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 Jack 'The Gambler' Vladimire

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PostSubject: Jack 'The Gambler' Vladimire   Sun Mar 10, 2013 4:56 pm

Name: Jack

Bounty: 0 belli

Species: Human

Fighter, Shipwright

Titles: None

Allegiance: Pirate/ Bounty Hunter

Home Village/Ocean: Blue Island

Theme Song: Phenomenon

Appearance: He is five foot eleven, and weighs 155Ib. Jack, from head to toe, has dark brown hair that moves down to the bottom of his jaw. His skin can be defined as Caucasian almost, but a little darker while not at the same time tan, a very light brown. He does have black facial hair,which he tries to change whenever he gets bored of his old fashion (which is every few months, sometimes a year if he enjoys his style). Currently he has a goatee on his chin that doesn't stick out much, the goatee looks like it originates from the bottom lip and move downwards, then curves to the sides after one finger length worth of space originates, then it overtakes the chin area (It's a normal modern day goatee with a soul patch as a combo). His eyes are almost black. His arms are horrifically burned, the skin is scarred entirely on the arms (healed). His body is borderline muscular, having muscles around his body (noticeable ones) but not to the point where he would go to the beach in the middle of the day wearing nothing but speedos.

His clothes usually involve a glove to cover his hands, and a long sleeved shirt to cover his arms. He usually wears long sleeved t-shirts, or opened black jackets, even business attire on certain occasions. The main pattern is that his arms are always covered, and his hands are always wearing gloves. His usual clothes are a thin black jacket with fur on the hooded area, and black gloves that seem to be made of silk. His pants are usually black thin, modern day jean-looking, pants. His shoes are usually the black and plain looking kind, the only exception being the bottom of the shoe having a dragon design. His favorite attire, ironically, is a coat made of a dead animal. Today, he has no dead animal he has killed and decided to wear as a coat, but as the RP goes on he'll kill animals and wear their skins as his coat.. the tougher the creature, the better chance it is he'll wear the coat on special occasions.

History: Jack was born in a small island with the simple name 'Blue'. The island is located in the north blue, and has little to no actual reputation other then the ships it builds for the marines (occasionally). His father and mother both decided to hold him that night, and as far as Jack knows, the luck of him being born is about the only lucky thing that had happened in his life. At the age of five his father left for the marines in the bottom of their ranks, and his mother left to become a pirate. This left Jack to his drunk, often gambling, but very nice grandpa. At the age of 10 he was already being taught by his grandpa, whom was the towns best shipwright, to build small ships. The grandpa's style though was a bit unorthodox, he made the poor 10 year old have twenty pound weights around his ankle while working, this was supposedly going to help him speed up his building speed. At the age of 16, to celebrate his path into adulthood, he was brought with his grandpa to the bar of the island, the more famous of the others in the island. His grandpa and Jack sat on the first bench they saw and drank together, that day the grandpa also gave Jack his first poker cards. When they arrived home the grandpa opened the door to a shed that Jack had never been allowed to open, and inside laid the skins of dead beasts from across the north blue. His grandpa explained that it was a hobby of his to collect these hides. Jack was only amazed at how the powerful beasts laid dead.. and conquered in the hide form.

Soon both the grandpa and Jack started going to the islands casino to gamble, they usually got back to the house with little to no money. It was fine though, because they always had extra money they never touched under any circumstances to feed themselves and pay the bills. The grandpa soon realized that Jack was starting to head to the casino more then even the grandpa, each time coming back broke. Jack became a gambler. When Jack turned 18 his grandpa decided to give him the option of not only building small ships for him, but joining the company that the grandpa was in charge off. Jack eagerly agreed and joined him to his daily job, he worked his butt off and eventually, at the age of 21, became the grandfathers right hand man. At 21 Jack was capable of creating entire ships, and even galleons, with the right amount of men and help. His grandfather, by this time, forced him to wear 150 pound weights around his ankle, and he was moving around normally. Life seemed great for Jack, whom even won his first ever poker game at the bar a few days after being crowned the right hand man. Jack's arrogance though, and happiness, became his downfall.

One day, while holding a lantern inside a new ship, his grandpa came to check on the latest project which would move their business to an entirely new level. Jack was put in charge of the operation while the grandpa oversaw all of the other projects. The grandpa showed up to check up on Jack, and kneeled down to check the structures Jack was building. The grandpa sighed, and explained to jack that his work was diminishing with his title, and reminded him that the company relied on the ship. Jack nodded, and double checked the small details on the wall he was creating, the ship was supposed to be used for a potential buster call order for the marines.. but it wasn't finished yet, and Jack wanted to make it look amazing. Jack looked very closely at the wall, his grandpa quickly grabbed his shoulder and told him to take the rest of the night off, and jack was alright with it. When Jack walked outside of the ship a wave much bigger then the ship clashed on its side, Jack fell of the ship and into the ground about 50 feet to the ground. When Jack woke up he found the ship on fire, he quickly stood up and ran up the bridge.. with his legs hurt. He took off the weights and ran inside the ship, which was by the point he woke up completely on fire. While having his grandpa in his mind he ran up the stairs on the ship, and looked for the grandpa on the second level (which was the level he was working on). Hearing a scream Jack ran in the direction and found his grandpa, on fire, trying to run around and pull it out... Jack made the mistake of making a room with no windows, so he couldn't jump into the ocean. Jack quickly grabbed the grandpa and held him close, he pulled him out of the ship through the entry way and finally laid him on the ground.. the fire was put out by the time he was outside the ship. Tears rolled down Jack's eyes as his grandpa was dying in front of him. He waited for his grandpa to say something, but he couldn't.. he just staid there quietly breathing and looking up at the stars. His skin was burned to the point where his bones could be seen, and Jack's arms were only a little less burned.. his flesh was dangling out. The grandpa placed his hands on Jack's face, and placed his thumb and index finger on the sides of his mouth, then pushed them apart trying to give Jack a smiling face. He died.

Jack spent the rest of his years gambling to the point where he lost his grandfather's home, and even his company. He got better at building ships only because building ships was one of the things that helped him get over his grandfather's death. Another hobby he took up was drinking. To make himself feel better he also continued to leave the weights his grandfather put on him, and even increased the weights every year by 20 pounds. At the age of 25, after developing a very negative reputation in his island as a gambler, a dangerous fighter, and a drunk, he was kicked out with the help of law enforcement and forced into the ocean. Jack had a day to build his own ship, pack his clothes, and leave. He spent the last few years wondering oceans to find a good place to relax. He hates being troubled by law enforcement and pirates alike, and would rather spend his days gambling, collecting money (bounty hunting), and even drinking.

Jack is a bit of a loner. He has no quarrel with other people, and rarely makes enemies intentionally. Jack drinks every chance he gets, but only gets drunk after an inhuman amount of alcohol has been drunk (picture a barrel full). Jack is.. a jack-ass, he dislikes talking to people openly and explains this on a regular occasion, the exception being a woman that catches his eye in a bar. Jack's worst quality, by far, is his obligation to gamble every chance he gets, whether it's in a date or in a table playing poker. He often does gambling in situations outside the table, a small example of this would be his way of dating. He also has a very anti-hero attitude. He does not care for going around toe world to help someone, and will often ask for his benefits if he were to travel to help someone. But if someone were to be in trouble around him he would most likely help, if he thinks it's going too far.

Jack, when fighting, is very strict. He doesn't try to gamble his way through the fight, but the gambler part of him sometimes takes risks to win a battle. When angry Jack will often tell someone to 'Buzz off' before he actually starts hitting the person. Doesn't care who his enemy is, or how they look like, if someone gets on his nerves he will most likely attack the person. The only exception to this rule is famously strong pirates, whom he will not fight.. because he does not hold a death wish. Jack is usually quiet, and acts almost superior to everyone he meets, of course this attitude is not intentional. His personality is laid back, a jack-ass, smart-ass, and even serious and mature when the time is right. He never speaks like a person should around his age, often times he is even confused with someone older because of his maturity (nothing to do with how he looks like). He loves to collect animal hides and wear them as coats, it was his grandfather's hobby to collect them.

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit:

Special Abilities:
Strength in the legs: Jack has amazing strength on his legs. The strength, by this point, is enough to pick up a 400 pound object with ease and kick it 10m. He can also jump over 5m in the air.
Agility: Jack is able to run on thin rope, and even balance himself on poles only a few centimeters thick. This agility is also accompanied by a quick reaction time, Jack can react to an attack the time it takes someone to flinch.
Shipwright: Jack is an amazing shipwright, able to build a small ship in mere minutes. This ability also helps him build homes in but a day, and even bridges in hours (30 minutes with only basic designs). He can fix most damages put on a ship.
Calm mind: Jack is never allowing his emotions to cloud his judgment. He can have a situation where someone he cares about is in danger, and he still would think through the situation with great tactical detail. With that said, this ability helps him think of strategies that most people would normally never think off.

Weak Arms: Jack has arms that are.. well, weak compared to his legs. They are like any normal man's arms, and can never get any stronger then that. His arms have muscles, but they hurt every time they hit something directly.. making them worthless in combat.
Liquor: Jack has a very strange weakness to alcohol, after he gets drunk he can't use his agility (he's basically an average person in agility).

Learned Techniques:
Spear Head: Jack jabs his foot forward, applying his foot's force into one concentrated area.
Spinning Wheel: Jack's powerful kick is multiplied by two in this kick, he jumps in the air and spins forward with such fast momentum that he looks almost like a human yo-yo. When his leg connects to wood it usually shatters, it does the same to an average person's skull.
Gamblers Debt: Jack sends a barrage of kicks, each powerful, at the opponents body. This technique is usually aimed at different parts of the body to cause damage in several areas.
Super Poll: Jack sends his foot upwards in a powerful motion, this kick is arguably more effective then the Spinning Wheel because the opponent is usually falling downwards when Jack lifts his foot upwards in a direct motion to either the stomach, or the spine.
Special Combo: Jack kicks the opponents foot to break him out of his position, or stance, and then delivers several kicks with his other foot across his body.
Meteor Kick: Jack jumped in the air, then slams his foot down on an opponent, this usually causes broken bones to an opponent. It usually causes a small crater, about 6 feet in diameter, around the area hit.
Spinning Top: Jack put both of his hands on the ground and starts spinning himself, the legs move across people and cause several harsh injuries. The speed in which he spins himself currently causes his legs to become semi blurry, but still noticeable.
Down Purge: Jack's most powerful kick, he puts his leg straight up, then kicks downwards with all of his might. This technique needs the opponent to be either really slow, caught off guard, or holding completely still for the kick to hit the opponent (since it takes Jack raising the leg, while holding still, then throwing it downwards.) This technique usually causes a hole 8 feet in diameter.


Steel Bottom Boots.

Goals: To survive, and to live a life where he won't be bothered.

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PostSubject: Re: Jack 'The Gambler' Vladimire   Sun Mar 10, 2013 6:16 pm

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Jack 'The Gambler' Vladimire
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