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Kenjiro Nakamura


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PostSubject: Mail   Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:55 pm




Species: Cyborg

Occupation: optional (captan doctor cook ect. max two captains per user, that part dose not apply to admins)

Allegiance: Marine Commodore.

Home Village/Ocean: North


Mail was born into a family of marines and as such was expected to become one later in life. But unlike how one expected a marine to be. Such as calm cool and collected Mail was the complete opposite being loud brash and arrogant. This had gotten him into trouble many times but not as badly as when he mouthed off to the wrong pirate captain. By the time it was done Mail was nothing but a bloody mess. His father holding a high spot in the marines and having a great deal of support from the world government asked them to heal him in some way shape or form. They did what they could and made him into a Cyborg.

Mail had greatly changed after his transformation and was now shy and quiet young man who had gained a deep hate for pirates. He began to train using the abilities and enhanced strength to his advantage. His father after noticing how much stronger he had became decided to finally put him into the marine training program where he seemed to excel.

It was here that Mail learned of his Idol Johnson and began to study even harder in attempt to catch the eye of his Idol. After he got out he was made an Ensign. Now after a few years he is watching his Idol gain the rank of Commdore hoping he will have enough time to ask him to take Mail on as his apprentice.

Though not put with Johnson Mail managed to get into the hooded knights under Darnel Warshack. The young man looked to Darnel like his father and on his first mission helped save him from being eaten by a snake women and defeated another women of diamond. In his time in the hooded knights he had gained dial slots, a black mamba devil fruit and a high self esteem. During the war with Anubis Mail killed one of Anubis' men and was promoted by Darnel to the rank of Commander.

After a few months the young man had left Darnel on a personal training trip to grow stronger. Through being with the Dark Isle while under government orders he also picked up a few Rokushiki moves, he is now back on his way to the Hooded Knights with a recent promotion to Commodore.

Personality:Mail since the training trip had become much more confident in his own skill and around people, no longer one to sit still and quiet when a female is near, he instead will make a move, flirt and much more later if it goes anywhere. The young man is now much more of a "party animal." often seen drinking, smoking or dancing at hot spots on villages. He has also developed a bit of a gambling addiction placing bets on him self with his odds of survival in a fight then collecting the money off of his crew mates.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit:
Type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
Effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities: Enchanced strength, Speed and Agility.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Ice beam:Using a special generator in his left eye he can shoot out an ice beam which can freeze most anything. Meaning people, water and items can be frozen by it but it's rather infective against people [meaning it just serves as a distraction as people can break out of it in one post] It does not freeze people all the way through so they can not be shattered.

Geppu, Soru.


Character Flaws:

Goals: To best Darnel in an actual fight and become fleet admiral.

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PostSubject: Re: Mail   Tue Jan 29, 2013 6:47 am

As he's a Commodore, I want you to put in the Allegiance section that he's a marine commodore (even if he doesn't actually feel like one). Other than that, APPROVED.

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