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 nara.d.nasko (wip)

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PostSubject: nara.d.nasko (wip)   Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:45 am

Name:nara.d.nasko Full name(nicknames in "red beard" )

Age: 19

Bounty: Only if you are a pirate, keep it realistic (Minimum of 50 Belli- Maximum 30,000,000 very few Chars. can have the full bounty Belli anymore and you will need permission)

Species:human Human, Fishman, Giant, Cyborg, etc.

Occupation:captain optional (captain doctor cook etc. max two captains per user, that part dose not apply to admins)

Allegiance:pirate Pirate(name your crew if you have one), Navy/Marine, World Government, etc.

Home Village/Ocean:east blue. Don't have to give village, but must give ocean(North, South, East, West, or Grandline)

Appearance:5 feet tall have a build up body and he wears blue short jeans and a black shirt he got black hair and wears sandals. Could describe or give a picture, or both

History:was born in east blue he liked to a pirate since he was a little kid both his parents died by the marine he was rised up in north blue by his parent friend he set sail when he was 19 years old to become a pirate. must be detailed

Personality:do not likes to talk too much and he hates the marines so much likes to be with people and he is so funny.

Ship:N/A name of ship

Ship Flag:N/A describe

Devil Fruit:N/A Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
type:N/A (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect:N/A (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:N/A powers excluding the devil fruit not techniques for example a sword style

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):uses a sword and boxing. Sword techniques, Devil fruit moves, rokushiki, anything special move wise

Weapons/Items:one swords. take what you want from the approved weapons list but custom weapons must be registered and approved

Goals:pirate king. Must have a goal, this can be something simple like "survive" or a bigger goal like "pirate king"
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nara.d.nasko (wip)
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