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 Charmy D Sparks (Need approval)

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PostSubject: Charmy D Sparks (Need approval)   Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:21 am

Name: Charmy

Age: 37

Bounty: 0

Species: human

Occupation: Sniper

Allegiance: Revolutionist (Broken Chain Alliance)

Home Village/Ocean: Marineford/Grand Line

Appearance: Charmy stand at 8'7 with a muscular build like a professional body builder. Her body figure is thick but still curvy despite being so muscular. She has silver shaggy unkept black silky hair. Her skin color is coco brown. Her attire consists of a worn trench coat worn over her shoulders, and a red t-shirt with a star design on it. Charmy wears black jeans with a long row of chains used a belt. On her feet are brown sandals. She wears circular shades on her face. A red bandana is across her forehead.

History: Charmy grew up in a family of marines. She was brought up loyal to the marines and a follower of justice. As soon as she was 18, Charmy joined the marines in hopes of following her family's steps. Charmy was deciated soldier in her youth. After only fives years, Charmy became a captain of her own crew. It was during this time that she eventually found a devil fruit and consumed it. The buki buki no mi grew to corrupt Charmy making her cold and very ambitious. She began to build a name for herself by capturing big time pirates. Charmy proved to be a great strategist. She used her crew's mass numbers to outmanuever and overcome the vast numbers of pirate crews in the grand line. Her capture rate was nearly 77 percent. Charmy had the potential to become a commodore, but her lack of care of subordinates pushed back her promotion. Charmy was a great leader, but her plans often left heavy casualties of her troops. This lead her superiors to dismiss her as a marine. Charmy was effectively kicked out of the marines. Her family rejected her for her failure. She fell into a deep depression. Her days were spent drinking and slumming around the grand line. Charmy's life was spirling out of control. At the age of 30, Charmy awoke from a bad hangover in the middle of a temple. She then turned to religon where she met Master Genshi, the high monk of the temple. He taught her how to face her inner demons and repent for her sins. After several years, Charmy had decided to atone for her past crimes by saving as many lives as she could for the lives she taken as an marine officer. She would become a matyr for freedom and equality. The very thing her men had fought and died for.

Personality: Charmy is a clumsy, absent minded, and kind of goofy on the surface. She acts like a klutz in order to seem non-threating and therefore get the drop of her enemies. Charmy has a naive child like attitude leaving people to question whether she is drunk or just plain stupid. She has various odd and silly antics like acting scared in the presense of an powerful enemy, has a odd obession with sweets, and dancing during a fight. Charmy is carefree in nature and loves to feast. Charmy also has great pride in being a sniper. She dislikes needless violence and pointless confortations. Charmy often plays like a mediator trying to resolve disputes without violence. This also makes her a great negotiator. Charmy is not above being flirtatous to her allies and even enemies to get results. Deep inside though, Charmy is very strict and violent. She tries to keep this side from showing, but will occassionally show it underneath stress or failure.

Ship: a raft

Ship Flag: NA

Devil Fruit: Buki Bukai no Mi
type: Paramecia
effect: allows the user the the ability to change their body parts into weapons, which lets the user become a Full-body Weapon Human

Special Abilities:
Marksmenship- Charmy displays great skills as a sniper. She fought in nearly a hundred duels and won every one of them without suffering an injury. Her skills are so legendary that she is rumored to have shot pirates before they even had a chance to pull out their weapons.

strategist- Her IQ was the fourth highest in the marine academy in her youth. Charmy was a master strategist in her time in the marines. Her leadership and clever planning earned her nickname as "The General". Her IQ was the fourth highest in the marine academy in her youth.

Marine Knowledge: Charmy as a former marine knows how the marines and to a smaller extent how the government work. This makes an expert on how to avoid or counterattack marine forces.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Lock on: Charmy uses a laser to lock on an opponent giving her a line of fire and thus better accuracy.

Weapon Morph-Pistol: Charmy turns one of her fingers into a pistol capable of firing bullets

Weapon Morph- Cannon: Charmy turns one of her arms into a cannon capable of shooting cannons which denote on impact

Weapon Morph-Motar: Charmy transforms her upper half of her body into a motor capable of shooting armor piercing cannons. More advanced than the cannon

Weapon Morph-Laser: Charmy can transform either her tongue or hands into lasers cannons. The target would have to be at least 15 feet in order to avoid the aftershock of the explosion.

Weapon Morph- Da Bomb: Charmy transforms herself into dynamite capable of exploding and then reforms her from the pieces.

Weapons/Items: Sniper googles, den den mushi

1) To gain enough money to fund her own army
2) To destory all pirates and overthrow the government
3) Create a society of freedom and equality
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PostSubject: Re: Charmy D Sparks (Need approval)   Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:35 pm

need approval
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Approval given
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PostSubject: Re: Charmy D Sparks (Need approval)   

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Charmy D Sparks (Need approval)
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