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 Roy Zee

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PostSubject: Roy Zee   Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:47 am

Name: Roy Zee

Age: 16


Species: Human

Occupation: Sniper/Sharpshooter

Allegiance: Pirates

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline

Appearance: Roy is 5'7 making him a little short for his age. He is a bit built and has a 4 pack on his abs. He has a brown even buzz cut with a 3 inch mohawk (not spiked). He has purple eyes that are outlined in grey. His skin is tanned, not too dark and not too light. The clothes he wears are: A grey hoodie that is zipped all the way up and he has the draw strings tied together in front. Over the hoodie he wears a black leather jacket unbuttoned with the hood from the hoodie hanging out the top in the back. He wears baggy red camaflouge pants that have red, black, and a darker red in them. Roy has black boots that are tied tightly, wear he tucks his pants in so you can see the toung of his boots. He wears red goggles that hang losely around his neck. He also usually carries his gun with one hand over the shoulder, or with two hands behind the neck. The last thing that finishes his outfit is a grey jansport back pack wear he keeps all his ammo.

History: Roy was a happy child and had many friends that he grew up with. They always played and hungout, untill they reached the age of where they could enter fighting competitions. He entered all kinds of comps, martial arts , swords skills, and brawling, but he wasn't really good at any of them, making him want to quit. When he quit his friends stop coming around. He started playing in his backyard one day and found a black gun. He was so happy to find a weapon he might be good at. He aimed at a nearby duck flying above and shot...... the duck came flying down to the earth. He jumped up and down cheering at his personal victory. He had to keep this a secret because he did not know who the gun belonged to, so he trained his aiming with the gun at night by a park. One day he was looking at the gun and noticed the size of its chamber and came to the conclusion that he could fit any sphere bullet into the gun. He took some money out of his brother's wallet and bought some expensive supplies from a inventing store. He hurried into his room and went to work making different kinds of bullets. He learned to use the new bullets with the gun, when he showed his friends they were all amazed. Infact one was a little too amazed and went to tell Roy's father. His father went to take his gun back but Roy refused. Roy wanted to show his father how good he was with the rifle so he went to the lake and brought his father. When a flock of birds came by he shot 19 times, 2 seonds later all the birds dropped, he didnt even miss once. His father was thrilled and decided to give him the gun, but not only the gun, but goggles and permission to leave on a journey. Roy chose to be a pirate and left on his journey.

Personality: He can be very joyfull and is sometimes blinded by his kindness. He likes to do crazy things and doesn't really think of consequences unless he is in a fight. He is always moving, such as excercising or just "shaking" unless he is sniping from a distance. At times he can be very random and can tallk about anything. He talks very fast and sometimes can get too loud, but not on purpous. He is a great friend and always stays on their side being very loyal. He is very helpful and will help his friends no matter what. If someone tries to hurt a friend he wouldn't hesitate to attack.

Ship: none

Ship Flag: none

Devil Fruit: none
type: none
effect: none

Special Abilities: -keen eye (can see extremely far)
-super hearing (when he wants to, he can hear the quietest noise and hear farther away)
-super accuracy (crazy accuracy with projectiles)
-speech skills (is good at speeches and is good at persuading people)

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): 1. RIFLE AGILITY (can move around qiuckly and is very agile with his gun)
2. STEADY AIM (holds his breath and aims through the lense of his goggles and shoots from a distance)
3. KICK BULLET (while in melee range, he kicks his opponent back and shoots at their chest)
4. SHOOTING SLAM (jumps down from a high area while shooting, and then lands on top of his opponent)
5. RIFLE WHIP (smacks opponent with back of the rifle)

Weapons/Items: Roy's Arsenal

Goals: To earn a bounty of 200,000,000

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PostSubject: Re: Roy Zee   Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:34 am

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Roy Zee
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