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 Serge ''Chain fist''

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PostSubject: Serge ''Chain fist''   Sun Dec 23, 2012 5:01 pm

Name: Serge ''chain fist''

Age: 29

Bounty: 0

Species: Half giant

Occupation:: Navigator

Allegiance: Bounty hunter

Home Village/Ocean: South blue

Appearance: Serge is 7m tall and quite muscular because of all the lifting he had to do when he was a slave. His back is covered in scars and scarred tissue because of being wipped all the time. His brown eyes are the same colour as his long brown hair that reaches to his shoulders. His skin is abit browner because of the desert island on which he lived. After escaping he wears a black jacket and underneath it a stained white shirt with plenty of holes. His jeans are strached to the limit of tearing apart. His boots are completely black with small heels and a belt with skull for the buckler.

Serge was born on a desert island in South blue where there were alot of half giants living in harmony with humans. The village where he lived was small but a important trade route for the island because of it's huge oasis in the middle of it. This village is the smallest settlement of 3 on this island. Its name is Damucus. It connects the city of giants and the human city. Serge was a very happy in this city. With quite a big payment for trading various materials with his caravan he could aford alot of stuff. He didnt have any guards or company accept a dog named Dog meat.


After a long walk with his caravan to the city of giants Serge was almost back at Damucus ready to go to bed. Dog meat was thirsty and so was he slowly they were making their way home. But soon the sound of gun fire filled the air and hazed Dog meats barking. Serge felt a sharp pain in his lungs and other body parts. The last thing he remembers is Dog meats lick on his cheeck.

Our half giant woke up in a bed. But this wasnt his bed and it was moving... He looked around and saw 2 other guys on the ground next to him. They were also half giants. Serge tried to move twoards them but he couldnt he was tied up. Two men walked down the stairs one was wearing a lab coat. ''Look this one is awake... Give him another shot.'' The Doctor approached serge with a needle. The giant was aggain lifeless.


When Serge woke up he wasnt where he was before he was outside on a island he never saw before. It was full of trees he never saw before except on pictures. He only knew the palms and the cacty. He also noticed that he had chains around his neck and his feet. Serge stood up and he saw 2 other giants pulling out trees with their bare hands and placing them on a pile. He also noticed that there were alot of slavers watching guard armed with guns and swords. Soon the man that gave him a shot went came twoards him this time in a brown jacket. ''Get to work you half breed! We need wood to build our slave transports...'' Serge couldnt believe that this was happening to him. The half giant decided that he willnot provoke the guards by not working so he headed to the nearest tree and pulled it out. It was a small tree yet its roots were deep. Work continued for 10 hours as he was wiped allways when he stopped for a second to take a break. Serge got so tired that he rather took a brake and tried to ignore the pain on his back. After the hardest day of his life he was lead to the dry docks where he was thrown into a room with alot of books. Books about geography and sailing. A small crack in the wall provided just enough light for the giant to make out words from the book. Sadly he could only read very little because he worked almost the entire day. The dreams of being free and seing all this places that were described in the book was a dream Serge was willing to achive.


After almost 5 years Serge read all the books in that small room and knew allmost everything to know about sailing and navigation. The 5 years of carying trees has hardened and strenghten him. Serge was ready to escape this horrible place. When he was done with work he stole a guntle at the docks that was used for protection. It was chain mail. When the hour struck 3 in the morning Serge decided to pry the crack that served him for so many years open. Luckily it went all acording to plan and nothing collapsed or broke in a loud manner. The half giant wasnt really stealthy but the guards were really sloppy that night and most of them were drunk like allways. Serge then climbed aboard a small vessel and oppened the sails. ''Crap...'' Mumbled Serge quietly. There was no wind. He needed some paddles. Taking a spyglass he found on the deck of the boat he quickly saw 2 paddles. But a guard was standing right next to them. It was the doctor guy that gave him that needle shot. Serge sneaked up to him and when the idiot noticed him a knockout punch right to the jaw. In seconds the paddles were in the water pushing the boat to the open seas.

Personality: Serge is ussualy very serious happy and optimistic. Serge hates pirates and slavers for capturing him and dd such horrible stuff to him. The half Giant is very loud, agressive and also very tough to brake. His spirit is fueld with hate twoards the pirates and nobody can stop him when he sets his heart for something. Serge almost allways gets what he wants and never doubts in his abilitys. Serge loves money and stuff that is worth alot of money. He also has a thirst for knowlege that cannot be quenched. In the mean time he lifts weights or Drinks tea and has fun with his friends. Even tho all that he was thru he is still a nice guy that really just wants to enjoy life.

Ship: He doesnt have one

Ship Flag: He has none

Devil Fruit: none

Special Abilities:

He is very strong. (4x stronger than a avrage human)

He uses chain mail gloves to fight his enemys.

His back has very tough skin because of all the whipping.

Extensive knowledge of navigaton.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

He doesnt make up names for his attacks.

Weapons/Items: Chain mail gloves.

Goals: To enjoy his life.

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PostSubject: Re: Serge ''Chain fist''   Sun Dec 23, 2012 8:09 pm

Waiting for approval
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PostSubject: Re: Serge ''Chain fist''   Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:32 am

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PostSubject: Re: Serge ''Chain fist''   

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Serge ''Chain fist''
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