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 Simza Boriale W.I.P.

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PostSubject: Simza Boriale W.I.P.   Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:21 am

Name: Simza Boriale "Snowblind"

Age: 23

Bounty: Not Applicable

Species: Human

Occupation: PMC/Sniper for Hire

Allegiance: Private Military Firm- Kesu

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline

Appearance: Could describe or give a picture, or both

History: must be detailed

Personality: Simza is starkly fatalistic and superstitious person; she refuses to act opposing her "destiny". After experiencing personal injustice, her sense of righteousness was shattered and replaced with moral nihilism. She felt the universe's cruel, unforgiving hand strike out against her for defying it. From there on out she recognized her place as an enemy of the common law. Killing became a lot easier when she realized that was her inescapable "destiny". Simza bears a macabre fascination with death itself, enshrining the concept as an escape from decline and decay. She feels relaxed only in stillness, and finds any social interaction beyond the inter-personal to be cacophonous. Because of this Simza avoids travelling with large groups and commonly wears ear plugs to drowned out what she calls white noise. She is aloof and disinterested in the affairs of most people, even verging on dismissive. She seems detached from her surroundings and motivated only by some hollow fragment of an ideal that has faded into the past. In truth, she used to have real, principled motivations but as time drifted on the influence of her benefactor's radical ideology replaced her own drive. Simza scoffs at traditional authority figures, and harbors the fear that she is mindlessly following her benefactor the way she'd criticize another for mindlessly following the government or their captain. She subscribes only to the belief of mutual reward, and will toil thoroughly if it suits her, however, she refuses to work for something that does not befit her wishes. She puts good faith in some people, though they'll never know it. She is not a romantic at heart and suspects those who want something her of being users or abusers of some sort. She matured emotionally in a state of isolation, and has grown accustom to it quite thoroughly. Her proclivity for lonesomeness makes it shocking when she actively chooses human company, but when she does, her defenses fall. Her greatest and most secret insecurity is that her eyesight is slowly failing. While others might accept this inevitability, she is ashamed to be degrading so early in her life. Her raison d'etre is sniping; it validates her existence. Without the professionalism of an assassin, Simza would feel inadequate and vulnerable to the mighty hand of the universe. Unbeknownst to all, she secretly harbors a desire to die young rather than grow old and incompetent. While she is a skeptic at heart she is eager to believe in some sort of magical cure for her failing sight. While normally she is sedate and confident, any time she glimpses a sign of her eventual enfeeblement she becomes panicked on the inside. She reminds herself "it's just a slump" before she takes each shot. Her benefactor is the only one who understands how truly plagued she is by her growing doubts and understands how capable she is. Her relationship with her benefactor is tumultuous, but he is one of the few people she'd struggle to kill.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit: Hie Hie no Mi/ Ice Ice Fruit
type: Logia
effect: The user can create, manipulate, and (not) transform into ice.

Special Abilities: Master-level marksman

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Snowblind: Simza's signature technique is the conjuration of a heavy blizzard. The ice storm envelopes the nearby area and lowers visibility greatly, preventing her discovery. The thickness of the weather and her camouflage makes her virtually invisible while inside the blizzard radius. The unprepared also face snowblind (a temporary loss of perception), which further contributes to her stealthiness during this technique.
Icicle Bullet: The most commonly utilized, and easiest trick in Simza's repertoire is to fire an icicle from her rifle in place of a standard bullet. The "bullet" is just as effective as a regular bullet, with some major advantages. Simza can make adjustments to the flight path of these rounds efficiently, and as they are not fired by explosion but her logia ability there is no noticeable sound on discharge.
Snap Freeze: Simza excites a bone-chilling wind from a distance toward a target's location. This icy gust has an abortive force to it; those struck head on are bound to the earth by petrifying ice, or at least heavily slowed. The effects are ephemeral, however, and the paralyzing effect only lasts for two posts (one turn after the initial freeze). Intense heat cancels the snap freeze's main effect.
Surveillance: Using her thermal goggles, Simza can detect the presence of anyone inside her snow storm by contrast. This allows her full knowledge of all combatants within the reach of a blizzard, however, while any concealed target is revealed to Simza's sight, the target must still be within eyesight to be noticed. Outside of the snowstorm, Simza can follow the cold trail an icicle bullet leaves behinds to find a target who was wounded but not killed.
Weapons/Items: sniper rifle with enhanced scope, thermal goggles

Goals: Expose the World Government for the action of framing of her father, and preserve her eyesight
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Simza Boriale W.I.P.
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