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 Syhrio Grayhorn (WIP)

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PostSubject: Syhrio Grayhorn (WIP)   Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:15 am

Name: Syhrio Grayhorn

Age: 32

Bounty: N/A

Species: Long Arm Tribe

Occupation: Acrobat


Home Village: Kenzan Island

Appearance: Syhrio is not very tall, standing at 1.74 meters tall. Like everyone in the Long-arm tribe, he has very long arms that have the quality of being double jointed (two elbows). This makes his arms look somewhat out of proportion for his body, since they are much longer than normal. Because of training with his weapon of choice, he has broad and strong shoulders. The most developed muscles in his body lie in his arms and the neck-back-shoulder area. Even if he mostly uses the muscles in this area, his legs are really strong as well, because when he does acrobatics and as he performs attacks using his chain weapons, he uses his legs as anchors to the ground, but without completely relying on them. Even if he trained his arms and legs, he doesnt have what you could call a "tough build". He is fit and skinny because of his work as an acrobat, and he needs to stay light. The skin that is over his shoulders, the back of his neck and his arms is not normal; it is thick because it is a scar tissue that has regenerated multiple times.

Syhrio has strange dark green hair, similar to the color of leaves in a forest, which is straight. He combs it back and mostly uses it in a ponytail, as it is long enough, but when he is sleeping he lets it free. He has central heterochromia, which makes the center of his eyes, around the pupil, to be of a dark green, while outside it is hazel color. Syhrio has thin eyebrows and uses a small goatee with a moustache, all dark green. His nose is normal sized and he has low cheeckbones. His lips are slightly thick. The overall shape of his face is that of an oval.




Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit:

Special Abilities:

Learned Techniques:



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Syhrio Grayhorn (WIP)
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