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 Kyfuji Kang (Anti Pirate slot used)

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PostSubject: Kyfuji Kang (Anti Pirate slot used)    Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:45 pm

Name: Kyfuji Kang

Age: 14

Bounty: n/a

Species: Human

Occupation: Marine/Esign

Allegiance: Marine

Home Village/Ocean: West Blue

Appearance: Kyfuji is 5'4 because of his young age. He is fit looking and healthy looking. He has an undefined six pack. His skin is lightky tanned, and very smooth. He has blonde hair, which is long and spikey. He keeps his hair in a ponytail and he has 3 bangs that are always sticking in different directions. His eyes are a pure forest green color with silver flakes that make his eyes shine. His nose and mouth are medium sized and his eyebrows are thin looking, giving him the 'cute' look. His skin is very clean and has no imperfections other than the scar that is a medium X on his left cheek, a little under his eye. Kyfuji is not very skinny because of his muscles. He looks very young and is a growing boy still. He wears the standard marine clothing: A white t-shirt under the unbuttoned white and blue vest that says marine across the back, blue straight leg pants which are tucked into his black marine boots. His vest, is a vest because he ripped the sleeves off, giving the vest's arm holes a little teared.

History: Kyfuji was a stubborn baby since birth. When it was time to eat he would only eat meat and corn, nothing else even when he was starving. When he grew up in his poor neighbor hood, he would see injustices all the time and people always getting hurt. His father always taught him to be strong, smart, never lie, honest, and respectful. He respected people, he just didn't listened that much. From the very begining he wanted to be an Marine Admiral and is on his way to being one. He trained with his dad all the time trying to get stronger and build up his endurance. He was 7 when he started training with his father. He was always getting yelled at and lectured by his parents, but he argued back usually putting himself in more trouble. At times he would ponder on random things in life, but most of the time he would rush into things like a bullet not even thinking of an out come. One day when he fell when he was training he fell and gained the X scar. He continued training untill he felt he was strong enough to apply for the marines. When he applied, he had to undergo a series of tests or challenges to be accepted into the Marrines. They were all simple challenges giving him acceptance into the Marines. He was assigned to be chore boy and he did his job for a year. One day at the marine base he served at, a pirate attacked. The Captain got to the Marine base leader and put a gun to his head. At the time Kyfuji was actually behind the pirate cleaning the corner because some marine threw up. Kyfuji turned around and sawthis oppertunity to get a promotion if he stopped the pirate. Kyfuji ran at the pirate and hit him upon the head with the mop and the pirate dropped to the ground. For his bravery he was promoted and as a reward, was givin a skinny sword made from ruby. He is now awaiting for someone to be his mentor at a small base in The North Blue.

Personality: He is very determined and goes by his word. He is very hard headed, but will do what he is told. He will speak his opinion without hesitation, and is very one minded when it comes to things. He is loud, but friendly and likes meeting new people and making new friends. He can sometimes get annoying, but not on purpous, just a kid, being a kid. His voice is raspy because he is going through puberty. He likes to yell alot and could argue very well. He is very young Although, is very smart and could think of stratigies in battle. He is very helpful, however does not go around being all nice to everyone. He actuall is very nice, but he just doesen't show it much. He is a loud mouth which could piss people off, but that is just how he is. He doesen't judge people for how they are or look, and does not care what others think of him, and only cares that he likes himself and nobody's opinion on him matters........... unless they are very close to him.

Ship: n/a

Ship Flag: n/a

Devil Fruit: n/a
type: n/a
effect: n/a

Special Abilities: 1 sword style

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): n/a

Weapons/Items: a thin ruby sword

Goals: protect the world from pirates
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PostSubject: Re: Kyfuji Kang (Anti Pirate slot used)    Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:39 pm

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Kyfuji Kang (Anti Pirate slot used)
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