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 Vice Admiral Noel

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PostSubject: Vice Admiral Noel    Sat Mar 16, 2013 12:06 pm

Name: Noel Armstrong “Old Man Noel” “The Marines Back Bone” “Laughing Fist Neol”


Species: Human

Occupation: Vice Admiral

Allegiance: Marines

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue – Plain Island


Young Marines and Dreams.

As a young child, Noel was more of a “good with the flow” kind of guy. Noel didn’t really take much of anything seriously. Noel didn’t really have to. He worked in his mothers Bakery during his free time or at least during the weekend. Then during the week days, His father would take him out into the field and make him lift packed together loafs of bread and dough that went bad. Which normally weighed from 150 lbs to 200 lbs. Although some times his father with secretly make them 300 lbs as a joke. Noel after some time would be able to lift one barbell with one arm. Completely shocking his father. Noel would ask “Whats wrong papa?” His father would than reply. “Um…I saw a rare..erm…flying Penguin” Noel thought nothing of it.

Noel’s father and Mother were very loving. His Mother taught him how to cook. She was rather famous on the East Blue, and even the New World for her amazing dishes. In saying such. The Marines would always visit her Bakery through out the year. Even the most highest of ranks. Like Vice-Admirals and Admirals.

Noel’s parents were both very famous Marines. They were known for their great battles and honor to the Marine Code. They could get even the toughest of missions done when they worked together. Noel looked up to his mother and father, he wanted to become famous like them one day. No matter what he had to do.

Noel had one friend, his name was Coast. Coast was like the older brother Noel never had. Coast was a Esign when they first met. He had recently joined the Marines. He’d stop by Noel’s house every two months and would tell Noel stories of the Island’s he’d been on and the Pirates he had met.

He said how free spirited pirates were and how much fun they had.
He spoke so lively of them on account his Captain was a very kind hearted Marine. Who rarely arrested Pirates if it didn’t seem necessary. Noel was inspired by Coast and his Captain. They both seemed to love being Marines, but respected Pirates at that.

Noel requested Coast teach him how to fight. So he could put his brute strength to use. He swore he’d become a stronger fighter so he could follow in Coast’s foot steps, and eventually surpass him and his Father and Mother. Noel’s Ambition moved Coast enough to teach him a few moves.

The Armless Man’s Dream , Future Admiral Noel?
As time went by, Noel was slowly but surely grew in physical strength immensively. Noel lived his young life at the age of 21 in his home town,
still baking with his mother but even more time with his Father. Nothing seemed to be able to disturb the great life Noel was living. Until one day, Coast didn’t return near the usual time of the month. Noel stood at the Port for 5 days, only eating loafs of bread his mother brought him every other few hours. Staring at the sea. Thinking “What could Coast be doing?” he thought.

Until finally, A Marine ship floated up to the dock of the Island. Noel ran down the dock with a huge smile on his face and a glow in his eyes. He was estatic about seeing his friend again. When Coast came off the ship. He had the same smile on his face as he always did. As if not a care in the world. “I got promoted to Captain Noel!” But as his coat blew with the wind. Noel saw a sight he’d never forget. Coast’s arm was cut clean off from the shoulder down.

Noel was confused. He didn’t know if he should scream or laugh. He knew how serious the situation had gotten so quickly. The abrupt change in emotion was to much for Noel. He didn’t know what to think. Coast than held his arm and gave off a faint smile. Looking down at his feet.

Coast:“..There was a War between Civilians and Pirates…The Civilians were tired of being bossed around by the Pirates and rebelled against them. The Pirates didn’t like that…To top that the Marines don’t yet have a base there…After the Civilians won the war..the Captain in fear of them grabbed a little girl and attempted to slice her in two…I used a special Marine technique and grabbed her in the nick of time..Sadly he got a nick of me as you can see..My Marine days are far from over but I’ll have to rest for a few days…”

Coast walked closer to his younger friend and placed his good arm on his head. Noel looked up in tears. He was lost. How could he be so happy? So optimistic. It was weird. But Noel didn’t feel so bad.

Noel: “So….Are we going home or what? Come on! My Mom made cookies!”


As they both began to run back towards the house. Coast said to his friend.

“You work well under pressure…Any normal man would easily break under the shock…That’s a good quality to have…I’ve only seen such bravery from the Admirals them selfs…hell..You may even be fit to become one..”

Noel: “Really?”

Coast than laughed and shoved him with his nubby arm, or at least attempted to but forgot he had no arm.

Coast: "GOD DAMMIT!”


The Years gone by

When he was the age of 25. Noel has completely grasped the use of Rokushiki. He was able to use all types of the style with ease. Coast was surpassed he had grasped it so well. In only 3 years of teaching him it. He had surpassed Coast him self.

Noel had than chose to join the Marines. In only 2 years he was promoted to Captain, while Coast was promoted to Rear Admiral. The both of them were a dynamic duo. They fought even the most lethal of Pirate Crews and came out with very little casualties.

Although he got his fame from his insane strength. His huge since of humor is what caught the eye of the public. He was a loveable Marine who was strong and stood for justice. He was the idol of most young Marines even at the rank of only Captain. Noel’s future in the Marines looked promising. Until the mission that would change his life for ever.

Filler: Consuming the Fruit:

One time after getting rid of some troubling raiders. Neol had the HUGEST stomach ace. Out of all the loot he got from the raiders. There as a black and blue fruit sitting in a pile of gold. He shoved it into his mouth and ate it whole. During a random encounter of a ruthless pirate crew, Noel activated his devil fruit unintentionally. From that day on he started to focus on using it more often, causing it to be a huge aid and battle.

The Masked Man is Born

One rainy day, while Noel was on his way to a meeting at Marineford, he was going to be promoted to Rear-Vice Admiral at the time. He got a distress call from an Island in the New World. It was from a  Island called “Livonia Island”. Livonia Island was a War Torn country torn between Slaves and Masters. The Slaves were humans, while the Masters where a off breed of Animals and Humans. Called “Manamials”. The humans were strong willed and had fighting spirit, but the Manamials sheer brute strength and physical ability were to much for the humans. The distress call went.


In the background you heard a huge, crunch. As if a giant beast had just bitten the man in two. Noel than ordered his men to set sail for Livonia. When they got there, they seemed to have made it just in time. The humans were already at the dock. It had to be at least 50,000 humans on the dock of the Island. On the other side were the Manamials. Some were Men fused with lions. Having the claws of a lion and the legs of a man. Some were giants. They were half Crocodile, with human hands and a Crocodile face. They had Pandaman, Snake men, Giant Eagles.

Neol than walked over towards the Manamials leader who was standing between the cross line of the men and the manamials. Noel that looked the leader dead in the eye. The Leader was a Zoan user. He had the ability to turn into a legendary Iron Back Gorilla. He was as big as Noel was. And Noel at the time was 8 feet tall. Noel than spoke.

“As a Marine I’m forced to ask you to please come quietly…and tell you your under arrest…but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be’ve made up your mind…sooo..”

Instantly the Leader than stuck his hand and Noel’s mouth and tore his jaw away from his face. It was insanely painful. Noel stood there with his hands in his pockets and sighed. He didn’t scream. When the leader was done, he saw that Noel’s jaw was ripped off from its original position, but said stationary! Noel had eaten the Kin’niku Kin’niku no mi. A fruit that allowed Muscle control. Noel had tighted his muscle to the point where he could feel the insane pain, but little blood was oozing out. Noel than proceeded with defeating the entire Manaimal Army, which consisted of 150,000 soldiers, on his own even with his injury.

After the Battle…Another one not far behind.

After the battle, Noel was treated by the Humans of Livonia Island’s best medics. They had extremely skilled surgeons on account they constantly had to heal up wounds as bad a Noel’s on a daily basis due to the on going war on Livonia Island. Noel case, was far different. Noel jaw was completely shattered from the grip of the Gorilla Leader.

He seemed to be losing to much blood after the battle. Even with his devil fruit power. It seemed like the end for Noel. Luckily Noel’s own
Marine Doctor had the IQ high enough to come up with a new jaw for Noel. It was a Mask, it altered his speaking ability a bit, but it would keep him alive. It released an anti toxic that would allow Noel not to feel pain in his mouth while.

Though the doctors calculations on the anti toxic were off. Instead he made a pain numbing toxic, it wasn’t lethal to the user. But more of a benefit. The Anti toxic allowed Noel to feel good as new after the battle. Which was good..until a few hours later, another distress call came from Marine Ford.

Noel and Payne

Noel sailed to his original destination to see Marineford surrounded by Pirate Ships. As his ship charged their way through, the got to the dock in no time to see a single Marine standing in the plaza of MarineFord. This, was Captain Major Payne. Noel stood next to Payne and nodded at him. With no words spoken, and no other Marines close enough to MarineFord to aid on the battle at the time beside Payne, Noel and some low ranking Marines.

Payne and Noel took charge and took down all of the ships of Pirates having very little casualties on their side. Thus, in 6 hours, the Fleet of 8 Pirate ships had been defeated. And Payne and Noel were taken to the hospital, in order to get further treatment.

The Marines Back Bone

As years had gone by, Neol had finally been promoted to Vice Admiral and held the Marines together with Pride. He mastery over his devil fruit had gone above what it was before. He was known through out the World for being a Super Soldier, and he accepted it. Neol’s sheer brute strength and strong since of justice struck fear in even the strongest of Pirates.
After a long period of time, Noels mask technology was perfected. He could still feel the agonizing pain from his injury years ago every single day if the anti-toxic’s ever ran out. Luckily they had advanced into a crystallized method instead of gas. The crystals lasted much longer than the gas and has a stronger effect. Although when he had no crystals, he resumed to using the gas until the time being.

Personality: Noel doesn’t give two shits. He laughs at people who hurt them selfs if its in a hysterical no life treating way. He loves to keep his fellow Marines heads up high and keeps the hope of the weak strong. He laughs in the face of danger and lives for adventure.

Pirates:Noel doesn’t hate Pirates nor does he feel their evil. Noel only arrests pirates he’s ordered too or he feels are to dangerous to be allowed free. Though he will arrest some Pirates if he thinks it’ll be interesting to see how it will alter the tides of the waters. Noel , if he feels the Pirate should be allowed to be free, will evade capturing them at all cost. Even if the Pirate is sleeping or even knock out entirely, he’ll evade pursing them.

Marines:Noel likes his crew and lets anyone who’s willing to join and has a good heart in. But they have to show something special inside them for him to personally train them. He enjoys to Party with his crew and fight long hard battles with them. Though if he feels the battle will be to dangerous for his weaker crew members. He’ll order them to stand back as he fights them all on his own.


Admiral Payne: Noel holds an extremely high respect for Admiral Payne. Regardless of the task or order he gives. Noel normally will do it with out second guessing it. Despite Paynes heartless orders at times. Noel will at times tell Payne if he keeps ordering him to do these deeds. Pirates aren’t going to be the only thing he’ll have to fight. Noel will eventually try and get Payne to come have Sugar Sugar Wine with him (Its an extremely sweet Wine, it fizzes like Pop, but can get you drunk in only a few cups.) And usually succeeds.
Noel keeps his business with Payne brief on account he knows they are both idol marines and have to keep a certain image. But that doesn’t mean Noel won’t goof off with Payne at times. Even if Payne doesn’t entirely goof off with Noel, he goes seem to gain a small since of humor while with him.

Leon Lexus:Being Noels underling. Noel hold’s a huge spot in his heart for his Ex-Marine in training youngling. Although Noel and Leon no
longer see each other. Noel, when he does come across Leon, will simply have a drink with him and than part their ways. Noel keeps everything together no matter how heart breaking it was to see Leon become a Pirate, but he knows he raised the boy well.

Ship: Chunky Hunk Strong Man (Its just a Marine Warship, that’s just what Noel calls it)

Ship Flag: Marine Flag

Devil Fruit: Kin'niku Kin'niku No Mi (Muscle Muscle Fruit)

Special Abilities: Insane Super Human Strength: Aside from shown insane strength at an early age, Noel strength was impressive. He was able to pick up entire Market stands (with them completely filled with produced) with both arms with ease. As he grew older, so did his strength. It's said Noel during the fight against a group of Pirates, picked up the Pirates Ship, which was half the size of a Marine Warship, and threw it at them like it was a basketball.

Noel's strength is his best weapon. He nearly relies on sheer brute strength to win his fights. Although he does use brains at times, he usually wins by simply over powering his opponent with constant fast and strong strikes.

Noel's strength is enough to pick up a full grown Giant and spin them around by their hair and throw them a rather far distance. With some help of his devil fruit of course.

With his devil fruit his strength increases dramatically. One person said its been told Noel was juggling Giant Pirates he had captured while they were out cold.

Average Super Human Speed: With out the use of Soru. Noel can run up to 60 mph tops. With his devil fruit it increases by 50 mph, which is 110 Mph total. Though he doesn't so much use his speed in battle. When he has to save some one or stop a deadly attack, He'll use it Soru.

Strategic Master Mind: His years of experience and dealing with tight situations have given Noel a very good grasp on how to form battle plans and means of an instant strike. Noel can defuse a hot hostile situation with out any casualties if everything goes according to plan. He can form a plan up on the top of his head in a matter of moments.

Moderate Escapology Techniques: Noel, learning from Seterinty Light. He's been given the mind set that there is almost ALWAYS a way of escape from a situation. In such he's been working on escaping when he's been captured. Though it rarely happens, He hasn't had much time to work on this skill. So when he's captured, he's pretty much captured.

Several Different Mixed Martial Arts:

Currently Known:

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu: Mainly focuses on Self defense and grappling his opponents. Noel is a Master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. (His skills will be listed below).

Chinese Kung Fu: Baguazhang: This is a fighting style that is also called "eight trigrams style", which have numerous different stances that will allow different attacks. (I will list some of them in his techniques era).

Japanese: Aikido: More of an immobilizing fighting style. "throwing" , "joint locking" and "striking" are this Martial arts specialty.

Muay Thai: A martial art of quick jabs, elbow, and flying knee strikes.

Taekwondo: A martial art that has a very wide variety of possibly. From Kicks, to Jabs, to Throws.

Kin’niku Fist Style (Muscle Fist Style): This style of fighting is only usable through the activation of Noel's devil fruit (Hence the name). Most of the moves are seriously risky and deadly to anyone who doesn't have the powers of this fruit or a fruit that allows inhuman defense. Meaning some techniques Noel will jump in front of a falling sword and block the blow with his body. Or he'll use him self as a human shield warding off bullets.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Kyoken (Strong Arm): Noel will bulk his right/left arm. Increasing the muscle in his arm and the strength.

Tsuyoi Mune (Strong Chest): Noel will increase the muscle size and strength in his chest. Causing it to be strong like Tekkai, although he can move around freely.

Supasutorongubodi (Super Strong Body): Noel will use his fruit's abilities to bulk up his entire body.

Jun Ton Amu: (Ten Ton Arm): A stronger version of Kyoken. Its usually used on stronger foes on account it packs a much more powerful punch.

Ken o Funsai Supa Osoroshi Shima: (Super Fersom Island Crushing Fist): This punch is said to be strong enough to create massive earthquakes in a 100 foot wide radius. (An entire battle field length). Though the attack can ONLY go in a straight line. It doesn't destroy the earth. It just causes the ground to be unsustainable for a few minutes unless your strong enough to hold your balance. Even Noel, at times, has been said to trip over his own attack.

Nanpa Ningen Kyanonboru: (Shipwreck Human Cannon Ball): Noel will use Supa Sutorongu Bodi and than will use Geppou to charge towards an object. (Normall a Ship, A large amount of enemies, or a Giant), and act as a human Cannon ball. For Ships, it will create enormous holes in the ship. For Giants, it will simply knock them out cold. Same goes for Humans.

Kido Sagari Akkusu: (Orbital Falling Axe): Noel jump 50 feet into the air and than let gravity take his course as he falls back down to earth. The force will be so great, plus the strength of Noel enhanced arm will do the damage of a falling meteor from Orbit. The attack is called "Falling AXE" because it has the ability to slice through opponents. (Using his finger tips)

Marine Thai: Janpinguni (Jumping Knee): Noel will jump off of one foot with his other legs knee sticking out in attempt to knee the opponent.

Marine Thai:

Weapons/Items: HAPPY CRYSTALS, HAPPY GAS, Happy Mask (the mask that keeps his jaw in place.)

Goals: To keep the seas safe for everyone.

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Well yeah, that and Kamie since Kami is auto dodging..
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Added New Moves
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do I even need to say this? "insane strength" needs defined limits....

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"Supasutorongubodi" indeed.
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I'm working on the characters traits now. It'll take me a bit though.
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Vice Admiral Noel
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