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 Elwin 'the Vigilante Huntress' Fairchild (WIP)

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PostSubject: Elwin 'the Vigilante Huntress' Fairchild (WIP)   Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:58 am

Name: Elwin 'the Vigilante Huntress' Fairchild

Age: 21

Bounty: 4,000,000

Species: Longear Tribe: This species is a lot like the Longarm and Longleg tribes in that it is a species that is very much human, but with a very distinguishing feature. As the name suggests, this special feature is the ears. A member of the Longear Tribe has long, pointed ears, which gives them the appearance of fey. Unlike fey, members of the Longear Tribe do not have magical powers. They do, however, have incredible hearing and can even 'tune' their hearing to listen in on specific sounds or conversations.

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Allegiance: Freelancer

Home Village/Ocean: Greenleaf Town/Grand Line



Elwin is five feet and ten inches tall. She weighs about one hundred and fifty pounds. She is fairly well muscled for her size, but is far from being a bodybuilder. On her back, hidden beneath her shirt, is a tattoo. The tattoo is composed of a single sentence with the words of the sentence set in the shape of a ring. The words are from an ancient language that cannot be dated, since it was used only during the Void Century. At the present, no one has managed to translate the message and Elwin has not spent very much time trying to get it translated.

She does not have any sort of holster or sheath for her rifle so she will just carry it when she needs it. Although they cannot be seen, she wears a pair of ironwood armor gauntlets on each of her arms. This is partly to protect her arms and partly so that she can use the armor to protect the rest of her body, since her arms are her most flexible feature.

Everything else is shown in the picture above.




Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit: N/A

Special Abilities:

Longear Hearing: As a member of the Longear tribe, Elwin has absolutely incredible hearing. In fact, even among her tribe, she is considered quite talented. This is because during her training as a bounty hunter, she was taught how to hone her ability and pick up on even the tiniest of noises. For example: What most people consider silent movement, Elwin can still hear. After all, sounds are merely aerial vibrations. Even if a person isn't making any 'sound' as they walk around, they still cause vibrations with each step they take and Elwin can pick up on those. As for distance, if she stands still and focuses, Elwin could hear the fluttering of a butterfly's wings up to a hundred feet away. With their hearing, one might think that members of the Pointyear tribe are always drowning in a cacophony of noise. Nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, members of the Pointyear tribe can tune their hearing so that they only hear within a certain range or are only listening to a certain sound or conversation. This is both their strength and their greatest weakness. While they can tune their hearing to keep themselves from being crushed under a wave of noise, by tuning their hearing, they lessen their own ability to pick up on more distant sounds. Typically members of this tribe become overly confident and are not very good at paying attention to details which they have 'tuned out'.

Navigation: Most bounty hunters would at least know how to get around by using a sea chart or by following the stars so that they can catch their targets. Elwin is no exception to this rule. Navigation was one of the areas she was trained in when she received her bounty hunter training. As a navigator, she is about average. She can get to the place she wants to go and she's fairly good at predicting weather conditions. There is definite room for improvement, but at least she won't get herself or anyone else lost.

Fighting Prowess: Elwin's greatest advantage in battle is her flexibility. She is capable of twisting herself into a number of positions that would cause most people to cry out in pain. She is also quite agile and can perform long and/or high jumps as well as shift which direction she is moving in almost instantly. Elwin's style of fighting is very graceful. She moves with precision and almost seems to float around the battlefield. At the same time, however, she is quick and light on her feet. Unlike most swordsmen, Elwin does not perform techniques where she would run passed her opponent and slash them as she goes. Instead, she normally keeps herself hovering around her enemy in circles, relentlessly battering their defenses from all angles.

Learned Techniques:


Iron Justice

Trump Card

Straight Sword

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Elwin 'the Vigilante Huntress' Fairchild (WIP)
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