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 Marta Prins

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PostSubject: Marta Prins   Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:00 am

Name: Marta Prins

Age: 25


Species: Human

Occupation: Cook / Wedding & Dating Consultant

Allegiance: Love
Home Village/Ocean: Marrymore – South Blue

Appearance: Out in the sun is where Marta spent most of her childhood and it shows, not through her naturally tan skin but through the small smattering of freckles that dust the rest of her body. These can mostly be shown around her neck area as the tops she wears usually rest just off the shoulder. Her style consists usually of jumpers and poofy skirts that remind her greatly of the princess-style bridal gowns that were popular back in her hometown with no expense spared towards lace, for practical purposes the length is only knee-long (though she has dreams of wearing a bridal gown someday). Some people may consider this type of fashion unsuitable for fighting, but it’s not like their words are going to stop a woman who has the fury of love backing her up. Tending towards a more modest, earthy tone in terms of color, her clothes take on off-whites, mossy greens, and if you ever suggest anything more vibrant than that you’ll probably just get a small laugh before she promptly ignores the suggestion.
Though she’s not really one to fawn over her own looks, she’s modestly proud of her sandy brown hair that has somehow managed to retain its shine despite being assaulted by sea spray on an almost constant basis. If it’s not piled in a bun at the base of her neck, it can most certainly be found styled into two large tendrils that hang over her shoulders, stopping with a small curl at the end of each.
Marta has never ever in her life been considered ‘imposing’ or even in the same galaxy as the word. Standing at a whopping 5’5” (162 cm) and weighing no more than 118 lbs (53 kg), she looks more like someone’s little sister than a pillar of strength for the community (which is exactly how she likes it). She has a little muscle on her arms and legs, but wouldn’t be considered ‘toned’. She has an outwards cheeriness that shines through by the light in her spring green eyes and the rosiness on her cheeks. Keeping on with this brightness, she walks with a skip in her step and doesn’t mind that her jumper may be a little wrinkled at times or that her face may have shadows of cake flour on it (which it usually does). Her button nose and exaggerated facial expressions round out what could be considered a rather cute image.
(Alternately, Go Here: i48.tinypic(dot)com/34zfszp.png)

History: Marta and her six brothers and sisters—from oldest to youngest: Honey, Jack, Liam, Colette, Ebony, and Aiden—resided in an orphanage in the Aidu Steppe on one of the other islands of the Koushinshakusei Archipelago from a very young age. Memories of how most of the arrived at the orphanage are hazy at best to a wide majority of the group, in fact only Jack and Honey can remember when the rest of the kids were brought in and under what circumstances. For Marta, the most she ever got out of her older sister was that whoever brought her was very ill and died soon after, but Marta herself can only recall the scent of lavender. Life wasn’t exactly easy on the Steppe, sparsely populated and left mostly to the elements as it was, but the children never starved and never faced any abuse outside of normal roughhousing among themselves. The group didn’t start out tight, but eventually bonded together—mostly by having to deal with each other all day every day—and made a pact to set out on their own once Honey and Jack were old enough to leave and take them all along, paying no mind to the money that would have to go into it. When two weary travelers entered the orphanage one fateful day their plans weren’t put on hold per se, rather they were forced to shift.
There was a man, who would later be known as Killian or “captain”, and a woman, a couple in fact, who sailed from the mainland to choose a child. They both seemed so fond of Colette, but when they tried to call her over, she clung tightly to her big brother’s coat, crying that she wouldn’t leave without the others. Sighing deeply, Chiffon, the mother to be, said “Fuck it,” (the younger ones gasped at that. It being a no-no word and all) “We’ll take them all.” And with that, the Prins family grew three sizes that day. As soon as they reached Marrymore (“Where Your Wedding Fantasies Become Reality”™) Chiffon quickly introduced them into the hectic life of wedding planning where they would learn the important life skills of doing things quickly and skillfully…unless you want to deal with a screaming Godzilla of a bride.
Living in the spiritual mecca for love and love related accessories, Chiffon barely had a moments rest from their jobs even with the kids helping. Their father sailing the seas didn’t exactly help either. So, to alleviate some of the burden, Honey and Marta took it upon themselves to watch over the kids and complete the business tasks that Chiffon just couldn’t get to. After a couple of years, as is expected in Marrymore culture, Honey got into a relationship at the tender age of 17 and got married a couple days after she turned 18, effectively leaving the business to become a homemaker and leaving middle-child Marta to look after the other children for much of the time.
Seasons passed and the seasons remained in their eternal balminess as Marta’s siblings got married off one by one (even the youngest brother, Aiden, who everyone was sure would never find someone). Yet, Marta was patient. She knew her knight in shining armor would come some day and she was more than content with her jobs: wedding coordinator extraordinaire and protecting the town from robbers and evil-doers as a part of the elite L ❤ ve-L ❤ ve Fighting Squad: the Petit Fours, known for their strange fighting implements and unwavering devotion to the ideals found in princess fairy tales. But her dreams finally came true when she reached the ripe “old” age of 23.
Being a town of luxury and large wallets, Marrymore is often victim to pirate/raider/thief attacks. After one such attack, Marta happened upon an injured man, unconscious, dehydrated, and baking in the afternoon sun. Without a second thought, she took it upon herself to nurse this mysterious man back to health. When he finally regained consciousness, he said he mistook her for an angel and from that moment on her heart belonged to him. She and Rowan—which she was told was his name—were inseparable for many months—about 3, in actuality, but she swears it felt longer—and before she knew it he had proposed the idea of getting married. Thrilled, she agreed but he made her promise to tell no one of their engagement.
On the night they were to be wed, she stood adorned in the white gown she had been waiting to wear all her life with her siblings sitting in the pews (of course she was going to tell them, at the very least). She stood. And waited. And waited until it became obvious that the impossible had happened: she had been left stranded at the altar. Fighting back tears, she tore through the town looking for her husband-to-be.
According to some of the townsfolk, they had seen Rowan pacing along the shore. Yet, when she got there, all she found were a group of discombobulated fishermen that said their boat had just been swindled and a pirate flag (that looked suspiciously like it was made from a suit jacket) waving in the moonlight.
Suffering this humiliation was too much for her and no longer being able to bear the weight of being one of the oldest, unmarried women on the island she departed. Now, Marta travels the seas, on any ship that will allow her passage, looking for her ex-fiancée so she can ask him what happened (and if he knows what happened to her fine china with the gold inlays).

Personality: If there’s one thing Marta loves more than weddings it’s people and being around them. She’s a heavy believer in the saying that all people are more good than evil and will go out of her way to find something good about anyone. Even that pirate that just shot a dude in the face for no reason. Given her previous job as a wedding planner, she also has a patience that has be compared to Buddha’s himself. She has been called just about every name in the book, even has had carriages thrown at her, so most things others do or say don’t really phase her outwardly. However, she’s horridly sentimental so if she sees a cute couple or an especially tight group of nakama, she will tear up and may even start sobbing from how touched she is.
On the other side of the coin, the quickest way to get her upset is to ask her if she has a boyfriend/husband. This will send her into a swirling vortex of depression in which she won’t be able to do much of anything except mope around. Keep harping on the issue, and you may find a fork being flung at you with maidenly fury.
A stickler for social graces in every sense of the word, Marta holds no fear in correcting other people when she thinks that they should be more polite. God save you if you didn’t say thank you to your waiter or hold the door open for that lady. She has been asked to stop, but she feels no inclination to do so.
She welcomes everyone into her circle of friends equally—although she should certainly be more selective—and works towards helping them find their happiness (and maybe setting them up with nice girl or boy along the way). She likes to think that since the events of her faux wedding that she’s a little less trusting of people and doesn’t immediately latch on to them, but she would be wrong.

Ship: --

Ship Flag: --

Devil Fruit:--
type: --
effect: --

Special Abilities:
-After her years of being in the Petit Fours, Marta has developed above normal strength, being able to scoop up small boulders in her spoon and hurl them at her opponents.
-Learning the fine culinary arts practiced in Marrymore, Marta’s food is extra delicious and often reminds those that eat it of happier times or of home/family.

Learned Techniques
Silverware Style:
-Marta’s training has paid off and she can deftly use both her spoon and fork in battle effectively. Now if only she could find a knife… The spoon is used for more defensive techniques (shielding, tossing projectiles, etc.) while the fork takes on a more aggressive move-set (stabbing, impaling, etc.).

-The Heartbeat 50
-A group of tiny jars that contain a variety of spices (salt, pepper, cinnamon, paprika, and capsaicin extract. The rest she’ll keep on the ship if she’s allowed—never know when you might need to add some flavor to an otherwise bland dish)
-A drawn image of her ex-fiancée [i47(dot)] which she shows to anyone that she thinks may know where he’s gone to.

Goals: To find her (ex)fiancée and to have everyone in the world be in love~
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impressive level of consideration and quality, pleasantly suppressed, shell get along fine around here, and hopefully set an example for some of these other users

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Marta Prins
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