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 Reita "The Capoeira Bonanza " Walker

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PostSubject: Reita "The Capoeira Bonanza " Walker   Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:16 pm

Name: Reita "The Capoeira Bonanza " Walker

Age: 18

Bounty: None yet.

Species: Human

Occupation: Not at the moment.

Allegiance: Looking for a crew.

Home Village/Ocean: Karate Island, South Blue

Appearance: Has black black, messy, wild, and swept back hair with wild sideburns. He has light cold blue eyes. He is 6'1, Very handsome and has a very well built stature and light peach skin. He where's an open burgundy hoodie with no shirt under it revealing a scar on his abs. He also wears hip Baggy black cargo shorts with black sandels and a green wrist band below a red torn scarf tied to his left forearm.His teeth are slightly Sharp and his ears are pointed. He wears anything almost shirtless in anyweather .

History: When Reita was a baby his mother carried him from city to city. They were poor and lived off scraps and what they could fish from the sea or hunt from in the nearby forest. Hunting came easy for Reita's mother because she was a master bounty hunter once. People shunned them because of what she used to do. Even though she only hunted the bad and cruel of the seas for money.

One day Reita became very upset. He was crying for hours. His mother didn't know what was wrong. So she thought maybe he was hungry. She tried everything till she came across a weird looking fruit. She fed it to him and he ate it and stopped crying completely.What happened next blew her mind!!!

Reita turned into a White Lion Cub right before her eyes. He rolled around and jumped off tree's as she could only just stand there and watch in awe. Reita landed on her shoulder and kissed her cheek. " What's wrong mother? " He asked then flinched. Reita just talked! He was only 6 months old and he spoke very fluent english.

The fruit must've givin' him a high intelligence. His mother passed out. Years later Reita used his abilities to help his mother hunt annd helped people around the town. They would get freaked out but never scared. They became more kind to His mother because they felt sorry for her. They thought her son was some sort of demon. So their Kindness was pity. One man's Kindness changed Part of Reita's life.

Reita was walking home after a hard days work. He saw a tall rough looking man walk into a deserted building.He followed him in clinging onto the wall like a ninja out of sight. The man stopped in the middle of a large room standing on a battered bamboo mat.

The man suddenly turned and threw his sandel at Reita's face. Reita fell and got up . "Hey that hurt ya old bastard!" He yelled. The old man grinned and came at him standing on his hands spining around at full speed. Reita dodged only one kick but got hit by 19 in a matter of seconds! He flew threw a wall and got up prepared to fight. The man raised his hand up to halt Reita at a stop. "Your the demon monkey boy ay? Well. All that monkeying around caused me a wall! This place is already torn down! Im not trying to make it worst! Your gonna pay for that wall." The Man grinned.

From that day Reita kept his word. He cleaned and took care of the place and made money to pay for the wall.

One day while cleaning Reita kept thinking about the fighting style the man came at him with. He looked up at the Old man that sat there in a rusty chair clipping his toe nails. Reita's face shriveled up. "Ughhh." He stopped. "Hey old man? What was that kicking mumbo jumbo you were doing days ago?" Reita pointed to his swollen cheek.

The man laughed. "What you wanna learn Capoeira Kitty boy???" Reita shouted back at his snooty comment with anger. "I have a name!" The man made a straight face while looking at the boy then laughed again. "i'll teach you. It'll be part of your chores for breaking my wall. " Reita snorted and looked down at the floor. "Your the one that kicked me threw it!" They both argued then laughed after.

Reita trained with that old man till he became 18. His mother had passed away from an illness. Reita didn't feel too alone because the man was like a father too him. Reita kept a piece of his mothers favorite dress tied around his arm. That day Reita ran towards the abandoned building that looked like a 5 star dojo from the work he did. "I've come to pay you back!" He smiled falling threw the door but catching himself with his tail.

The man looked at him. "Don't worry about it now. Look at this place! You don't have too." Reita nodded then started crying. "I...I..Im leaving today....My Journey....." The old man started to cry too. "IM GONNA MISS YOU MY BOY!" They both ran towards each other in a dramatic slowmotion scene and hugged each other . Reita then was tossed into the air by the mans Judo Flip. Later that day he left. He got onto a boat full of people heading to east blue. Looking back at the Island he smiled.

Personality: A kind, caring, tough, and playful character. He never fails to help others and hate people who are evil. Also doesn't like people who make assumptions. Reita also get's shy sometimes around ladies who flirt with him. Either Blushing a bit or not being able to speak clearly. He can be a loner sometimes aswell. When certain memories of his mother come to part. He strays away from the group and glares at the ripped red piece of his mothers dress on his arm.

Ship: No Ship.

Ship Flag: No Flag.

Devil Fruit: Neko Neko No Mi (Model:White Lion)
Type: Zoan
Effect: Transforms his user into a tall muscular Hybrid Human/Lion, Full Lion, Or allows him to change one of his body parts into Lion. Makes User Faster like a Flicker , Amazingly Strong, And Extremely Agile. Also nosey and playfull

Special Abilities: His skin is hard to penetrate ( But can be ) Due to hard training and immense struggling to survive. He is also able to move almost ninja like but in a loose, relaxed, and wild form.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Capoeira Style Martial Arts: Revolves around flashy but dangerous kicks. Would be looked at as Lethal breakdancing.

The Jungles feedback: Used in Human/Lion Hybrid form. He crouches in a charging stance and hit's opponent with 5 swift attacks.

I See You: Is used when in Full Lion form. His speed makes him seem like he's everywhere ready to pounce at any moment.

Weapons/Items: None.

Character Flaws: Berserk Button... A thief who tried to rob him accidently took off the ripped piece of his mothers dress on his arm. He almost lost it and killed the Theif in complete rage.

Goals: Too become the best Pirate lookout known to mankind And one day teach Capoeira.

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PostSubject: Re: Reita "The Capoeira Bonanza " Walker   Wed Jan 02, 2013 10:51 pm

Finished! I hope the Techniques aren't to much for a beginner D: .
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PostSubject: Re: Reita "The Capoeira Bonanza " Walker   Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:09 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Reita "The Capoeira Bonanza " Walker   Sat Jan 05, 2013 7:12 pm

Made a slight change to the Special Abbilities part of my character skelly D: .
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PostSubject: Re: Reita "The Capoeira Bonanza " Walker   

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Reita "The Capoeira Bonanza " Walker
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