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 Freyja Kasun

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PostSubject: Freyja Kasun   Sun Jan 13, 2013 6:43 pm

Name: Freyja "Rose" Kasun
Age: 21
Species: Human.
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Allegiance: None for now.
Home Village/Ocean: East Blue
Freyja is 195cm tall, she is rather tall for a female, and has always stood out because of it. She almost never takes her mask off, which is something rather peculiar, so most of the time people don't actually know how she looks like (concerning her face). She has light blue eyes that turn darker in the summer (bluer) and paler in the winter, however if she feels strong emotions they turn darker anyway. She has long eyelashes, black as her hair, and pale rose lips that are cupid-bow shaped. Freyja has no moles or tattoos in her face, she doesn't really see the point in having tattoos in somewhere that people will never see (because she prefers it that way), although she does have pale freckles in her cheeks, but they're almost not visible. She has high cheekbones and her complexion is naturally pale, this shows more in her face but the rest of her body is slightly more tanned. She has tanned her face some though, when people weren't seeing.

Freyja's skin is sun kissed, if not it would be really pale. Her bones stand out slightly, like her collarbones and her hipbones, and she hates this. She, however, doesn't have wide hips. She does, though, have a small waist. Freyja uses a strapless black top and short blue jeans that reach midthigh. She considers them rather comfortable for working, however it's really dangerous since there are more probabilities of getting cuts there, but she doesn't care about that. She doesn't have many scars in her body but she does have a tattoo in the back of her neck, which is a black cross, and another one in her ankles, which are black crosses as well. She wears black converse like shoes and has a black bracelet. Her mask, her most precious possession, is white with black designs (you can see it in the picture for more detail), and she only takes it off to shower or anything that is absolutely necessary to take it off for.

Now the part of her body that she loves the most, her hair. Freyja's hair is rather complicate to describe but here it is. Her hair has many layers and is trimmed thoroughly, it reaches down to her shoulders. It is mostly black but it also has the tips red and the fringe (the fringe covers all of her face as it is seen in the picture) also has part of red. However she does have some red streaks in the rest of her hair. It would be 40% of red and 60% of black hair. The red part however has different shades of red to add to the texture. She mostly has it down,as it doesn't bother her vision field, but when it's really hot she might put it in a ponytail.

History: Freyja was born in an island in the East Blue, more specifically, in a small village. Ever since little she had been really enthusiastic about learning new things and playing around, she was never what you would call "a girly girl", she was more like a complete tomboy. Adventures sound epic in her ears, even if they consisted on going to the woods and running around for a while before it was time for supper. She, however, didn't have many friends as a child, not that they didn't like her but their parents thought that she was a problematic child and that they shouldn't have their children associate with her. One of the few friends she did actually have was Kai, an orphan. Kai and Freyja were inseparable, they went everywhere together and Kai practically lived at their house before Freyja's parents decided to adopt him.

Freyja didn't have a traumatic childhood that caused her to not want to show her emotions, neither did Kai. But as they started growing up, Kai became more distant and Freyja was afraid that he hated her, because he was one of the most important people in the world for her, and she didn't know what she would do without him. "He's my brother! Even if we're not related by blood, we are by soul!" <- Was something she would say when people bullied Kai for being adopted. She never liked people being unfair to others and specially if it was someone she cared deeply about. (Like Kai for example). But as they grew older Kai would reply to being bullied by things like "Shut up, I'm not her brother! Thank god!" and other stuff that actually hurt Freyja.

Their friendship deteriorated until the point where they became strangers, just strangers that lived in the same house. They didn't even talk unless forced to (by their parents). Freyja, of course, wasn't happy with this and tried to tell Kai to become friends again, but he didn't want to. He had "better things to do" and that upset Freyja a lot. She just wanted her best friend back, she had given him everything she could and tried to make his life better... and now he didn't want her back, he just wanted to be left alone apparently.

One night, Freyja noticed Kai sneaking out and decided to follow him (not to stalk but just to make sure he was alright...). He went further into the woods and Freyja had a hard time following him while not making any noise that might give away her presence (like accidentally stepping on branches, or tripping over roots). It was quite dark as well so she had to pay extra attention to where Kai was. They reached this clearing in the middle of the woods. Freyja was amazed by its beauty and perfection, she had never been there before, and it was quite shocking that there was such a place near where they lived. (It looked out of this world). Freyja stayed in the shade, hiding her presence and yet staying close enough to hear if anything happened or if Kai said something.

Some minutes afterwards a man appeared before Kai. He was tall and slender, at least that was all that Freyja could see because he was wearing a long black coat that had a hood that hid his face. She was rather annoyed at the fact that there weren't many words to describe him (and that she couldn't see how he actually looked) other than mysterious and, of course, dangerous. She wondered what Kai had to do with that person, it was certainly nothing good though. She also thought of where he had met him, however since Freyja hadn't hung out with Kai for a long time, it could have happened at any time, and she wasn't there (obviously). Freyja scowled as she watched Kai and the mysterious man shake hands.

After that Kai started talking. "Everything's ready. I've packed all my bags. I've been training for so long and now I'll finally have the opportunity to follow my dream..." he said in an enthusiastic voice, one that Freyja hadn't heard in a long time. Kai was smiling, and he let out a chuckle after his words. The man nodded and said something Freyja couldn't quite understand, it was in another language she didn't know. Kai nodded, mimicking the former actions by the man. "Yes, no one knows I'm leaving. I've made sure that they don't know" Kai replied, when Freyja heard his words her heart stopped. She couldn't believe it, her best friend was leaving her.... And she hadn't had the opportunity of making up with him yet! It was horrible and heart breaking. Freyja didn't want that to happen. But she had to stay in the shadows until the man disappeared, it was too risky otherwise.

Finally, she heard the man's voice. It was deep and it send shivers down Freyja's spine. "I've warned you of the dangers of my journey. Are you still sure that you want to become a pirate and join my crew, young Kai?" he said and Freyja's eyes almost popped out. She couldn't believe it, that man was a pirate captain! And Kai was going to join his crew! She had heard about how dangerous pirates were! Kai was certainly going to die in said dangerous journey! And that wasn't something that Freyja wanted to happen, not at all! She had to calm herself, breathing deeply, because she almost hyperventilated. While she was doing so Kai had nodded and said yes to his question. The mysterious man let out a deep chuckle. "Well then, everyone's waiting for you. We're at the secret place, I'll see you there, young Kai" the man said before disappearing.

Freyja could have swore that someone tapped her shoulder the moment the man disappeared. It was creeping her out. So she jumped up and ran towards Kai, starting to cry. "You can't!!!" she said banging his chest. "You can't leave me here!!!" tears were already traveling down her cheeks at a rapid pace when she said the next words, expressing her deep distress. "I've always been there for you, I gave you everything I could ever give you... my friendship, my family... yet why are you leaving us Kai?! Why are you leaving me?!" she fell on her knees feeling exhausted from her outburst.

Kai sighed and kneeled in front of her and cupped her cheek. "I'm sorry Freyja but it's something I must do. I'm thankful for everything you've done for me but that won't stop me. It had hold me down for years, many years, dear friend. But now I have to move on and accomplish my dream. I guess you've heard all the conversation. I'm going to join that man's crew and I'm going to join his journey. It might be dangerous but I have been training in secret for a long time. I will be okay. Do not worry over my wellbeing. Quite the opposite actually, please forget me. Forget you ever met me, Freyja. And to not suffer because of my absence. I will not return here. And I hope you understand that. Now I must leave, they're waiting for me" And just like that Kai walked out of Freyja's life, leaving a scar and deep hatred for pirates.

She was fourteen at that moment, she knew it was foolish for Kai to think that he would survive in such a journey. But at the same time, since she couldn't stop him, she wished for his wellbeing. As mad as she was, she still loved him deeply. From that moment as well, she swore that no one would read her emotions, toy with her and get her to care for them before abandoning her. She started training with her darts and learning about poisons and different things. Once she turned eighteen she started travelling around the world. Now that she is twenty one she is sure that she wants to become a bounty hunter and hunt pirates. She secretly hopes that she will meet Kai someday again.

Personality: Freyja isn't really an easy going person, because she takes things seriously and even though she has a rather dry sense of humour, she likes messing around with people's mind and make them think that she's mad or annoyed when in reality she's just joking. She doesn't really get most jokes, but most of the time she'll give a small laugh to not make the person sad or embarrassed. She is a nice person deep inside but doesn't like showing it because she's scared that people will take advantage of it. She hates showing her face, specially her eyes, because she thinks that people will be able to read her face/eyes and know what she truly thinks and how she feels. She talks in a monotone for said reason and that helps her, however it sounds as if she were bored or emotionless most of the time, when it's not really true. But when she's really excited about something the monotone will leave. She dislikes being alone but she hates being in crowds, just having the company of a few people will make her really happy. She doesn't show when she appreciates something but in her mind she does, and if she can do something to compensate them she will, besides protecting them. She dislikes pirates and likes money which is why she became a bounty hunter. In her free time she plays darts because she really enjoys that game, (that's why her weapon of choice are darts).
Special Abilities: Exceptional aim
high stamina
Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): her techniques will be developed in the rps she takes part in.
Weapons/Items: Darts
Character Flaws: -Hates people telling her how she should feel, or guessing how she feels. When confronting a situation when people are acting like that, she will get mad and possibly harm the person. Unless choosing to get away from them. (which would be the most mature way of handling it, however it happens once every millennium).
-Gets extremely angry if someone touches her mask or attempts to remove it.
Goals: Meet Kai once more.
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PostSubject: Re: Freyja Kasun   Sun Jan 20, 2013 2:29 am


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Nice character. Approved.
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Freyja Kasun
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