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 W.I.P. Chanbara Sanjuro

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PostSubject: W.I.P. Chanbara Sanjuro   Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:08 am

Name: Chanbara Sanjuro/ "Frogman Sawbuck"

Age: 13?

Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Assassin-for-hire

Allegiance: Free Agent

Home Village/Ocean: Wano Country?

Appearance: Could describe or give a picture, or both

History: must be detailed

Personality: Frogman Sawbuck is a strong believer in justice; he's also an idiot. His concept of justice is binary and warped; in his mind, there is good and evil, nothing else. Shades of grey confuse him, and so he does not consider that his job is immoral. While he is a hired-sword, he is government sponsored and kills villains only. To him, this is heroic. Some would call him a war profiteer, but the money is an extra boon. He refuses to draw his sword lest he is willing to kill, and refuses to take living bounties under normal circumstances. He is willing to compromise this policy to arrest special targets- he loves to entertain, and nothing entertains the bosses more than having a criminal in the stocks for some spectacle like public execution. His sense of charity is also disappointing; he has none. Heroes are quick to defend the weak, and so is he, but only when there's some form of payment. He shows no fear for battles against warlords or armies, but he is constantly suspicious of back-stabbers or other underhanded tricks. He considers guns shady at best and a sign of cowardice, and views devil fruit powers as "gimmicky bullshit". Martial arts, in his opinion, are for children. The way of the sword is the only way for Chanbara Sanjuro, and if he had it, the only way for all real men. He bears no hatred for the weak, but sees them as inferior to any of the warrior class. There are two ways that Frogman Sawbuck believes one can become a part of this superior breed- through noble birth or feats of martial prowess. Jokingly, he calls standard folk "peasants", though his delivery is stony and deadpan. Frogman Sawbuck subscribes to the notion of stoicism. The only emotion he shows in public is frustration, and commonly scoffs at "nonsense" (like peaceful resolutions, community service, or considering the consequences of strife). Sometimes Frogman's macho guise cracks to reveal a form of happiness, an alleged grin. This satisfaction is brought by imminent challenge. Nothing wets his tongue like a good duel. He has a peculiar set of ethics when it comes to dueling- sometimes he will not use any techniques other than his standard as respect for a fellow swordsman, however, other times he will attack with every trick he has as a way of honoring his opponent's capabilities. As a sort of adrenaline junkie, Frogman is deaf to pain. The thrill of cutting down a villain excites some primal aspect of his character so much that he is willing to ignore injury to defeat his opponents. He does not see murder as a brutal act because of its execution; to him, murder is only wrong if it is done for the wrong reasons. Most people would find Frogman to be too extreme and one-dimensional.

Ship: Not Applicable

Ship Flag: Not Applicable

Devil Fruit: Not Applicable

Special Abilities: Life Return: Body Manipulation, incredible reaction time and acrobatic ability, unnamed sword style expertise

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): Sword techniques, Devil fruit moves, rokushiki, anything special move wise

Weapons/Items: tsurugi (a Japanese double-edge straight sword similar to a jian), 4 double-edged tanto blades, and an armor-piercer/yoroi toshi with a pearl inlay

Goals: Pay off his debts to the world and become known as the world's greatest swordsman.
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W.I.P. Chanbara Sanjuro
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