. He liked copying the Woodpecker by stabbing tree with random poles he could come across, challenging himself to be the best Woodpecker he could become. He climbed and jumped from trees to see the nesting holes and visit his avian friends. he lived off nuts and acorns like the birds, and even taught himself to chirp like them, producing sounds that were indistinguishable from the original ones. In the nights, he dreamed about flying away from the island to explore other forests around the world, and become a better Woodpecker. After years of living like this, Donald was no less of a bird than he was a human. He acted like a bird most of the day, moved like a bird, passing through entire days without dropping from the trees. The trees in the forest were drilled with holes of his own making, simply his dream becoming true.

However, there was a limit to how much Donald could spend in the same place without wanting to see and experience more. That limit was neared when Donald turned 14. He already explored every inch of the forest, knew every bird by its sound and color, climbed and practiced on every tree and tasted every nut in the forest. He needed more, the forest wasn't challenging enough for him anymore. He turned more and more aggressive and frustrated with every passing day, sometimes even wondering into the town just to get into a fight with the first man who'd make fun of him. Then one day, with everything was already said and done, Donald decided to leave the island for good. He sneaked to the docks at night and hopped into a docking ship undetected, housing himself in the crow's nest - a fitting place for a birdman. He figured that in such a clear weather, it'll be a while before the crew of the ship would climb to the nest, and that hiding there was better than stepping into the haul and risking waking anyone up. The next day, the ship sailed away with Donald on it.

It took exactly 5 minutes from when the crew of the ship woke up in the morning to when they discovered the slipping Donald in their nest. The ship that Donald boarded was in fact a marine ship stopping at Walnut Point for restocking. After waking Donald up and making sure he was just a young boy with no harmful intents, the crew considered stopping on a nearby island to drop him off. Hearing their discussion, Donald sprung out of his place, grabbing one of the marines' katana out of its sheath as he jumped past him in surprising speed. Holding it like he would hold one of the poles he used to drill trees with, Donald began shouting, declaring that he wouldn't hesitate to drill through anyone who'll attempt to drop him on another boring island of "mockingmen". His threats turned into pleads and begs quickly as he blurted out any idea he had that might convince the marines to keep him on their ship. It took about a minute until he promised to join the marines and that they must take him with them to their base. Hearing this, and feeling a mixture of pity and fear of the 14 year-old who held a sword surprisingly well, the marines agreed, setting course to the closest rookie-training compound.

He didn't spend too much time in the training compound. Thanks to his life style, Donald was already in top shape, and even trained in a form of swordplay that unique to him. He was assigned a rapier to fit his style, but after enough of them broke down as a result of the strain that his style put on them, he was assigned a reinforced one. It was in the compound where Donald discovered his attraction to violence and action, figuring that if it wasn't for fate placing him in a marine ship that day he would have probably ended up on the outlaw side of the world. Attempts to plant the will for justice and order in his mind weren't too successful, and justice or order never turned into something that makes Donald wake up in the morning. He simply enjoyed wiping the compound's floor with anyone who dared to challenge him. He missed the forest, and it was difficult for him to get used to human environment once again, but as long as he had a way to express his wildness and aggression, he could manage.

It wasn't long before Donald turned into an official marine in action, assigned to multiple crews and divisions as a swordsman. After a while, his gift for navigation through birds was discovered, and he was assigned as a navigator as well, though he never agreed to attend navigation training and any attempt to put him there resulted in a bleeding instructor. Despite accumulating enough complaints to require two men to carry his file around Marine HQ, Donald's skill as a fighter and a navigator, and his growing record of successful missions, allowed him to fly through the low ranks. He became infamous around his fellow co-workers, becoming a man to be feared of mainly because of his short fuses, but he enjoyed it. He was used to not being accepted by others, and gaining respect out of fear wasn't such a bad thing for him. He was burden to be in charge of, making many of his superiors recommend him for ranking up just to get him off their hands and not risk losing one of their men to his bad side.

After 15 years of marine service, when Donald turned 29, he earned the rank of Marine Captain, with a small squadron of his own to command, all shaking out of fear every time he asked them to do something. He only got to go on three missions before it became obvious to his superiors that he has absolutely no leadership skills, no strategical thinking, and absolutely no concern for any of his subordinates, he was just brawn. After losing a crew member and a ship, and damaging a town without any need, his Captain rank was taken from him, forcing him to wait for a reassignment to another crew while his old crew received psychiatric therapy.

Personality: After spending years with animals rather than people, Donald lacks a whole lot of proper social conduct skills. He is vulgar and destructive, and cares very little about anything that doesn't involve birds or action. However, after spending about an equal amount of time in active marine service, Donald did absorb enough discipline to obey his higher ups, though he isn't hesitant about expressing his opinion on their orders. He follows most of the rules he is expected to follow, but with enough sarcasm and irony in his voice to let anyone know that this is the last thing he'd rather do at the moment. As a man who's favorite hobby is sinking pirate ships, Donald spends most of his time stabbing random stuff with his rapier, more out of boredom than to train. While he isn't piercing walls and floors, He enjoys watching the sky for birds, and even communicate with them by his weird whistles. One thing's for sure, he enjoys the company of birds way more than the company of people. He can be considered somewhat lazy and immature, with spirit and excitement appearing on his face almost only when he's facing opponents or thinks about fighting. His dark humor is almost exclusively funny to him alone, and he won't bother being offensive to anyone around him for a joke. Donald is also very competitive, and enjoys challenging both himself and others to different contests, ranging from simple bare-knuckle boxing to drinking and blinking contests. He takes a lot of pride in his swordplay skills, considering only a selected few of swordsmen to be better than him.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: None

Special Abilities:

Avian Empathy: After spending years around nothing but birds, Donald developed an ability to partially communicate with birds through a unique set of whistles, slightly resembling a Fishman's ability to communicate with fish of the same kind. In addition, after studying birds for so long, Donald developed a method to navigate and predict weather to some extent by spectating the flight of birds through the skies. It is an unorthodox method that proved to work more often than not, but doesn't work at night or in areas with low avian population.

Superhuman Physical Qualities: Thanks to the years Donald spent living as a birdman, and the following years of simply wrecking training partners in combat, Donald became a fearsome man to face against. He has enough raw strength to crack stones with his fists, and dig his fingers and feet into anything weaker than solid rock. Donald's feet resemble bird talons, and are incredibly resilient to damage. As if they are constantly under the effect of Tekkai, his feet are capable of blocking swords and other harmful objects without apparent damage. He can lift about twice his weight over his head without breaking sweat. His movement speed can be outmatched only by an elite few, as he is capable of running in blurring speeds of common cheetahs. His jumping skills are his crown jewel, allowing him to hop more than 15 meters into the air in a single bound, a useful talent when one of your hobbies involves storming enemy ships in mid sea. His dexterity is also an impressive feat, making him capable of moving his rapier in blinding speeds and controlling it with amazing grace and coordination.

Woodpecker Fencing: A swordplay style resembling fencing that Donald picked up and developed from living with and imitating birds, namely Woodpeckers. Although it utilizes a gentle weapon, and resemble the delicate fencing style, it is anything but gentle and delicate. It utilizes blindingly fast thrusting sequences and an incredible amount of brute strength to deal as much damage as possible to both enemies and objects, while including plenty of movements that originate from imitation of birds, and even including them in some of the less sword-centered moves. This style holds next to no defensive moves, and relies mostly on overwhelming any number of opponents with enough power to prevent the chance of them fighting back. After training with professional swordsmen through his marine service, Donald learned to use air manipulation in his style as well, further increasing its destructive potential and hostility.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Harikiri (Needle Drill): The basic move of Donald's style. Donald will perform a series of lightning fast thrusts with his rapier, performed so fast that they appear as nothing but a messy blur. The move gained its name from the fact that the uncountable amount of stabs ends up drilling a large, almost steaming hole into the target they were aimed at, whether it'd be a man or a wall. The move is a direct imitation of a Woodpecker, with the beak replaced by the rapier.

Hariyari (Needle Spear): By thrusting forward with added strength and a rotating motion, Donald can create a large wind spiral around the blade of his rapier, capable of shredding. This turns a simple stab to a destructive technique that replaces accuracy with power. An object hit by this attack would act as if it was hit by a spinning iron drill.

Haritama (Needle Bullet): By performing a lightning fast forward thrust with his rapier, Donald can launch a bullet-like air projectile from the tip of his rapier. Unlike the classic air blades produced by other swordsmen, the air bullet is accurate rather than destructive, and travels much faster than the common air blade. It can drill a bullet hole through three human targets before losing its density.

Yarikiri (Spear Drill): An improved version of the Harikiri utilizing the Hariyari. By creating a wind spiral around each of his thrusts, Donald converts the accuracy-based damage of the Harikiri with a massive destructive potential. An object hit by this attack would act as if it was attack with a uncountable amount of iron drills. For its destructive potential, this attack is mainly used to shred and defeat crowds of opponents, or destroy ships.

Harihei (Needle Wall): Perhaps the only defensive move in Donald's arsenal. Donald will perform a series of thrusts similar to Harikiri, only instead of aiming it at a specific point to drill a hole in it, he will aim it a whole area in front of him, creating a blurry wall of blades thanks to the speed at which the thrusts are performed. The constant thrusting is very useful at blocking projectiles, but can also be used to block incoming punches, kicks and sword attacks by repeatedly clashing with them.

Early Bird: A drawing technique that can end battles before they even began. Using his amazing dexterity, Donald shifts from an unarmed position to a bullet-fast thrust with his suddenly drawn rapier quicker than a blink of an eye. To an untrained by-stander, it would appear if Donald didn't even move between the point he was standing still to the point where his rapier extended out of the opponent's back.

Talon Stance: Another move that evolved from imitation of birds over the years. Donald's feet became strong and durable enough to harmlessly dig themselves into solid surface weaker than stone. This allows Donald to stand on vertical walls, and even upside down while performing his techniques, providing him with needed versatility. This move is especially useful when Donald is drilling through the side of a ship and needs to hold himself against it.

Talon Opening: When Donald is either facing an incoming attack, or a defensive opponent, he will use one of his strong feet to grab either one of his opponent's limbs or his weapon, and move it aside as he performs a quick thrust with his rapier into the opening that is created.

Raptor Drop: After using his incredible jumping skills to climb high into the air, Donald will position himself above a target and begin to drop down towards it. His hair, nose and flailing coat makes his shadow appear like the shadow of a gigantic bird dropping towards its pray. When landing, Donald will aim to both stab down with his rapier and clench his feet to crack and spear whatever he aimed to land upon.

Pogo Drop: Donald will thrust his rapier into the ground before lifting his feet up and balancing them on the guard of the rapier in a manner similar to a bird standing on a branch, with his hands still grasping the handle. Then, by using the rapier as a Pogo stick, Donald will hop up and down around the battlefield, aiming to spear enemies with his rapier. This move can be easily transitioned into right after Raptor Drop.

Whistle of the Birdman: A move that goes unnamed. Instead of announcing it, Donald will simply place both his index fingers into his mouth and release a screeching whistle that will echo around the area. Within a moment, as if answering his call, every bird in hearing sight will launch into the air and rush to the battlefield, providing an excellent distraction and cover in the shape of hundreds of colorful feathers.

Weapons/Items: A high-grade Rapier, made extra-durable to survive Donald's sword style in one piece.

Character Flaws: Impatient, violent, arrogant, hasty, reckless, childish, competitive, prone to jealousy, destructive, cruel, inconsiderate, transits to a frenzy by the mere mentioning of his middle name and the list goes on. Basically, if the mission doesn't involve violence or birds, Donald is the last person anyone would want to rely on.

  • To be the first swordsman to penetrate diamond.
  • Kill anyone who literates his middle name.
  • Erase his middle name from any possible document.

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Commander Havoc
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