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 zane love

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PostSubject: zane love   Fri Feb 22, 2013 8:19 pm

Name: Full name(nicknames in " " )zane love


Bounty: 5,000,000


Occupation: captan,martial artist

Allegiance: Pirate(name your crew if you have one), galaxy pirates

Home Village/Ocean: Dont have to give village, but must give ocean(North, South, East, West, or Grandline) grandline

Appearance: He has black eyes with white circles around them.His hair is a wild spiky mess and he has a small whale like head too . He is also 7 foot and weghies 236 pounds. He always wears blue shorts and has a tatto that says thug life on his back.He has very sharp teeth like a killer whale and and black and white skin. He has large hand and large feet which are webbed.He also has a six pack and muscallar arms. He also has gils and a fin on his back.his shorts are purple and his favorite weapon is a trident. He has a scar on his face in the shape of a x.He has vary thick skin and muscullar legs with a beefy neck. His nose is round and short.he Has thick fingers and a thick writstes.And his teeeth arnet that long.

History: He livied on a very poor island. So at a early age a had to become a thife to survive. He and his village was visted and raid by pirates. So what he did was learn a style of fighting it was fishman karate. He was always diffrent at the age of fourteen he learned that he was a fishman.At the age of 15 he mastred the art of fishman karate. He wanted to learn the next step he learned fidhman jiujutsu.He then begin to travel the world to learn many styles. In his many travels he seen may injustcies. So to fight the people who did this things he decied to become a pirate. He started the galaxy pirates.He then created the shooting star ship. One day he wanted a bounty so he attackes a marine base.
At first he was winning the fight but then a captin came. There was a fierce battle and the captin won. They imprsioned for a year. At the age of sixteen he escaped and fled to little garden to train. He was there for seven years and trained very hard to master fishman jiujustu. One day he will leave the island to become yonkou. He is very strong and is a good fighter so he learned how to use a trident. It was hard but in just a few mothenes he learned how to use it good. On the island he fought many dinos and prehistoric animals. He had to fight two giants that are strong.

Personality:He has a very serious personailty and doesnt joke much. But he is very blunt and nice. He is also headstrong.He rarley smiles and is mad most of the time. He never gives up and is stubborn. Some people call him a idiot but most are to scared to say it. During his trainig on little garden he learned to loseing up alot and is more calm now. Now his personality is better and he is more loose. And he dosent scare people as much but his mere presence can still scare people.

Ship: name of ship:the shooting star

Ship Flag: describe:It has two shooting stars for crossbones and a skull

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
Type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
Effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities: powers excluding the devil fruit not techniques for example a sword style:fishman karate,fishman jiujutsu

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): Sword techniques, Devil fruit moves, rokushiki, anything special move wise
fsh man karate punch:he puches so hard he bracks steel and if he is in the water it is a ranged attack.
Sea Surface Splitter
Karakusagawara Seiken
Sea Drums.
Ka Ka Kakato Otoshi
Kairyu Ipponzeoi
Kaisoku: Harakudashigeri
Appakushi Chokka Koro
Weapons/Items: take what you want from the approved weapons list but custom weapons must be registered and approved:trident

Character Flaws: (Put down things such as the character's weaknesses, fears, berserk buttons, and overall personality flaws. At least two are necessary.)he is scared of the dark and spiders.

Goals: Must have a goal, this can be something simple like "survive" or a bigger goal like "pirate king»:to become a warlord of the sea then become a yonkou

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PostSubject: Re: zane love   Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:27 pm

Firstly, the site's story is not related to One Piece's story, so references to canon characters like Sanji should not be made.

Secondly, you have to expand the appearance, the history and the personality section by a few more lines.

When these things are done, I will take a look at the template once again.

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PostSubject: Re: zane love   Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:03 pm

personality history and appearance are still too short.
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PostSubject: Re: zane love   

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zane love
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