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 Nick "wolf" Gander youngest pirate ever

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PostSubject: Nick "wolf" Gander youngest pirate ever   Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:02 pm

Name: Nick "Wolf" Gander

Age: 14

Bounty: 5,000

Species: Human.

Occupation: Pirate Captain

Allegiance: Pirate.

Home Village/Ocean: North

Appearance: Brown short spikey hair, green eyes with gold and blue flakes. has a scar above his left eyebrow and a tattoo of a wolf on his right forearm.Likes to wear all gray hoodie with a green shirt under. He has a green and gray snapback hat that he usually snaps to his belt loop on his jeans but when he is talking to girls he puts it on backwards.he also has black jeans with a green belt and gray sneakers with black laces. 5 foot 6 not too skiinny and not too fat he is normal. He has kind of a light raspy voice and smirks alot. His canine teeth are a little bit sharper than a normal humans.

History: Nick was always hangn with the girls and as he got older he started dating them. One day he stole his best friends girlfriend and him and his best friend got into a fight. Nick won and his best friend swore to kill him one day and left to become a pirate. After a few weeks Nick felt like he was not getting stronger and his best friend( Zak ) will actually beat him so he too left to become a pirate. BUT before he left his home town he found a wind wind fruit in his closet at the top with a note atttatched to it. it read: EAT THIS AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CREATE AND MANIPULATE WIND, BUT YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SWIM AGAIN. So he ate it and left never to return to his homeland. Later he falls asleep in his ship and wakes up hungry he goes into a town and buys some food with the little money he had left. He saw a really hot girl and he went to talk to her he made the mistake by telling her he was A pirate because she was a marine captains daughter he stole the girls bike and rode to the shore as she told her dad. he lrft as fast as he coul as the father chased him. Eventually he got away and started looking for strong people to join his crew.

Personality: Cool, funny, kind of a flirt, is always talking to girls and most guys are jealous of him. He is also very charismatic and has a way with words and is very good at talking people into things and is pursuasive. when with other people he always cracks jokes and acts as cool as possible he is really friendly and hates people who are mean to girls. he likes having a good time and sparring weith other people. he can be serious whenn he has to .

Ship: Energetic Wolf

Ship Flag: Wind Sphere

Devil Fruit: Wind Wind Fruit
type: Logia
effect: the ability to create and control wind

Special Abilities: Super fast and really strong

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): Wind wind punch(forms a bundle of wind around his fists as he punches also cutting the person), wind wind kick(forms a bundle of wind around his foot as he kicks also cutting the person), wind cannonball(forms a big wind sphere the size of a cannonball and hurls it at his opponent ehen it hits it explodes), wind blast(blasts the opponent with wind), tornado wave(has 3 mini tornados fly at the opponent), windy breath(blows a strong wind out his mouth.

Weapons/Items: none

Goals: pirate king

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PostSubject: Re: Nick "wolf" Gander youngest pirate ever   Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:45 pm

the personality, history, and appearance sections need to be longer- his techniques need explanation
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Nick "wolf" Gander youngest pirate ever
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