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 Seterinty "Phinoie" Light

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PostSubject: Seterinty "Phinoie" Light   Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:00 pm

Name: Seterinty "Phinoie" Light

Age: 25

Species: Human

Theme Song: Will of a Woman

Occupation: Vice Admiral - Captain of the Marine Mermaid Warrior Squad - Navigator - Archaeologist

Allegiance: Marines

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue



She is bound for greatness

Seterinty was born in the East Blue and raised there. She was loved by her Mother and Grandmother. Her Grandmother an Ex-Marine Rear Admiral and her Mother currently a Captain. As a Child Seterinty was raised to have love for all living creatures no matter what their sin may have been in the past. Seterinty's Mother and Grandmother taught her about the Islands all around the world. New World & Grandline, Which she's dreamed of exploring one day when she gets older. They also taught her a few basic sword techniques along with some Judo Throws and Rokushiki, on the Rokoushiki side it was more so Soru for escaping danger. Not so much combat. In those very short years Seterinty was quick enough to out speed most full grown man running at full speed with her Soru, and strong enough to make a grown man become dismembered for a few moments. She was quiet tough. Though never liked to fight if unneeded. Before her departure for the Marines, they had a huge Feast in which they had Fruit, Meat, and Many different fruit drinks. In the middle of the celebration Seterinty consumed a odd tasting fruit (Buki Buki No Mi). But knew nothing of it.

To become a better Marine.

When she was 16 she officially joined a Marine Ship as a Chore Girl. One day a violent bunch of Pirates attacked her ship. Although she attempted to fight the pirates off with the standing Marine Soldiers. They put up a good fight but were eventually over powered by the Pirates. As the Pirates took some as the Marine Soldiers to use as slaves. They left Seterinty on the ship alone. As the Pirates began to walk away, Seterinty pointed at the pirate's Captain and yelled "STOP! YOUR UNDER ARREST!" and BANG. A bullet flew pass the Captians ear. Grazing it. Luckily pirates didn't see the girls fingers. Which her index finger had turned into a flintlock pistol. The Captain than smirked and kicked Seterinty into the Captain's din. Seterinty was shocked at what had just happened but knew what she had the abilities of. It was that of a devil's fruit. Her mother told her about them as a child. She said how there were many different types of them which you could consume. She came to realization that she had eaten one as of now. She than while on the ship took her time to figure out exactly what she could and couldn't do. Her finger turned into a pistol. She she tried a vast amount of other things. She tried many different types of small blades and pistols. Though she couldn't hold the form of each weapon for more than one simple attack. And anything to big would make her extremely weak. It was more of a burden than anything.

A few weeks passed and she had grown low on food and water. Seterinty had started to grow weak from the lack of food and water over time. After a while she passed out. When she woke up, she was in a warm bed with food next to her bed side on a small wooden table. She stood up and didn't feel as tired as she did before. As she headed out of the room she had awakened in. When she opened the door a very large slinder man stood in front of her. " your awake...My name is Rear Admiral Suzuki...You were uncontionus when your ship drifted onto my Base..Please..take your time to reco-" Before he could finished talking Seterinty pushed him out the way and ran down the hall and out to the main deck. She than headed towards the life boats that were usually located. But they weren't there. She looked around franticly for any ways to escpe the ship. "WHERE ARE THEY!? I HAVE TO SAVE MY CREW! SHOW ME WHERE THE LIFE BOATS ARE!" As she continued to rage, Suzuki came out with his hands to his side in a questioning motion "Hey Hey Hey Hey, why so hostile? Your wondes were horrible..You had gotten quiet a beating..Are you in such a rush to get beaten again..Stay here..Learn to control that Buki Buki fruit of yours...You..Changed a few times when my doctor and I tried to heal you. You have very strong will. If you learn to control can save those ones you care about. But you have to trust I am too a devil fruit user...I ate the Magu Magu no Mi...Sure its sort of destructive and unpredictable at first but..." Suzuki than threw a spear of molting hot magma through a giant stone mountain in the middle of the sea. Buring a hole straight through it. "IF you can control it...Let me teach you.." Seterinty then began to cry into her hands and than looked up at Suzuki and spoke "Teach..Teach me how to be a better Marine".

Joining the Marines

For the next four months Suzuki taught Seterinty to have a better grasp on her already obtain skills in Rokoshiki, her skills in Soru raised gravely over the short period of time. She also learned to use Geppou to an extent. although she can't go higher than 10 feet. She was able to use the technique as leverage to get to higher platforms. Suzuki also taught her how to control her devil fruit. Seterinty learned how to turn both her index fingers into Flintlock pistols. Her right arm in a 4 foot long Marine saber. A large square roman shield no bigger than Seterinty's torso. Suzuki knew of many other weapons, but told Seterinty only of those he assumed she could handle. On her own, with Suzuki's guidance she knew she'd have to practice to get better and make stronger weapons. Suzuki's 2nd in command Captain Tifa McCloud taught Seterinty different Ninjutsu tactics. Different acrobatics, stealth, and quick pressure point strikes. In the long run, Suzuki and Tifa were training Seterinty to become a stronger Marine each day.

Seterinty's strength and agility over the months increased gravely.

After a few more months of training (3 more), Captain, which she was promoted to Seterinty set off on a smaller boat with her very own crew of 25 men. She was ready to change the world with her new found abilities. Though she was fairly capable of fighting crime on her own.

The Mermaid and Human Super Fighting Crime Team forms!

After about a year of fighting crime and capturing wanted pirates. She was promoted to Rear Admiral for her recognized strength and loyalty to the marines. One day, Seterinty and her crew came across a group of poachers who were killing fishman for their skin. Which was pointless cause they could just get any old fish. Seterinty than was on her way to finish off the poachers. Which she nearly completed until the Captain got involved. The Captain was also a devil fruit user, with an unknown power. But it threw Seterinty into the water with ease. Though instead of drowning, Seterinty was saved by a group of Mermaids who called them selfs the “Freedom Fish Protectors of Justice and Love and Stuff” (Yes that was the actual name.) Seterinty than made a pack with them after they defeated the Poacher together. The team consisted of a four Mermaids, Jxnn , Liya , Starla, and Marget. And their leader, who was a Great White Shark named Moria. Moria commended Seterinty for her incredible fighting ability and spirit and agreed to form a Fighting Crew with her. Together they all patrol the seas with pirates running in fear of just one of their names. Together they’ve captured over 4,000 outlaws total (That’s with crews), with 6 of them being pirates of the New World. Although, one pirate constantly seems to get away from Seterinty and her girls. Her name…was Blade..

Blade and Seterinty.

One day Seterinty & Co. took a vacation on a Special Resort Island called “Carefree Island” (Or at Cocoanut Island). Seterinty went to take a nap for 5 minutes. When she came back outside her entire crew were defeated badly. But the assailant hadn’t fleed the scene of the massacure. Though she stood on top of Seterinty’s defeated Team mates with a huge grin on her face. She spoke “SO THIS IS THE GREAT MMWS?! WHAT A JOKE! I FIGURED YOU’D HAVE A BETTER CHANCE AGAINST ME!” Seterinty than charged towards her foe in sheer rage. Their sword battle lasted for over 5 days until finally Blade remained victorious. Blade than spoke “My name is Blade…I travel the world taking out weak fools like you posing to be strong…You’ll never capture me…go ahead and try if you dare..” With that, Blade left Seterinty and her crew alive to feel the shame of all being defeated by one woman.

After that day, they had a different motive that before. Or at least Seterinty did. She was to capture Blade and send her to Impel Down.

The War on All Marines, Blades test of strength.

After the years passed. Seterinty and her crew had grown stronger together and separately. Seterinty had learned new sword techniques and how to create Cannons out of her arms and giant swords. She also came up with different combos and team tactic moves to take out stronger foes together. He Soru had became perfected as well by this time. She had also grown in the aspects of Geppou.

One day they got a mysterious letter from an unknown writer stating there would be a War to tear apart a small country in the New World called “Eternity”. Thus, they headed there with out second thoughts. When they made it the country was already in shambles. The city looked as if the town was just built, but had dead bodies every where. Blood painted the streets and childrens bodies blocked the walk ways. It was heart breaking. When they reached the main center of town, they saw some figure in a dark black hood. Seterinty than rushed towards the hooded figure with her sword drawn.


The figure than responded “It doesn’t matter who I am….what matters is my plan..”

Seterinty than stopped and glared at the voice “…Was killing all these innocent people part of your plan..?”

the figure than responded “Of course!.....I needed to get your attention…Mrs.Light…”

Seterinty then attempted to downward slash the opponent. Which she was able to cut the hood in two. But the body had removed it self in the same instant as the attack. Seterinty than looked at the face of evil dead in the eye and grinned her teeth.

Seterinty than said in a quiet whisper“….BLADE…”

It was Blade in the flesh in blood, Blade than spoke.”….”Yes…Blade…How’ve you been baby..I’ve missed you”

This time, Blade took no time in wasting the energy to test Seterinty’s teams strength. She in a flash took out every one of them. Except Seterinty..

This time, Seterinty nearly defeated her foe after 7 days of combat. Though still, Blade was victorious. Near death and barely breathing. Blade smirked, the smirk of accomplishment. She had by far accomplished her goal in getting Seterinty here. But what was she so happy about?

“…You fear me…You fear me more than you fear death it self..You know you weren’t strong enough to defeat me even with your pathetic Team of Fish Faced Fighters and still fought…But that…That’s why I like you…You’d kill me because you hate the fact that you cannot defeat another powerful opponent..and I won’t kill you because…Haha..Hahahaha..Your just to much fun…We’ll its been a nice reunion my dear..but I’ve got more people to slaughter and spoils to collect…TaTa for now….My dear Seterinty..Jololoololololololol…”

With that, Blade was gone. And Seterinty and her crew laid in shame and defeat.

Days to Come

Seterinty and her crew had chosen to keep a low profile. Until they were ready to face such a powerful opponent. They had been humiliatingly defeated by the same opponent…twice. Their spirits were nearly broken. Especially Seterinty’s. Seterinty’s greatest fear was being defeated. And the fact it had happened twice and by the same enemy was to much for her. Seterinty than requested the Marines allow her to settle down for a few months. Get her head together, which they completely agreed to.

Seterinty and her group than settled down on an Island in the Grandline called “South Beach Island” due the entire Island being a beach except one speck of land north of the Island. There Seterinty met the man of her dreams, Disaronno. Disaronno was kind to Seterinty and treated her with the utmost kindness and respect. He taught her many things. How to dance, how to smile, how to love another being even more than she already did. Thus, they were married after a month of dating. Disaronno was also a Marine. A Vice Admiral to be exact. At the time he was on break as well, for reasons unknown. Together, Seterinty and Disaronno along with Seterinty’s crew started back out in the field.

Nothing could stand in the way with their combined strengths. Until tragedy struck.

Blade Through Your Heart

One cold rainy day, The MMSW took a distress call from the North Blue and went out alone to handle it. Seterinty went to the doctor on account she wasn’t feeling well. She than found out she was pregnant with a son. As she rushed back to tell Disaronno the good news she was shocked to see her entire town had been torched and burned down. She looked around in shock, franticly searching for her husband. She ran into her house, it was empty. She than ran to the town square to see a extremely familiar build standing in the middle of the square. It was her husband. She than called out to him and ran towards him with her arms open. Thus, just as she had her arms around him. His entire body fell to the ground in shreds. He had been completely cut apart. She looked completely immobilized from the sheer terror. Then she saw the figure that was holding his body up. It was Blade, once again.

“Woops…Did I do that?”

In complete and utter fury Seterinty attacked Blade. Blade showed an evenly matched strength against the enraged Seterinty. She than continued to feed her rage.

Blade:”Honestly what are you doing little girl…is your hate for me truly that strong? All I did was completely destroy your town and dismember your husband…can’t we just put that behind us and be best friends forever?”


Although this battle ended quickly and efficiently. Blade defeated Seterinty in a matter of seconds due to her unfocused form. Blade than stood above her defeted foe and spit on her face and kicked her square in the face as Seterinty attempted to looked up at her.


Seterinty than laid on the floor in the fetal position in terror and shock that her husband was gone. Just like that. Blade than walked pass her and spoke.

Blade:”You shouldn’t be allowed to live in a world like this…Your life isn’t even worth taking..”

Later that day

Seterinty attempted to hang drown her self by jumping into the ocean. But was saved by the returning
Moria. Moria than slammed Seterinty’s head smack into the sand and pinned her down.

Seterinty:”….Disaronno is dead…Blade dismembered him and let me hold him right…She’ll never stop…and there’s nothing I can do…how can a pregenat single mother like me bring a child into this world with an insane maniac like her out there free?! TELL ME MORIA?! YOU GOT A BETTER IDEA?!”

Moria stood there lifeless, she stood up and looked at Jxnn and Liya who had went to scout ahead to see what was going on in town. They nodded and confirmed it. It was evident that Blade left her mark. Moria than looked back down at Seterinty.

Moria:”Ya still got your kid…that’s more than enough reason to live for…”

Seterinty than began to let out a deep cry, not one of fear or sadness, or even happiness. No this was a cry of great realization, of great truths.


9 months later, Seterinty had a healthy baby boy. She named him Phinoie, after he middle name. Her entire team was there. Standing in front of her as she held her baby boy. Seterinty than felt a chill in the room. Suddenly, the wall boarding the room off from the hall way was blow in. He entire crew knocked out in the explosion. As the smoke cleared, Seterinty saw a figure she knew very well. It was Blade. The entire hospital had been blown up, except Seterinty’s one room. Blade than walked forward towards Seterinty and Phinoie with a cold, dead, emotionless stair on her face. She then disappeared from clear sight and reappeared near the window of the room. With Phinoie in hand. Blade held her son by his head with her fingers inside his eye sockets. She then pulled out her sword and said.

Blade:”…What a beautiful baby boy…Be a shame if..Woops”

((Read the spoiler at your own risk….))


A Sworn oath

Seterinty that recovered from her giving birth and set back out to sea. With a new goal, she would find. And kill Blade with her own bare hands. Regardless of orders, Regardless of Justice. Blade’s death was Seterinty’s number one goal in life as of now. Nothing would stand in her way. Not even god him self.


Seterinty has extremely strong will. From seeing an entire country of people slaughtered. Having the love of her life fall to shreds in her own arms. And her new born child killed right in front of her eyes. She’s recovered back to “normal”. Although she doesn’t show how truly insane she may be.

Seterinty is what you might call an “In the Closet Psycho” she’s completely insane when it comes to fighting Blade, but calm, intelligent and elegant towards everyone else. Seterinty will keep her cool no matter how difficult the situation may seem. Unless it involves Blade.

Seterinty’s heart is nearly as big as the Sun it self. She’ll go all the way across the world just to help some one if she see’s it needed. No matter what the problem may be. Depending on how serious it is or if they truly need her. She’ll help them. She’s loving to all type of people and creatures and treats everyone equally.

Seterinty is extremely brave. She’ll take on a Sea King with her bare hands if she has to in order to protect or save some one. She doesn’t cower in fear to any one or anything. Nor will she allow some one in her team to show fear. Its sort of a trade mark of her Team. She strikes fear into even the fearless of opponents.

Seterinty is also a very intelligent young woman. She keep her self collected at all times and has a vast amount of knowledge on the seas and its people.

Ship: Currently Working Under Admiral Payne

Devil Fruit: Buki Buki No Mi (Arms Arms Fruit)
type: Paramecian
effect: Allows the user to turn any of their body parts into weapons.

Special Abilities: Super Human Strength: At her current strength, breaking giant boulders are no problem. She has enough physical strength to follow a Great White Shark Fishman (Who is obviously faster than a human) in swimming. Though she can only follow them. She is known to take out fleets of pirates 30 or even 50 pirates on her own with her own bare hands. More if she uses her devil fruit to assist her. Seterinty can defeat foes twice her size in a matter of moments if given the opportunity.

Seterinty has been said to punch giants out cold with a single punch in the face. Though she still has ways to go to be matched with the other Vice Admirals, he strength is very obvious even amongst the highest ranking officials. Admiral Payne took her under his wing because he saw such potential in the young Vice Admiral.

High Endurance To Stress both Mental and Physical: Seterinty has extremely high physical endurance. Its shown as she’s fought a foe twice as strong as she was for long periods of time. Such as when she fought Blade for 7 days straight and still nearly killed her. She’s shown her endurance by also taking a hit to the gut while after giving birth and still surviving. Which would be dumb physically impossible.

Seterinty’s physical endurance is only to compliment her insane mental endurance. Even after having seen an entire country of dead innocent people. She pushed on with her crew and made it through the muck. To top that she’s taken the blow of seeing her beloved husband in shreds and fall apart in her very arm. She took it with a mouth full of pride and continued on to raise her child. Or so she thought.

When months passed and she had finally regained perfect peace of mind, She suffered the grave blow of her first born child being killed right in front of her eyes. Yes Seterinty even through all that has continued living and has kept her head on straight to let people know she has enough to keep going. Enough peace at mind.

A Heart of Gold: Seterinty will do anything to help someone if the cause is good. Not to get praise or better her self. But because it’s the right thing to do. She even at times doubts the Marines and their ways that they call justice. She ponders if she should go rouge and become a bounty hunter at times and just fight on her own with her crew again.

She has a huge love for all living creatures. Mainly because of how she was raised by her grandmother and mother. They raised her in the mind set that all life is sacred. Loving everything and anything, she rarely ever kills a criminal regardless of their sins or crimes. She saves her first blood shed blade for the one whos caused her more pain than any one in the world. Blade.

Seterinity will sail across the entire New World three times and back to help someone if she see’s they can’t do it on their own abilities. Which she has no problem admitting or doing.

Rokoshiki: Master Soru: Seterinty’s Soru is beyond famous in the Marines. Her sheer speed while using it has even caught the eye of Admiral Payne. One who is insanely hard to please with even the most amazing techniques. Seterinty’s Soru is that of the best of the best. She can move in the blink of an eye and strike like a snake. Quick and lethal. Though this is one of the only Rokoshiki’s she’s fully mastered and perfected. It seems to be all she need’s to fullfil her duties.

Rokoshiki: Advanced Geppou: Geppou is not her strong point. But it get the job done. She has enough control of it to use it in any awkward situation. Her Geppou can go up to at least 10 feet in the air with one kick. Which is what she usually uses it for.

Excellent Swordswoman: Out of all the weapons she has in her arsenal, Using a Marine Saber what she specializes in. She shown expert handling with a sword when it comes to using one. Its by far her best and favorite choice to use when she’s fighting seriously against a foe. She also likes to use this when she’s trying to be as neat as physically possible in a fight. Such as fighting with hostages involved.

Seterinty’s swordswoman ship is that of the best. Thanks to her training with Suzuki. She’s able to pull of excellent techniques such as deflecting bullets (Not like Mihawk, actually hitting the bullet with her sword. She’s not that skilled.), Blocking numerous in coming attacks from multiple swords, and even slicing Cannon balls in two.

Seterinty has also show pretty good coordination while using Dual swords when she needs the extra attacking power. Although her skills are no were near as high as her single sword technique. Though she does show some knowledge of using Double Swords.

Expert Sniper Ship: Although she doesn’t enjoy long range fighting. She has the ability to hit far away targets from even the hardest of positions. She can snipe under pressure but usually doesn’t choose to Snipe on her “All Life is Sacred” policy.

Expert Judo: As a child, Judo was the very first. Though she rarely uses her Judo. When in extremely close combat she will use it to gain some ground between her and her opponent. She has enough skill to throw an opponent 10 feet away from her. Even with out her Super Human Strength. But it requires exact placement and accurate movement to do so. So her Judo isn’t really helpful unless the opponents already been a bit shaken up.

Escapologist:She has been known to escape even the tightest situations if needed. Though if the situation is nearly impossible. She can try and evaluate what she has to do, what will happen if she does such. And what she’ll have to do next. Although the entire escape is based entirely on prediction.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Buki Buki: Form Saber: Seterinty will turn her right arm into a long Marine Saber.

Buki Buki: Form Arm Cannon: Seterinty will turn her left or right arm into a cannon capable of firing Cannon balls, or Exploding Fire Bombs.

Buki Buki: Form Shield:Seterinty will turn her left arm into a large Roman Shield.

Buki Buki: Whip:Seterinty will transform her left or right arm into a whip.

Buki Buki: Flintlock Finger:Seterinty will transform her left or right hand index fingers into pistols.

Buki Buki: Flinklock Rifle: Seterinty will transform her right or left arm into a Flintlock Pistol.

Buki Buki: Chain Ball: She will turn her hand into a 20 foot long chain with a ball at the end.

NewBuki Buki: Motor Drill: She will transform her entire upper torso into a drill. She can also only turn her arm or lower torso into a drill.

NewBuki Buki: Scythe: She will transfrom her Arm, or leg into a Scythe.

NewBuki Buki: Tazer Glove: She will turn her hand into a glove that is like a tazer. It can reach up to 3000 volts. Maximum.

NewBuki Buki: Net Shooter: She will turn her arm into a round gun that can fire off a net to capture opponents

NewBuki Buki: Iron Net Shooter: She will fire an iron Infused net at her opponent. It works better for sword users.

NewBuki Buki: Giant Mace: She will create a Giant Mace in order to crush her opponents. The Mace is about the size of small suburban house. Although lethal, it takes a hell load of energy to pull off.

NewBuki Buki: Air Cannon: This technique will turn her arm/arms or leg/legs into a cannon that looks like a motar gun. It will then send out 500 pressure of air capable of pushing her 40 feet into the air in an instant. It can also be used offensively, it causes none lethal damage against Giants, but can be deadly against mere humans. Due to its speed and force, it can easily snap a humans neck or even knock their head clean off their shoulders.

Goals: To Kill Blade, to Keep the seas at Peace.

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PostSubject: Re: Seterinty "Phinoie" Light   Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:14 pm

nice character, very well written.


P.D: By the way... your spoiler about her son's death is not working since you wrote "spoilers" instead of "spoiler" no S.

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PostSubject: Re: Seterinty "Phinoie" Light   Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:12 pm

Added a few more moves.
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PostSubject: Re: Seterinty "Phinoie" Light   Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:09 am

No Sea-stone techniques. Buki Buki is a fruit after all, so it would negate the fruit's usage. Delete all the sea-stone related techniques and you are having my approval.

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Seterinty "Phinoie" Light
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